15 Impressive Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil health benefits includes boosting immune system, healing small wounds, improving oral health, suppressing coughing, regulating menstruation, preventing buildup of gas, lowering blood pressure, reducing scars, improving the skin, soothes pains and aches, stimulating urination, reducing stress, acting as a beneficial tonic, keeping the uterus healthy, and promoting digestion.

What is Frankincense Essential Oil?

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years due to their healing properties and therapeutic benefits. They are derived from stems, roots or leaves of plants that are well-known for their health benefits. One such essential oil is frankincense essential oil, which is used in aromatherapy and can offer an array of health benefits, including helping relieve chronic anxiety and stress, minimizing inflammation and pain, boosting immunity and even possibly fighting cancer.

In some religions, frankincense essential oil is associated with one of the prized possessions of old biblical times, as it was seen to be valued enough to be given as a gift to Christ after his birth. The oil was also used during various religious ceremonies for slaves as perfume and for radiating, soothing skin. The fragrance that frankincense radiates promotes feelings of relaxation, peace, satisfaction, and general wellness, which explains its special value since ancient times.

Frankincense oil is obtained from the resin of the Boswellia sacara tree, which is commonly grown in Somalia. This tree is quite different from many others in a sense that it can grow in very little soil and also in desolate and dry conditions.

Apart from being used as a fragrance and as a cosmetic, frankincense essential oil has an array of medicinal uses, 15 of which are summarized below.

15 Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

1. Boosts Immune System

Frankincense essential oil is an effective antiseptic, and the smoke or fumes obtained from burning it contains disinfectant and antiseptic qualities that remove the germs in the space where the smoke filters out. It can also be applied on injuries to prevent them from becoming septic and tetanus, without any known side effects.

2. Heals Small Wounds

Frankincense has vulnerary qualities that allow it to quicken the healing of small wounds and protect them from further getting infected when applied topically. The oil also enhances blood circulation, acting as a coagulant. Internal cuts and ulcers also heal quicker when it is ingested.

3. Improves Oral Health

The same antiseptic and disinfectant qualities of frankincense make it a useful preventative measure against various oral issues, such as toothaches, bad breath, mouth sores, cavities, and other types of infections. If you are looking for powerful antiseptic qualities as well as a pleasant aroma, then look for oral care products that include frankincense essential oil.

4. Suppresses Coughing

Frankincense is commonly used to fight respiratory problems, such as asthma attacks and coughing. When swallowed, the oil can rid the respiratory system of congestion and phlegm, easing the symptoms of the common cold.

5. Regulates Menstruation

Frankincense oil minimizes delayed and obstructed menstruation and slows down the arrival of menopause. It also helps cure other symptoms associated with periods and PMS such as abdominal cramps, nausea, headache, mood swings, and fatigue.

6. Prevents the Buildup of Gas

Frankincense essential oil prevents gas buildup and also eliminates it from the body. This elimination of excess gas from the intestines also offers relief from related issues such as stomach pains, abdominal and chestal discomfort, excess sweating, indigestion, uneasiness, and numerous other associated problems.

7. Lowers Blood Pressure

The oil acts as a natural diuretic, which helps the body get rid of toxins, including sodium, leading to lower blood pressure.

8. Reduces Scars

Frankincense essential oil is a popular scar fader. When applied topically, the oil can fade away boil marks, pox and acne scars at a much faster rate. This also includes the fading of surgery marks, stretch marks, and fat cracks caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

9. Improves the Skin

Frankincense acts as an astringent, which firms and lifts the skin, reducing wrinkles. The essential oil promotes healthy skin by boosting the formation of new cells and strengthening older cells.

10. Soothes Pains and Aches

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, frankincense oil may be especially helpful for those experiencing arthritis pain and other types of discomfort that are essentially caused by inflammation of muscles.

11. Stimulates Urination

Frankincense essential oil helps with urination and also helps you get rid of that extra water weight, along with other substances like sodium, fats, uric acid, and other different toxins from the body. Furthermore, this oil is a completely safe option with zero side effects.

12. Reduces Stress

Like other essential oils, frankincense oil also makes an effective sedative since it emits a feeling of mental relaxation, peace, spirituality, and satisfaction. It also sparks insight, and makes you more introspective, minimizing anger, anxiety and stress, leaving you with utter calmness and relaxation. Whenever you are feeling stressed or fear that you may be having a panic attack add some frankincense to a vaporizer or a diffuser and take deep breaths.

13. Acts a Beneficial Tonic

All in all, frankincense oil boosts health and is thus seen as an effective tonic. It benefits all the systems functioning in the body, including the digestive, respiratory, excretory and nervous systems, and at the same time it increases your strength by helping the absorption of key nutrients and minerals into your body.

14. Keeps the Uterus Healthy

Frankincense is excellent for uterine health because it controls estrogen production; it minimizes any chances of cyst formation or post-menopause tumors in the womb, which is also known as uterine cancer. Furthermore, the oil keeps a woman’s uterus in top shape by ensuring proper menstrual cycles. It also regulates or treats gynecologic stressors or conditions that can result in complex dysfunctions in certain women.

15. Promotes Digestion

If you are experiencing painful indigestion or are a patient of chronic acidity who is tired of antacids then you should definitely incorporate frankincense essential oil in your treatment plan. The oil is known for its digestive properties without causing any side effects. Plus, it works just as great at facilitating digestion like most other clinical medication, unlike common antacids that only suppress the symptoms temporarily. Basically, this essential oil quickens the release of digestive juices (bile gastric juices, and acids) in the stomach and promotes the movement of food through the intestines by increasing peristaltic motion.


Even though frankincense essential oil is not known for any negative side effects, it should not be used during pregnancy because it acts as astringent and an emmenagogue.

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