11 Health Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper is an evergreen shrub that is commonly grown in Europe for its amazing scent. Juniper essential oil has many health benefits apart from being added to alcoholic beverages. The essential oil is extracted from the stem, powdered juniper berry, and wood of the shrub through steam distillation.

The main components of the oil are Para cymene, terpineol; beta pinene, Myrcene, Alpha-Terpinene, Gamma-Terpinene, Alpha-Pinene, and Caryophyllene. It is an excellent antiseptic and carminative that protects the body from germs and viruses.

In ancient times, juniper berries were burned to purify the air, there is a mention of this berry in the Holy Bible in Psalms 120:4. Juniper berries are an essential ingredient in most forms of incense. Juniper essential oils compliment woods such as sandalwood, rosewood, fir needle and clary sage. Other citrus oils also compliment juniper essential oil.

11 Health Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper Essential Oil

1. Rubefacient

Oxygenation is necessary for the skin to maintain a healthy glow. The increased circulation below the surface of the skin allows the skin to turn slightly red. This not only gives off the appearance of a healthy glow, but also improves oxygenation. Blood circulation can improve the health of the body in many ways and reduce the chances of illness and fatigue. However, applying excessive amounts of juniper oil can also cause irritation.

2. A stimulant

The stimulating effect of juniper oil can be attributed to its properties as Galactogogue and diuretic agent. It helps overcome fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Juniper essential oil has been observed to increase the secretion from an exocrine and endocrine gland that promote a healthy nervous system function and facilitate the activity of neurons in the brain. A healthy neuron activity in the brain keeps it alert and prevents the onset of mental disorders and memory loss problems.

3. Acts as a Tonic

Juniper essential oil acts as a tonic, it helps tone the skin, tissues, muscles and various parts of the body. It also aids the digestive, excretory and respiratory systems. As a tonic, the essential oil helps preserve the body both internally and externally. Adding it to body oils and butter can be extremely helpful in preventing skin sagging.

4. Sepsis

Juniper essential oil has strong antiseptic that has proved useful for injuries sustained by a woman giving birth as there can be a lot of difficulties during labor. Warriors and athletes used it as a way to promote quick healing and protect their wounds from infections and bacteria. An open wound is very susceptible to being attacked by bacteria, which can lead to you developing symptoms of tetanus.  Juniper essential oil protects the wounds from sepsis and other infections. The oil also has very positive effects on internal wounds and may help you heal faster from an operation or internal injury while ensuring the wound does not get affected.

5. Arthritis Prevention

Inflammation can lead to various diseases; joint pains and arthritis are the most common diseases that are a result of inflammation. Skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, and eczema are also inflammatory and can be calmed with the use of juniper oils both in diet and for topical applications. Excess of uric acid in the body, and accumulated toxins also cause severe inflammation, juniper essential oil has cleansing properties that help calm the inflammation and expel toxins and uric acid from the body. Juniper oil has proved beneficial in the prevention of gout, arthritis, calculi, and rheumatism. It promotes adequate blood circulation, which keeps the oxygenation consistent in all the vital organs in the body.

6. Cramp Relief

Cramps are sudden and cause uneasiness and discomfort in the whole body. Spasms that the body experiences can be symptoms of seizures and indications of larger problems. Juniper oil is antispasmodic and hence is a very efficient reliever of cramps. It has positive effects muscle cramps and stomach cramps as well as any other similar complication. Plus, it can also help relieve symptoms associated with PMS and diarrhea. It relieves cramps in almost all parts of the body and has been in use for curing spasmodic cholera.

7. Astringent

The astringent qualities of juniper essential oil make it an excellent disinfector. It can help maintain your hygiene and can also be added to homemade DIY cleaners. Using juniper oil can help treat toothaches and maintain a healthy oral cavity. Juniper essential oil helps tighten pores to reduce the chances of acne and can also be applied to the skin with a carrier oil or skin care cream. Juniper oil also has the ability to cause the blood vessels to contract, which helps prevent the chances of hemorrhaging in blood vessels.

8. Carminative

Intestinal gases are fatal and if they move upwards, can cause a heart attack and increase blood pressure. These gases are extremely harmful and in some cases also cause death. Carminative compounds help the body get rid of these gases immediately and improve the digestive system.  It also prevents the formation of more gases.

9. Blood Purifier

A clean and healthy bloodstream ensures adequate oxygenation. Juniper oil clears the blood of toxins, pollutants, heavy metals and harmful hormones. Blood full of toxins hinders the supply of proper nutrients to vital organs, which can cause terminal illnesses. Juniper oil helps clear the blood vessels and prevents bloating and water retention. The proper flow of nutrients curtails deficiencies and ensures an overall healthy body and mind.

10. Diuretic

Juniper oil is diuretic in nature, which means that it promotes frequent urination. This relieves the body of water retention and helps manage renal failures. The frequent urination eliminates toxins from the body and excessive protein or calcium build-up which is very harmful to the gallbladder and kidneys in general. This property is also beneficial for people who want to lose weight as the excess fat is lost through the urine and the water weight is also reduced.

11. Healthy Stomach

Unhealthy diets, pollution and lack of rest can stress the body out. This slows down the metabolic rate, which leads to stomach issues and inadequate digestion. If the body is unable to digest the food properly it is sure to accumulate unwanted materials that are more harmful than actually eating an unhealthy diet. Juniper oil purifies the bloodstream and prevents the absorption of unhealthy fats by the gut. Its regulatory properties help the stomach maintain a healthy bowel movement along with the prevention of other stomach issues such as diarrhea, constipation, gases and so on.

Bottom line

Juniper oil has been a part of medicine for a long time; its purifying properties have been praised and recorded throughout history. It also has calming effects without the dizziness that other oils such as sage.

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