13 Amazing Health Benefits of Watercress Juice

Watercress Juice health benefits includes supporting healthy eyes, improving psychological health, treating asthma attacks, treating cough and cold, nourishment for expectant mothers, works as antidepressant, improves bone density, support cardiovascular health, supports thyroid health, fights cancerous cells, improves skin conditions, treat scalp infections, and boost energy levels.

Watercress is a powerhouse of nutrients. You can incorporate it into your bowl of salad to enhance the overall nutritional value of what you eat. Nutritionists often state that consuming the leafy vegetable – watercress alone can provide numerous health benefits.

You can reap plenty of antioxidants from it, from warding off health-damaging factors, and calcium to strengthening your bones. Apart from this, you can consume watercress to treat various minor health ailments as well.

What is Watercress Juice?

You can consume watercress in the juice form as well. It suggested preparing its juice using fresh watercress leaves to obtain numerous nutrients. It is a cruciferous plant that belongs to Brassicaceae family.

The leafy vegetable got popularity after medical science proved its nourishing properties. Hence, nutritionists recommend drinking its juice regularly to improve the condition of your health.

Nutritional Value of Watercress Juice

One glass of fresh watercress juice provides following nutrients.

  • Calcium 8 mg
  • Folate 1 mcg
  • Magnesium 1 mg
  • Niacin 1 mg
  • Phosphorus 4 mg
  • Sodium 9 mg
  • Vitamin C 6 mg
  • Vitamin A 1085 IU
  • Zinc 6 mg

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Watercress Juice

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Watercress Juice

1. For Healthy Eyes

Watercress juice is highly beneficial when it comes to maintaining your overall eye health. You can obtain the required nutrients from watercress that function to improve your eyesight. A study conducted in this regard concluded that regular watercress consumption in any form could prevent the occurrence of cataracts due to the high content of vitamin C found in it. Therefore, consume watercress juice as it is a powerhouse of nourishing properties and will protect your eyes from damaging factors.

2. Improves Psychological Health

You can maintain your psychological health via consuming watercress juice regularly. It will provide plenty of antioxidants that will help strengthen the muscles of your brain. Various studies have claimed that antioxidants rejuvenate damaged tissues.

Moreover, they promote neuron activity without any hindrance. You will be delighted to learn that nutritionists consider watercress a natural source to enhance your psychological health warding off factors that contribute to chronic diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

3. For Asthma Attacks

Asthma attacks are undoubtedly debilitating health condition for children and adults alike. Studies have shown that the leafy green watercress possesses components that help maintain your respiratory health.

You can consume it in any form including its juice. Nutritionists advised drinking it in moderation 2-3 times in a week. However, in case of a severe asthma attack, consult with your primary care provider and refrain from self-medication.

4. For Cough and Cold

Enriched with vitamin C, watercress juice is potent enough to dismantle bacteria that contribute to a cough and cold. You can incorporate it into your daily diet to avoid vitamin C supplements as natural sources do not contain adverse effects.

Nutritionists also suggest that if you consume one glass of fresh watercress juice, it will provide you plenty of vitamin C that will strengthen your immune system. The latter later fight bacteria that contribute to a cold and constant cough.

5. Nourishing for Expectant Mothers

Pregnant women require plenty of sustaining properties regarding the healthy development of the fetus. Therefore, they should opt for foods enriched with a high nutritional value such as watercress juice. Minerals like folate function to strengthen internal body providing nutrients to the fetus.

The mineral is also responsible for preventing the fetus from congenital diseases as well. However, it is still suggested to consult with your doctor before incorporating anything during pregnancy.

6. Works as an Antidepressant

Various factors could disrupt your mental state triggering depression. The condition has become common, and thousands of people get affected by it yearly. You cannot alleviate it entirely but can improve your situation by consuming healthy foods like watercress.

It is a powerhouse of various minerals including folate. These minerals function to affect the neurochemicals – serotonin production resulting in relaxed mind and reduced levels of depression.

Nutritionists do recommend incorporating nourishing food into your diet, but it is suggested to consult with a psychiatrist in case of depression and do not try to treat it with home remedies.

7. Improves Bone Density

You will be delighted to learn that watercress contains the high calcium content. The latter is essential to maintain bone density and to prevent the onset of debilitating diseases such as osteoporosis. You can consume watercress juice regularly to strengthen your bones and alleviate risks associated with fractures.

Moreover, watercress juice is exceptionally nourishing for postmenopausal women as they are more vulnerable to bones problems.

8. For Cardiovascular Health

When it comes to controlling the health condition in case of chronic diseases, watercress could function well. It is widely known to decreasing high LDL or bad cholesterol that can contribute to daunting cardiovascular problems like arteriosclerosis.

Also, consuming watercress juice is a safe way to widen constricted blood vessels. This way, your blood will flow without hindrance combating blood clotting. The condition will later help maintain a healthy heart. However, if you have suffered a cardiac arrest, consult with your cardiologist before opting for self-medication.

9. For Thyroid Glands

You should not ignore the health of your thyroid gland and the series of medical complications it can lead to if damaged. You can maintain thyroid health via watercress juice consumption. It functions to monitor the production of thyroid hormones.

10. Fights Cancerous Cells

Antioxidants perform essential functions and dismantling cancerous cells in one of them. Studies have revealed that various external factors contribute to the development and spread of cancerous cells in your body. They will later begin damaging your organs. Therefore, you need to consume foods packed with plenty of antioxidants.

You can obtain your daily doses of antioxidants via watercress juice. It is noteworthy here that more studies are underway to identify how consuming watercress can further prevent the onset of cancerous cells.

11. Improves Skin Condition

Enriched with vitamin C and various minerals, watercress juice is highly efficient when it comes to maintaining your skin. It nourishes your skin from within providing essential minerals and vitamins leaving it soft, flawless, and supple.

12. Boosts Energy Levels

Nutritionists suggest that consuming one glass of fresh watercress juice can help increase your energy levels allowing you to stay active throughout the day.

13. Scalp Infections

Watercress is considered an anti-bacterial agent that destroys bacteria. It wards off scalp infection stimulating hair growth.

Bottom Line

Loaded with plenty of nutrients, watercress can do wonders for your overall well-being. However, do not consume it without consulting your physician.

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