11 Amazing Benefits of Pine Essential Oil

Pine Essential Oil benefits includes relieving pain, helping prevent skin conditions, providing physical and mental strength, providing relief for respiratory problems, reducing body odor, increasing metabolism, promoting the removal of toxins from the body and supporting healthy eyes. Other benefits includes promoting healthy scalp, promoting wound healing and reducing allergies.

What is Pine Essential Oil?

Pine essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the needles of the pine tree, of the genus Pinus which is popularly used as a Christmas decoration. Its use may have originated in Greece, where it is said to have been used by Hippocrates who acknowledged that this oil is effective in treating a variety of respiratory conditions.

The Pinus sylvestris essential oil is valued in alternative and complementary medicine to restore and stimulate the body with its warm, soothing aroma so that disease conditions are eliminated and health is promoted. Presently, it is widely used to treat a variety of skin conditions as it an easy blend with carrier oils for more effective results.

11 Amazing Benefits of Pine Essential Oil

11 Amazing Benefits of Pine Essential Oil

1. Relieves Pain

Pain due to arthritis or any other health condition can be debilitating, however, use of the pine essential oil may be an alternative home remedy and is in many ways more advantageous when compared to many pharmaceutical analgesics, since it has fewer side effects.

This essential oil may be massaged onto the affected part since it easily penetrates the surface of the skin and directly alters the physiological pain pathways, and helps reduce any swelling that may result in pain. It appears to be most effective when it is diluted with carrier oils that offer similar benefits before direct application on the skin. This also significantly reduces the likelihood of unwanted skin reactions, such as allergies or dermatitis from occurring.

2. Helps Prevent Skin Conditions

The skin is a protective barrier for the entire body, however, it may be affected by a number of infections that decreases its function of protection. There are so many products on the market today that claim to eliminate skin infections and promote healthy looking skin, though many of them do not. Pine essential oil may be used to prevent skin conditions from surfacing, including those such as acne and eczema and may prevent bacteria, fungi and viruses from multiplying to cause infections.

3. Provides Physical and Mental Strength

Fatigue and exhaustion can decrease not only physical wellbeing, but also your mental strength and fortitude, and can potentially cause serious health problems including impaired brain performance, reduced physical productivity and a state of sluggishness. Pine essential oil may be able to strengthen the body, physically and mentally. It helps by boosting memory and increases concentration by stimulating the production of neurotransmitters. It may also be a natural remedy for depression and improves energy levels so that productivity is increased. This can be a useful tool to assist in recovery from illness during convalescence.

4. Provides Relief From Respiratory Problems

Pine essential oil offers excellent support to the respiratory system, helping clear mucus and sinus congestion, as well as possessing nasal decongestant properties. This makes it easy for you to breath, as among its benefits it assists with expulsion of phlegm from the lungs via sputum. It can be applied directly on the chest, but is superior when used with a diffuser and the oils inhaled.

5. Reduces Body Odor

When sweat is excessive, the bacteria increases its activity so that sweat breakdown is increased and an unpleasant odor is produced that can diminish your confidence. Pine essential oil combined with proper hygiene may be able to eradicate bad odor since it has a naturally appealing scent that may conceal the offensive odor produced by sweat breakdown. It also assists in the inhibition of the actions of the bacteria along with their replication and metabolic byproducts as a result. Many natural deodorants make use of pine essential oil for this exact reason.

6. Increases Metabolism

Metabolic reactions drive life hence, an increased metabolic rate increases the number of calories burnt by the body and promotes the efficient utilization of macronutrients. Many conditions known as “metabolic diseases” tend to disrupt the normal metabolic processes, leading to disrupted nutrient utilization, and often, weight gain or obesity. To naturally improve your metabolic rate, pine essential oil may be of help, especially when combined with a healthy diet. It may also decrease cravings and speed up the digestion process so that nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream stream for production of energy and efficient calorie usage in achieved.

7. Promotes Removal Of Toxins

When the immune system becomes overwhelmed due to the accumulation of toxins in the body, the likelihood of diseases occurring increases significantly. To enhance the detoxification process of the body, pine essential oil may be used to boost the body in fighting off disease, and reducing the amount of toxins accumulated in the body.

This essential oil may also possesses diuretic properties which assists in the excretion of toxins that are water soluble via the urine. The antioxidants present in pine oil may also make it effective in increasing the number of enzymes that speed up the detoxification process, and hence support the health of the liver.

8. Promotes Eye Health

As we age, vision can rapidly degenerate, causing a decrease to the overall quality of life of the affected individual. To maintain healthy vision, Pine oil is able to buffer oxidative damage from free radicals, which can cause cellular destruction and hasten macular degeneration. If not treated, it may progress and cause permanent loss of vision or decreased eye function. The antioxidant compounds in the pine essential oil may make it a helpful remedy for promoting vision and maintaining the eye health. They decrease oxidation by free radicals and strengthen cellular health thus, preventing them from scavenging from other cells. It may also help increase blood circulation to the capillaries in the eye, which ensures that the optic never remains viable for years.

9. Promotes Healthy Scalp

When the scalp is properly nourished, healthy hair growth is achieved and encouraged. However, this may be difficult since the skin of the scalp is constantly exposed to the damaging UV radiation of the sun, leading to rapid degeneration of the cells of the hair follicles, causing a decrease in their number and ultimately resulting in hair loss.

Pine essential oil may promote a healthy scalp, increasing its ability to retain moisture, improving the flow of blood and preventing sebum build-up. It may be applied as a shampoo in diluted form to exfoliate and deeply moisturize the scalp, or to prevent oxidative damage when applied as the pure moisturizing oil.

10. Promotes Wound Healing

Wounds may take longer than is necessary to heal, frequently occurring as a result of an infection. Pine essential oil possesses antibacterial properties which it can use to stimulate the healing process and enhance the regeneration of tissue. When applied to the skin, it may act as antiseptic and kill microbes and germs and accelerate the healing process of cuts, burns and wound before they become septic and cause further damage. Scar formation is also greatly diminished, as less scar tissue needs to be deposited at the site of the wound.

11. Helps Reduce Allergies

One of pine oil’s most well-known benefits is on reducing seasonal allergies. It tempers the histamine response, and when used often, helps to decrease sensitivity to allergens and subsequent mast cell recruitment. Mast cells are immune cells that cause increased inflammation, especially in the lungs where it detects that an invader, or allergen is present and starts working to take out the invader. This is troublesome in asthmatics, as it can worsen attacks.


The pine essential oil is widely available in the market for purchase because of the availability of the pine tree from which it is extracted. Some sources suggest that this essential oil is generally safe for use when taken orally, applied topically or inhaled, however, inappropriate use may cause irritation as well as a number of health complications. It is best to seek medical opinion before using this essential oil as a treatment option.