11 Amazing Benefits of Winter Melon (Wax Gourd)

Winter Melon or Wax Gourd health benefits includes stimulating growth and development, maintaining cardiovascular health, ensures proper digestion, boost metabolism, helps in cognitive functions and helps remove toxins. Other benefits includes preventing flu and cold, preventing migraines, curbing overeating, enhancing the eyesight and enhancing the skin.

Dietitians often recommend including fruits and vegetables in your daily diet because they contain uncountable health benefits. They are enriched with fiber, water, and several other minerals. These components make them healthiest among all the food items. Like all the vegetables and fruits, winter melon can unbelievably treat a number of health problems as well.

What is Winter Melon?

Harvested in winters, the winter melon has a juicy interior with mild aroma, but a lot of people do not consider it a fruit – and that is because this particular melon is a is a large wine vegetable, which is also known as Benincasa hispida. It weighs around 30 pounds and is 25 – 40 cm long.

It is originally from South Asia and Southeast Asia, but now it is being widely cultivated in Europe, the US, and Australia. It is worth mentioning that every part of the world has a different name for winter melon including fuzzy gourd, tallow and ash ground.

Winter melon contains a number of vitamins and minerals that keep infections at bay and detoxifies the liver. It enhances cognitive functions and combats anemia. This vegetable is known to repair damaged tissues and soothes sunburned skin. Moreover, people with severe headaches can consume it too for soothing results.

Nutritional Value of Winter Melon

Nutrients               Amount                   %DV

Protein                       0.53 g                                 1.06%
Carbohydrate            3.96 g                             3.05%
Energy                         71 kJ                 N/D
Dietary Fiber               3.8 g                             10.00%
Total Fat                        0.26 g                            0.74%
Vitamin B1                0.053 mg                       4.42%
Vitamin B3                0.528 mg                       3.30%
Vitamin B6                0.046 mg                       3.54%
Vitamin B5                0.176 mg                       3.52%
Vitamin C                   17.2 mg                        19.11%
Zinc                            0.81 mg                             7.36%
Iron                            0.53 mg                            6.63%

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Winter Melon

Winter Melon health benefits

1. Stimulates Growth and Development

The melon is loaded with vitamin C, which is known as an immunity booster, but it performs a number of different functions. It not just keeps flu and cold at bay but makes your skin healthy and shiny as well. It is also responsible to produce collagen that repairs tissues, cells, bones, etc. If you are in the process of recovering from an injury, it is recommended to consume a winter melon. It is a quick and an effective way to get all that vitamin C, restoring damaged tissues and cells.

2. It Maintains Cardiovascular Health

It is known to protect the heart from life-threatening diseases. It is enriched with components that fight against health risks that may cause a stroke. Moreover, a huge amount of potassium is present in the vegetable – which works as a vasodilator. It functions to lower blood pressure and lets the blood flow freely in the arteries and vessels. This way, you can effectively steer clear of chance of developing symptoms of atherosclerosis.

3. It Ensures Proper Digestion

The winter melon is enriched with dietary fiber, which is essential for digestion. It prevents gastrointestinal problems including cramping, bloating hemorrhoids and general stomach issues. Dietary fiber is known to reduce cholesterol levels, which might cause severe health problems.

4. Winter Melon Boost Metabolism

Enriched with vitamin B2, this vegetable is the safest way to boost your metabolism. Your metabolism has a core purpose that is to convert consumed nutrients into effective energy. Apart from this, it impacts and balances hormones as well. Therefore, eating winter melon can provide a high amount of vitamin B2 to your body.

5. Helps in Cognitive Functions

Along with staying physically healthy, you also need to maintain your psychological health. Along with nutrients, your brain also requires red blood cells for optimum functioning. He iron found in the winter melon can help in this regard. Iron not just increases red blood cells in the body, but ensures circulation of healthy, fresh and oxygenated blood. When healthy blood circulates to the brain, it helps in better cognitive functionality, which results in improved concentration and memory.

6. It Removes Toxins

You can also consume winter melon to detoxify your body. In ancient medication, it was used as a diuretic to flush out salts, fats, water and excess toxins from the body. It is counted in the vegetables that helps in proper detoxification and improve your kidney and liver function.

7. Winter Melon Prevents Flu and Cold

Since it is found in the cold season, it can combat seasonal flu and cold. Moreover, the vitamin C in the vegetable helps fight against various infections and viruses, making your immune system stronger. Moreover, many studies have concluded its positive impacts on lung health. Vitamin C also reduces risks of pneumonia and other lung infections.

8. It Prevents Migraines

Migraines are very painful and utterly irritating. It is impossible to optimally function without first letting the headache dissipate. While you can resort to medications, there is nothing better than a quicker, more natural alternative – the winter melon. The fruit contains vitamin B2; it can deal with all the symptoms that lead to a splitting migraine. Several studies also indicate that regular consumption of winter melon shortens the duration of these headaches as well.

9. Winter Melon Curbs Overeating

There is no question that binge-eating or overeating will lead to obesity or excessive weight gain – which in itself can lead to a slew of health complications including cardiovascular problems. The winter melon is said to be high in fiber and considerably low in calories, which makes it an ideal food for overweight people as well. Plus, other nutrients and minerals found in the vegetable ensure stronger metabolism and muscle growth, which are key components to lose weight.

10. It Enhances Eyesight

A weak eyesight is a common health problem, but you can still maintain a healthy vision by eating right. It is mainly caused due to riboflavin deficiency, which is sufficiently found in vitamin B2. Your body requires 11% vitamin B2 daily, a lot of which you can get by a single serving of winter melon. By consuming it daily, you can steer clear of eye related complications and become safe from developing symptoms associated with macular degeneration and oxidative stress in the retina.

11. Winter Melon for Skin

Who doesn’t want a healthy and flawless skin? The Chinese consume it to keep their skin soft and moisturized. Winter melons also treats facial blemishes, wrinkles and delays aging. Although it is widely found in cold season, the fruit has properties that can treat sun damaged skin as well. It is used in Chinese medicines to combat hypertension and inflammation. Since every part of the vegetable contains healing and treating components, in China its peel is used to cool down the effects the summer heat.


The winter melon is loaded with fiber, water, vitamins and other nutrients that ensure a healthy body. You can maintain cardiovascular health by regular incorporating it in your diet. It is also a great source to curb overeating. There are plenty of other health benefits associated with it. Therefore, it is recommended to include in your meals to get the best results.

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