11 Amazing Benefits of Hops Essential Oil

Hops Essential Oil health benefits includes relieving pain, curing insomnia, helping with menstrual cramps, enhancing sexual performance, helping with respiratory issues, supporting hair health, promoting good skin, relieving headaches, treating anxiety, fighting against ulcers, and relieving toothaches.

What is Hops Essential Oil?

Hops are mostly known as an essential ingredient while making beer. But that is a fairly new practice considering how old beer itself is. Beer is considered to be 9000 years old, so it came even before the idea of civilization itself, while the use of hops in beer can be dated back to 822 AD. Before being used as a preservative to beer, hops were used as a bitter vegetable in ancient Romans. In other parts of the world, they were used as a medicinal agent. Now after so long Hops essential oil is used for numerous medicinal reasons.

Hops have a fragrant, spicy smell, it grows on vines and is pretty to look at. It was initially used as a flavor for beers and later in herbal treatments. The plant has a strong aroma and a bitter taste. You do not have to drink beer to get its benefit because there are other ways of using it as an oil. The oil is commonly used for improving the health of your hair, skin, digestive system, to relieve differ forms of pain in our body and even to cure ulcers. Listed below are just a few ways of how Hops essential oil helps us deal with numerous health problems

11 Amazing Benefits of Hops Essential Oil

11 Amazing Benefits of Hops Essential Oil

1. Pain Relief Agent

As we go through our day and life beats us down, we may end up feeling aches and pains all over our body. Sometimes it is because of a vigorous workout or because of sitting in the same position throughout the day. Despair not, because Hops essential oil is an analgesic substance, which means it can help relieve different aches and pains. It is especially good for people with chronic pain.

1. Cures Insomnia

The extract has relaxing qualities that are good for sleepless nights. With the oil diffused in the air, one can have a more profound and relaxing sleep. It doesn’t just calm the body but also the mind. It has been used to treat anxiety and stress as well.

2. Helps with Menstrual Cramps

The sedative quality of hops essential oil can loosen the muscle and relieve the distress from cramping. It has been used for women with severe menstrual cramps to ease their pain.

3. Enhances Sexual Performance

Hops essential oil has been used by men to increase their sexual performance. It has also been used to cure premature ejaculation. By soothing the body, it decreases susceptibility to sexual stimulation.

4. Helps with Respiratory Issues

News alert, Breathing is important. You realize that only when you have a terrible cough and blocked sinuses. If you have a bad cold and can’t sleep because you can’t breathe through your nose, hops essential oils is the cure for you. The anti-viral compound in hops has been known to keep the cold at bay. It can help relieve severe coughing and wheezing by decreasing inflammation and irritation. It can be used through aromatherapy. It soothes the respiratory tract and gets the irritation down, hence improving respiration.

5. Good for Hair

A good head of hair can change your entire image. It can give your confidence a boost and make you look great. Hops essential has potent volatile components that react with the hair follicles and make hair more strong and thick.

6. Good for Skin

The skin is the largest organ we have; it is essential to keep it healthy and well to be at ease. You can keep the irritation away and your skin soft and smooth with this oil. It has been used as a remedy for skin irritation. It can also treat conditions like psoriasis. It soothes the skin with its calming nature and brings down irritation. The anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties of hops essential oil can protect the skin from numerous infections or irritants.

7. Relieves Headaches

A simple headache can ruin your whole day and even the nights. The soothing and pain relief properties of this oil can even cure those pesky headaches.

8. Treats Anxiety

It is essential to have a calm body and mind to function properly in life. But the sad truth is that the roller coaster ride is very stress inducing. On the bright side, there are ways of dealing with the stress and strain if it gets too much to handle. The soothing properties of hops essential oil have been used to treat stress and extreme anxiety. It can even help dealing with severe mood disorders. So if you suffer from these diseases, you should think about using this oil to be in more control.

9. Fights Against Ulcers

It is said that one out or every ten Americans has an ulcer in their body. They are usually caused by bacteria and sometimes by anti-inflammatory medicine like aspirin. These ulcers can be dealt with though and this one the best properties of this oil. It can be used to treat ulcers. When mixed with other essential herbs it can become a strong defense against numerous bacteria that cause ulcers in our body.

10. Relieves Toothaches

Smiling is a vital part of our day, but what to do if it hurts even to open your mouth? Do not worry because this oil can turn that frown upside down. Hops essential oils can also be used to treat various oral diseases. Even simple ones like toothaches can be taken care of by its anti-inflammatory properties.


Most of the times there is something bad attached to good stuff. The oil is no exception to that rule. It should be used in moderation as an excess of anything is bad. Hops essential oils should not be used if you are suffering from extreme depression. The sedative qualities of the oil can further bring down the mood. It could also take things in a more dangerous direction. Also, you need to be careful if your skin is prone to breakouts because the oil has extremely volatile compounds.


Hops can be used in powdered form or soaked inside tea. Many narcotherapy specialists use Hops for their cures. Hops essential oil has numerous other qualities as well. The uses are good for both physical and mental health. It can improve the digestive system and speed up the metabolic rate of our bodies. It relaxes and soothes muscles and eases nervousness. The key to using any product or herb for medicinal uses is to consult your doctor first. This way you can be sure that the thing is good for you and also know if it might bring more harm than good.

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