11 Impressive Health Benefits of Vitamin A

You may have heard that vitamin A is essential for your eyesight; but did you know it is equally important for other organs as well? Vitamin A is one of those nutrients that are essential for bone development and strength. A diet loaded with vitamin A can improve the condition of your eyes and bones within weeks. If consumed daily, vitamin A starts working as a shield against factors that cause age-related bones problems.

Some of the health benefits of Vitamin A includes preventing urinary stones, ensuring healthy bones, promoting muscle growth, repairing and reproducing damaged tissues and cells naturally, delaying the aging process of the body and helps in the treatment of measles. Other benefits include treating acne, strengthening the immune system, lowering high level of cholesterol in the body, and enhancing good skin condition.

What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A has two types; retinoid that is present in animal products and beta-carotene that is found in plants. It is high in antioxidants, which can help treat various health problems such as destroying cancerous cells and free radicals. Best known as an essential nutrient for eyes health, vitamin A is equally effective for your immune system.

You can give an adequate dose of vitamin A to children in the form of supplements, but it would be even better if you incorporate foods packed with vitamin A in their daily diet. For adults, experts suggest taking supplements; however, avoid self-medication if you have chronic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, etc.

Food Source of Vitamin A

  • Egg yolk   3 mg
  • Cheddar cheese    5 g
  • Milk                                 4-8 g
  • Butter                        3 g
  • Citrus fruits                     2-4 mg
  • Oatmeal                       6 g
  • Mango                         3 mg
  • Papaya                           3 mg
  • Apricot                              2 mg
  • Carrot                             4 mg
  • Potato                              4 mg
  • Pumpkin                           2 mg
  • Peas                                  2 mg

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Vitamin A (Retinoid)

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Vitamin A (Retinoid)

1. Essential for Good Eyesight

Your eyes are delicate and hence require extra care and protection. Vitamin A is widely known to treat weak eyesight, keeping the eyes nice and moist. It is also evident that regular consumption of vitamin A enhances night vision preventing you from night blindness. According to eye specialists, retinol is the only nutrient that helps the development of ‘visual purple’ in your eyes. You will be delighted to know that vitamin A has a potential to reduce risks of cataracts and macular degeneration, which are age-related eye problems.

2. It Prevents Urinary Stones

Urinary stones are a troublesome health problem. You should try every possible precaution to avoid it. However, an effective way of steering clear of the health complication is to consume a diet rich in vitamin A. It is known to work as a shield against factors that form urinary calculi by producing calcium phosphate in your body. Vitamin A also keeps the urinary tract in shape that minimizes the chance of urinary stone reoccurrence.

3. For Healthy Bones

Dairy products and vitamin D are known to keep your bones and teeth stronger. This is why experts recommend incorporating dairy products into your routine and drinking a glass of milk regularly to avoid bones problems. After a thorough research and spending a considerable time, scientists have found that regular consumption of vitamin A is effective for your bones and teeth as well. Combined with other nutrients, vitamin A produces a solid layer called dentin below the surface of your teeth. This layer strengthens your teeth against various oral health problems.

4. It Promotes Muscle Growth

You might not pay attention to it, but muscle growth is essential specifically for children and growing teens. An accurate diet ensures proper muscle growth. Since vitamin A contains a lot of health benefits, promoting better muscle growth is it’s another health benefit. For proper muscle growth of children and growing teens, it is important to incorporate food items into their diet that contains plenty of vitamin A, which will help prevent the development of muscular dystrophy in the muscles.

5. Vitamin A Repairs Tissue

Your body reproduces tissues and cells naturally, but it needs nutrients for the process. Without enough nutrients, this process can’t take place and your body remains unable to produce new tissues. Therefore, consume vitamin A in any form to enable this natural process as it replaces old tissues with the new ones effectively.

6. It Treats Measles

Measles is neither rare nor a frequently occurring disease, but it is indeed draining. Child specialists suggest that children who are vitamin A deficient fall prey to measles. Hence, the solution is to incorporate food items that contain vitamin A into their diets. An adequate amount of this vitamin will relieve diarrhea and fever that comes with measles.

7. Vitamin A Delays Aging

An occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles are common as you age. Although there are a number of treatments and products available to reduce these signs of aging, they cannot do what a nutrient can do. This is why beauty experts trust vitamin A. It is said to delay aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Since it naturally contains moisture, it keeps your skin moist. When your skin absorbs this moisture, it becomes youthful again.

8. For Acne

Excessive sebum production cause acne, which is stressing as it might take months to heal. Taking vitamin A supplements are said to treat acne by limiting sebum production on the skin. The antioxidants in the vitamin rejuvenate dead skin cells leaving in smooth and baby soft.

9. It Strengthens Immune system

Vitamin A works as an immunity booster. A powerful immune system keeps infectious bacteria at bay, but you need to maintain its functionality. Consuming vitamin A on a daily basis is said to increase lymphocytic responses that fight disease-causing antigens. It has properties that are necessary to keep mucus membranes moist. This moist mucus membrane ensures better immunity and promotes the activity of white blood cells. This process also prevents reentrance of germs and bacteria in your body.

10. For High Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels are daunting due to their contribution to various cardio problems. There are numerous other severe health issues associated with high cholesterol. This is why nutritionists suggest diets loaded with vitamin A because it helps lower high levels of cholesterol. It is also known to widen arteries to ensure proper blood flow. Vitamin A can reduce the chances of blood clotting as well.

11. For Skin

All the vitamins are known to enhance the condition of skin – so does vitamin A. It has antioxidants and healing properties that are essential for your skin health. Consuming vitamin A enriched diet improves skin discoloration giving it a natural glow.

Bottom Line

Vitamin A is indeed a miraculous vitamin, which has the potential to enhance your overall health. So you don’t need to delay incorporating any long, start eating healthy.

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