11 Amazing Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds health benefits includes good hair growth, rich source of protein, protection from many forms of cancers, treats diabetes, prevent heart diseases, cure anemia, reliefs rheumatoid arthritis, treat respiratory disorder, protects from radiation damages, improves digestion, and promotes bone and oral health.

What is Sesame Seeds?

Sesame seeds are unbelievably nutritious. They have been in use for over five centuries. Thanks to their nutritional value, they are highly potent and are widely used for many medicinal purposes.

These seeds are not jus praised for their healing qualities, but are also popular for their rancid-resistant oil. Hence, many people like to stock up on this ancient food item to benefit from its rich nutrients.

Sesame Seeds Nutritional Profile

Since sesame seeds boast an impressive nutritional profile, they are recommended for reversing the negative effects of diseases and infections. They are highly rich in magnesium, copper, calcium and manganese. Moreover, sesame seeds contain many vitamins and minerals that play a crucial role in fortifying the immune system of our body.

These seeds are used in many parts of the world, especially in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. They are famous for a nutty taste and are an important part of many famous recipes including hummus. Sesame seeds are highly valued for their oil, which offers a multitude of health benefits.

According to Chinese medicinal traditions; the eyes and liver share a close connection. The Chinese believed that the liver could store blood while its branches delivered blood to the eyes, allowing them to function properly. That is why black sesame seeds were widely used in Chinese herbal medication to create a tonic for the liver. This was known to enable a better blood flow while it also nourished the eyes.

Moreover, massaging the eye lids regularly with sesame seed oil also prevents wrinkles and dark circles.

People who suffer from inflammatory diseases such as arthritis can suffer from painful inflammation in the muscles, bones and joints. The copper present in sesame seeds help to heal inflammation in the body and improves blood circulation throughout the body.

There are also high levels of protein in sesame seeds that make it a useful food item for people of all ages. Using sesame seeds and its oil regularly results in better mobility, higher energy levels and an enhanced metabolic function. Here are 11 of the many benefits of consuming sesame seeds.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

1. Good Hair Growth

Since these seeds are packed with all essential fatty acids including omega-3, omega-9 and omega-6; sesame seeds serve as a natural hair growth stimulant. Not only do they nourish the scalp but they also promote follicular production.

People who are on the verge of experiencing hair fall or are battling other hair related complications can use sesame seed oil to hydrate their hair through a gentle massage. Apply some warm sesame oil as it penetrates in the scalp to nourish your hair from root to tip.

It is also famous for its anti-graying properties. This is why it recommended to people who are experiencing premature graying of hair.

Make sure you massage the oil gently so as not to damage your hair and scalp.

2. A Rich Source of Protein

The tiny seeds also feature impressive amounts of protein. Only 100-g of sesame seeds have 18-g or protein which is 32% of our RDA requirement. Hence, it is widely used in many weight-loss recipes to add more protein to meals.

3. Protects from Many forms of Cancers

Sesame seeds feature a high amount of minerals particularly magnesium, which is known for its anti-cancerous capabilities. Moreover, the seeds also feature an anti-cancer compound called phytate.

These nutrients guarantee maximum prevention from cancerous tumors. This is why people who consume sesame seeds are less likely to suffer from cancer.

4. Treats Diabetes

As sesame seeds have good amounts of magnesium along with other important nutrients, they are good for lowering the glucose levels in our blood. Hence, sesame seeds offer tremendous benefits to people who have diabetes. It also lowers the chances of developing diabetes when it is used in the form of cooking oil to prepare meals.

5. Prevents Heart Diseases

Sesame seeds oil is popular for its anti-atherogenic properties. This implies that the oil holds incredible potential to reduce heart complications. Sesamol, which is an antioxidant present in these seeds, is widely known to enhance cardiovascular health. Moreover, the seeds are also rich in oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid that lowers bad cholesterol and supports good cholesterol in the body.

Hence, regular consumption of sesame seeds reduces the chances of a stroke.

6. Cures Anemia

Black sesame seeds contain loads of iron. That is why they are known for being one of the most common natural remedies to cure anemia. If you want to treat any iron-deficient problems, roast a handful of black sesame seeds and crush it along with a little jiggery.

Make little balls of this mixture so you can easily munch on these goodies and have an iron-rich snack.

7. Relieves Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sesame seed also boasts good amounts of copper. They also contain many antioxidant enzymes and anti-inflammatory compounds to reduce pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Using sesame seeds promotes good joint health as well as strengthens the bones and blood vessels.

8. Treats Respiratory Disorders

Thanks to magnesium present in sesame seeds, they are beneficial for relieving many respiratory disorders. Sesame seeds are also recommended to asthma patients to relieve their symptoms.

9. Protects from Radiation Damages

Sesamol is an antioxidant present in sesame seeds. It successfully combats free radical damage and protects the DNA from any damage that is caused by radiation.

10. Improves Digestion

The seeds play a crucial role in maintaining a good digestive system. Being a good source of fiber, the seeds take care of the colon and ensure a smooth functioning of the intestines.

Good digestion means all toxins are readily flushed out of our system and there are no uncomfortable symptoms of constipation.

11. Promotes Bone and Oral Health

It has significant amounts of zinc. This mineral is known to stimulate the mineral density of bones and prevents the onset of osteoporosis. The seeds also contain calcium, which is important for good bone health.

Another remarkable benefit of sesame seeds is that it maintains good oral health. It removes dental plaque and whitens the teeth. That is why it is recommended to gargle regularly with sesame seed oil to keep our mouth clean and germ-free.

Final Thoughts

They are widely used in all cultures of the world. They have remarkable healing properties and are easily accessible. There are many vitamins and minerals present in sesame seeds and sesame oil.

In addition to the benefits listed above, it also have remarkable stress-relieving capabilities. The mineral content of it regulates the functioning of muscles and also relaxes the mind.

Their consumption is linked to good cholesterol levels and reduced symptoms of back ache. Sesame seeds also serve as effective anti-inflammatory agent to reduce inflammation in many parts of the body.

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