15 Amazing Benefits of Hemp Oil

The many benefits of hemp oil that exist can surely blow your mind if you take the time to get really familiarized with what it is. TLDR; hemp oil is not bad for you.

What is Hemp Oil?

There is a significant amount of confusion when it comes to hemp oil. Why is this? Simply because manufacturers of the oil use ambiguous terms that confuse and panic consumers unnecessarily. To put it simply, hemp oil is the same thing as hemp seed oil, which is a cold pressed oil extracted from the seeds of hemp plants.

It is significantly different from CBD oil, as CBD is mainly extracted from other parts of the hemp plants such as the leaves, stalk and flowering parts.

Hemp oil is still extremely popular and beneficial to health, but contains a range of compounds that far exceeds that of CBD oil alone. Hemp seed oil is still extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, which is why sometimes it is also called cannabis seed oil.

It is important to note that hemp is different from marijuana in the sense that it has been specially cultivated to contain extremely low amounts of THC, which is the compound in marijuana that causes the characteristic high. This means that you do not need to worry about using hemp oil and getting stoned.

Nutrition Facts (per 15ml, 1 tbsp. size)

Calories – 130
Vitamin A, E, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, sulphur

15 Amazing Benefits of Hemp Oil

15 Amazing Benefits of Hemp Oil

1. Excellent Moisturizer

Hemp seed oil is a rich source of natural fats, including linoleic, alpha-linoleic and GLA. These oils have excellent moisturizing properties that can soothe dryness and assist with moisture retention by the skin. Hemp oil is already added to many popular skin care formulations as its spectrum of natural oils is believed to improve the moisture retention ability of skin cells.

2. Natural Dandruff Remedy

Hemp seed oil is also an effective natural remedy for dandruff, helping to reduce the production of sebum by the scalp. Using hemp oil for this purpose can reduce the frequency of dry scaly patches developing along with associated itching.

3. Conditions Dry Hair

If you feel like your hair could use a constant stream of water drizzled on it to give the impression that it is not dying of thirst, then hemp seed oil can be just what you need. Its richly hydrating properties help coat each individual strand with nourishing lipids to prevent moisture loss and evaporation. Adding this oil to your shampoo can have benefits with regular use as well.

4. Stimulates Hair Growth

Hair feeling a little under the weather? We’ve got an oil for that! Hemp oil applied to the scalp can help with dandruff, and stimulation of hair growth, by enhancing natural blood flow to hair follicles. It is also believed that the oil can keep follicles in a state of anagen (active growth) for longer as well, which is desirable.

5. Moderate Pain Relief

Even though It is not the same as CBD oil it is important to realize that hemp seeds still retain a small amount of CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid compound which is capable of delivering analgesia via interactions with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. In turn, mild to moderate pain can be mitigated without the need to interfere with other important body systems.

The overall amount of CBD found in the seeds is considered low, but can be helpful nevertheless.

6. Treats Acne

Acne is more annoying than it is dangerous, which is why the industry is a multi-billion dollar one. It is effective at dealing with acne flare-ups by virtue of its same sebum suppressing properties, as acne develops in response to bacterial overgrowth and hair follicles blocked by this natural oil and dirt.

Reducing sebum production is one effective management technique used for acne management, though it may not be enough by itself.

7. Relieves Muscle Aches

As previously mentioned, it’s effective for pain relief, which includes minor muscle aches or strains. However, it can have its actions potentiated many times over if it is used as the carrier oil for other effective analgesic oils, since it synergizes well under such circumstances. Its penetrability is also improved along with heat liberating oils and camphor.

8. Supports Cognitive Function

In case it was not clear, hemp oil is absolutely fine for oral consumption, which explains why it is also used to help assist with preservation of cognitive functions into advancing age. Hemp oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that decrease the degradation brought on by excessive free radical bombardment and in turn, reduces the damage potential. The manifestation of this benefit is decreased deposition of beta-amyloid proteins in the brain which have a negative effect on overall cognitive and mental faculties.

9. Improves Immunity

It does not improve your immunity in the typical way which is by being rich in anti-oxidant vitamins, but rather by focusing on a large constituent of your actual immune system -the probiotic bacterial colonies. Hemp oil loses much of its fiber content during the extraction process, but using cold press techniques help with retention of some soluble fiber. This is used by the bacteria for nourishment, making hemp seed oil a prebiotic food.

10. Supports Digestive Health

Healthy probiotic cultures equal to happy guts. But there’s more. Probiotic bacteria do much more than contributing to your immune system’s wellbeing, as they also support complete food processing and reduce the buildup of metabolic byproducts that cause bloating. Some of these bacteria also produce butyrate, which is a compound that helps protect the mucosal membrane covering many of the intestinal and digestive organs. This can be extremely helpful if you deal with recurrent gastric ulcers, colitis or IBS.

11. Alleviates PMS Symptoms

The GLA found in it can help alleviate the troublesome issues experienced on a monthly basis shortly before and during your menses, such as breast tenderness, mood swings, and feelings of abdominal bloating or irritability. It is a good idea to use a bit of the oil on a daily basis if you are prone to annoying PMS symptoms month after month.

12. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Hemp oil can help with management of cholesterol levels by helping you achieve ideal LDL to HDL cholesterol balance. The oil also naturally contains the optimal balance of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids. The typical western diet is skewed way in favor of omega 6 fatty acids which are pro-inflammatory in nature.

13. Decreases Cancer Risk

While cancer can occur spontaneously, the majority of subtypes share an inflammatory and oxidative component. It can assist with reducing cancer risk by virtue of its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Exposing cells to fewer of these biological processes in turn lessens the likelihood of mutations occurring.

14. Helps Weight Loss

GLA found in it can help decrease the amount of fat weight gained, since studies conducted have indicated that people who previously lost weight regained fewer over the course of the next year when supplementing with GLA. It also contains omega 3 fats which preliminary studies suggest may play a role in supporting healthy body weight as well.

15. Helps Blood Pressure Management

It can help your blood pressure management thanks to the amount of arginine contained naturally in the seeds. Arginine is an amino acid that plays a critical role in the synthesis of nitric oxide, a potent vasodilatory compound that helps blood vessels adapt to changing blood volume. Inability of the vessels to accommodate these changes is a major cause of hypertension.


The next time someone tries to argue with you about hemp oil you can surely take them to school with your new-found knowledge. Hemp oil is non-psychoactive so you have nothing to fear about its legality or causing you to feel high, but instead can relish the many benefits you have experienced from its use.



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