13 Impressive Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil

Melissa essential oil is extracted from leaves and flowers of the plant Melissa officinalis commonly known as lemon balm. It belongs to the family of the mint plant. Leaves have a sweet, lemon-like smell that has a soothing effect. The history of uses goes back to the sixteenth century. Melissa was found in Carmelite water that was distilled by the Carmelite monks since 1611. Melissa has been used for centuries to soothe the mind and body.

It is used topically, inhaled, infused, and ingested. Melissa oil is considered safe, but one must be careful while using it for children under six years of age, in pregnancy or for nursing mothers, and for those who are under doctor’s care.

The benefits of Melissa essential oil are numerous, ranging from health benefits to aromatic and other benefits. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

13 Impressive Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil

13 Impressive Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil

1. Cancer Prevention

Cancer continues to be a mystery for the medical science. In spite of all the advances of modern day medicine, the mere name of the disease still proves to be a nightmare of the human race. Melissa oil was used in a cancer research that was carried out in 2014. The oil was found to interact with brain cancer cells. The research is unfinished, but the concept is strong. Melissa oil might provide us with the missing pieces of the puzzle to give a breakthrough in finding the cure for cancer. In addition to that, the anti-inflammatory properties of this oil can help prevent the occurrence of such serious problems.

2. Anti-Diabetic

People who have type 2 diabetes need to change their lifestyle and eating habits as an important component of their treatment. Whenever there is a treatment that involves diet and lifestyle, essential oils become handy. Melissa oil has been tested to possess antidiabetic benefit even used in small amounts.

3. Aids in Digestion

This oil has carminative properties. It soothes abdominal muscles, expels gases from the stomach and the intestines. It ensures proper flow of bile and gastric juices thus improving digestion. It can be applied locally to the abdomen. You can blend two drops of Melissa oil with 15 drops of sesame oil. It aids in colic, dysentery, spasm, dyspepsia, and vomiting. Adding three drops of this oil to warm bathing water has a stimulating effect on the digestive system. It also helps to heal wounds, scratches or ulcers of the stomach.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Effect

When your body is attacked by harmful stimuli such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants, your immune system responds. Your defense mechanism responds to these irritants in different ways. Inflammation is a part of that process. Inflammation can cause fever, pain, swelling, and redness. Inflammation can be caused anywhere in the body. It can be in your throat, joints, stomach, lungs, muscles, etc.  Melissa oil exhibits anti-inflammatory properties in different ways. For the inflammation of joints as in arthritis, it can be massaged locally to the affected area. It soothes the pain and reduces swelling. For throat or lung inflammation it can be diffused to reduce inflammation. Furthermore, Melissa Essential Oil is frequently used to reduce fever and has been seen to be significantly effective.

5. Boosts Brain Health

Aromatic properties of the Melissa oil have shown to help patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Adding two drops of this oil to a water diffuser during the night relieves stress and helps to calm a stimulated brain. Research shows that exercise helps to slow down the damage done to brain cells and it can even be reversed. Other than that, Melissa Essential Oil also helps treat different mood disorders by giving a feeling of relaxation to the body. It can also be used to enhance mental alertness and improve focus.

6. Fights Infections

Melissa oil has anti-bacterial properties. It can help throat, respiratory, or stomach infections by killing the bacteria that are causing the infection. It is also found to be helpful in some viral infections such as herpes. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties found in Melissa Essential Oil both work together to fight infections and prevent them from occurring again.

7. Reduces PMS

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties found in Melissa Essential Oil, it can be used to reduce the symptoms related to menstrual flow significantly. The fatigue and mood disorders experienced during PMS are improved after the use of Melissa essential oil.

8. Treats Vertigo

Melissa essential oil can also be used to treat conditions like vertigo. Vertigo is a condition that is accompanied by a feeling of disorientation as well as nausea and vomiting.Melissa Essential Oil helps vertigo by treating nausea associated with it and helps decrease the symptoms of dizziness.

9. Anti-Spasmodic

You can also use this essential oil to relieve the various spasms that can occur within the body. It can be used as a natural muscle relaxant that can help the muscles relax and have a sedating effect on the person.

10. Natural Antidepressant

Depression and other mood disorders are more common than ever these days. A lot of people try to treat these issues with the help of certain medications. However, these medications are known to have a lot of long-lasting side effects. Instead of using medicines, try using Melissa Essential Oil which is known to be a natural antidepressant. Melissa Oil can be used by people suffering from mood disorders.

11. Helps with Insomnia

Because of the sedating and relaxing properties of Melissa Essential Oil, it can help a great deal with the inability to go to sleep. By diffusing Melissa Essential Oil, you can create an environment that is relaxing and calming and hence can help you get a good night’s rest.

12. Pain Reliever

Melissa Essential Oil is also known to be good for different kinds of pain. This might be because of the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil, or it could be because of the relaxing effect that the oil has. Melissa oil eases joint pains thus paving the way for an exercise routine.

13. Boosts Immunity

Because of the numerous benefits derived from Melissa Essential Oil, a person using the oil in their daily routine can help build immunity. Strengthening of the immune system is highly beneficial in preventing yourself from different viruses and illnesses. Melissa Essential Oil promotes good health and can be used to boost the immune system.

Even though there are numerous benefits associated with the use of Melissa Essential Oil, it is recommended to keep your medical history under consideration before starting the use of any such Essential Oils. Also, it is always recommended to use the essential oils in a diluted form.

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