11 Amazing Benefits of Fenugreek Essential Oil

Fenugreek Essential Oil health benefits includes boosting testosterone levels, reducing stomach acidity, promoting weight loss, preventing chronic neurodegenerative disorders, useful in managing diabetes, assists in fighting cancer, helps treats menstrual pain, used for aromatherapy, and promotes respiratory health.

What is Fenugreek Essential Oil?

Most people have heard of fenugreek seeds before, but not many know that an essential oil obtained from fenugreek also exists. The beauty of this oil? It shares many of the same benefits as the seeds do, with a few unique benefits of its own, but being much more convenient. This can allow for improved compliance, as many people tend to despise the taste of seeds when eaten raw, and can allow you to add it to more meals, consume as is, or even diffuse with an essential oil diffuser.

11 Amazing Benefits of Fenugreek Essential Oil

11 Amazing Benefits of Fenugreek Essential Oil

1. Boosts Testosterone Levels

Fenugreek Oil Helps To Boost Testosterone Levels and is the reason you can find extracts of it in many preparations marketed as testosterone boosters. Increasing testosterone levels is an ideal state of affairs for most men, as it translates to enhanced sexual libido, muscle building potential and overall sense of wellbeing. Studies have confirmed that men who supplement with a fennel based product have higher testosterone levels than men who do not.

2. Can Help Reduce Stomach Acidity

Heartburn and gastric ulcers are painful, uncomfortable situations which cause the loss of many unnecessary man hours. Luckily, a few drops of fenugreek essential oil can help remedy the situation. By reducing the secretion of hydrochloric acid by the stomach walls, this helps to remedy heartburn, and allow healing of gastric ulcers. These ulcers are aggravated by excess acidity, so acidity must be reduced for healing to ensue.

3. Can Help With Weight Loss

In order for weight loss to occur, you need to be in a caloric deficit, but you also need to ensure that you are eating the right foods to allow calories to be shed. In particular is the control of carbohydrates, which cause insulin to be secreted as long as they are ibn the blood, and prevent fat from being burned in turn.  Fenugreek helps improve insulin function, so as it enters blood it more efficiently removes sugar and then goes about its jolly way. It is important for insulin levels to remain low to allow fat to be recruited as fuel. This is why many low carb diets result ibn superior weight loss, when compared to diets higher in carbohydrates. Combine fenugreek oil with fenugreek seeds for their added fiber content, and a nice boost to appetite suppression and satiety.

4. Help Prevent Chronic Neurodegenerative Disorders

Fenugreek Essential Oil is an excellent way to preserve brain function, especially by helping to prevent the accelerated deterioration and development of irreversible brain diseases. The two most common ones being Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Though there is no cure, the development of these diseases is associated with a higher than normal load of inflammatory processes, which are known to adversely affect neurotransmitter levels in the brain, cause accumulation of specific proteins that hasten the process, and general free radical damage. A few drops of fenugreek oil daily can help to reduce the impact of inflammation on your body, and when used sensibly with good diet and sound habits, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing the disease.

5. Can Be A Useful Tool In Managing Diabetes

Diabetes is a complex disease that usually has multiple things going on behind the scene. If you are type 1, there isn’t much you can do from a supplementation standpoint, as your body is most likely unable to manufacture insulin, and you require daily shots. Type 2 diabetics have it a bit easier. Though no one said blood glucose control would be easy, it is easier as you can supplement with appropriate natural products, follow a healthy diet and adopt goof lifestyle practices. These include getting daily exercise and reducing carbohydrate intake. In addition, use of fenugreek essential oil can help improve insulin sensitivity, and when combined with regular resistance exercise can lead to a significant change in your blood sugar control. Even non-diabetics stand to benefit from improved insulin function, so do not avoid fenugreek oil just because you are not diabetic.

6. Can Assist In The Fight Against Cancer Development

When it comes to cancer, one thing is very clear- prevention is far better than cure, as treatment takes a lot out of you. Fenugreek oil possesses various saponins, which can halt the replication of cancer cells and auto-program them to “suicide”, a process known as apoptosis. Cancer cells are designed to grow uncontrollably, lacking the mechanism that tells normal cells their life is up. To date, it has shown promise in reducing the incidence of prostate, breast and colon cancers.  Fenugreek works best to kill cancer cells when it is followed up by a course of radiation.

7. Fenugreek Essential Oil Helps Treat Menstrual Pain

Fenugreek oil is effective in reducing pain and cramping that occurs during the menstrual cycle, and appears to do so without the occurrence of adverse effects. This is important since most common medications available to treat the disease occur with increased frequency of side effects, such as worsened bleeding from thinning of blood. Fenugreek itself thins the blood, but not significantly enough to adversely affect bleeding.

8. Fenugreek Oil Helps Maintain Skin Health

While fenugreek seeds are excellent moisturizers because of its unique fiber called mucilage, fenugreek essential oil also moisturizes and forms a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Fenugreek essential oil also reduces the effect of UV damage on the skin, acting as a sort of natural sun repellant in the process. Both of these properties make it useful as a moisturizing aide to maintain skin health.

9. Fenugreek Is A Galactagogue

A galactagogue is a substance that promotes the production of breast milk, and is particularly useful for new mothers who may have a hard time producing milk. Engorged ducts are some of the main causes of poor milk production, but fenugreek oil can help with that. A few drops taken daily during lactation is useful for stimulating milk production.

10. Fenugreek Oil Is Used For Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an alternative form of medical therapy that is growing in popularity thanks to its wide variety of applications. It basically involves using the aromatic nature of various essential oils to elicit their medicinal effects. Fenugreek oil is place into a diffuser, and allowed to vaporize. Among its various uses are:

  • Blood Pressure reduction
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Induces sweating to aid in fever reduction and for removal of toxins

11. Fenugreek Oil Promotes Respiratory Health

While fenugreek by itself possesses anti-inflammatory effects that are useful in reducing conditions like bronchitis, and managing asthma, the essential oil is much more suited for this purpose. Fenugreek essential oil can be conveniently inhaled to relieve coughing, help to act as an expectorant, and act as a decongestant.


Fenugreek possess innumerable health benefits that can benefit anyone who use it. By simply adding a few drops to your favorite beverage, consuming as it or even adding to food for a tasteful flavor, fenugreek is ripe for your benefit. Just be sure to exercise common sense as always, and do not overdo it, as it has allergenic potential in some cases.

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