11 Incredible Health Benefits of Milk

The consumption of milk dates back to over 7000 years. In the earlier stages of discovering milk, it was assumed that people who belonged to areas that do not receive adequate sunlight, should consume milk. This thought originated from the fact that as they were unable to get enough vitamin D, due to lack of sunlight, they needed milk as a supplement.  People first start drinking milk for its various health benefits in Europe, and this trend was spread by the Balkans. There is a specific gene that makes our bodies lactose tolerant and able to consume fresh milk.

In ancient times, milk was considered a luxury and was only for the royalty. This practice was popular in Egypt. Sheep and cows were highly prized possessions due to their ability to give milk. A French microbiologist named Pasteur actually introduced the concept of pasteurization. Pasteurization is basically the process that is carried out to make milk safe to consume. This heats the milk to a specific temperature, for a specific time and kills the harmful bacteria present in it. Nowadays this process is carried out by machines. Milk is also packed full of essential nutrients.

Today it is recommended to drink at least a glass of milk every day, from toddlers to adults to old people. Milk is considered a vital source of vitamin D and calcium. Milk contains up to 3.2 g of protein, 4.8g of carbohydrates, 3.3g of fat, 0.08g of omega 3 and 0.12g of omega6. This is the nutritional composition of full cream milk.

There are many substitutes that are conventionally prepared to provide the nutrients present in milk. However, milk is a natural source of these nutrients and will provide far more benefits than side effects.

There are multiple uses and benefits of milk, and the best way to drink it is to either make a fruit shake using milk or drinking it as is – you can also add a couple of bars of dark chocolate in it for added flavor and health benefits.

11 Incredible Health Benefits of Milk

11 Incredible Health Benefits of Milk

1. Strong Bones

Being inactive, bad postures, eating unhealthy foods, are all factors that can lead to developing symptoms associated with bone density loss. It contains 113 mg for a glass of full cream milk. This is an extremely good amount to help prevent bone damage and deterioration. It is often considered the supreme source of calcium.

2. Source of Vitamins and Minerals

It is a superfood that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that we require.  It contains high amounts of vitamin B12, which is necessary for brain and DNA health. Moreover, it is also a vital source of Riboflavin, which is known to help the body stay energetic. It also contains phosphorus, which is beneficial for repairing tissues and cells.

3. Relaxer

It helps calm the nerves and soothes the mind. It contains potassium and magnesium, which act as vasodilators. It also helps relieve symptoms of PMs and cramps. A glass of warm milk helps calm the body and sore muscles. It also helps you fall asleep faster.

4. Protein Rich

A hundred gram serving of full-fat milk contains 3.2 g of protein. The body cannot survive without protein. Protein helps the body do everything. It is the macronutrients in it that help the body produce enzymes, build muscles,  build cartilage and develop skin tissues. It also helps make hormones in the body.

5. Weight Loss

We tend to eat more caloric foods when your body starts feeling as if it is still hungry. Going for a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate is more harmful and is likely to prevent weight loss. Opting for a glass of milk rather than processed snacks is the better choice. It helps to keep you full and your energy levels high.

6. Soothes Heartburn

Eating acidic or spicy foods is fun until the heartburn sets in. Cold milk is said to be a remedy for this. The coolness and texture of it will help calm that burning sensation caused by acidity.  The best kind of milk for this issue is fat-free skimmed milk.

7. Reduce The Appearance of Dark Circles

Lack of sleep or stress can lead you to developing dark circles. It helps reduce the effects of sleep deprivation on your eyes as it contains moisturizing and soothing capabilities. You can dip cotton balls or cotton rounds in cold milk and keep them on the eyes until they lose their coolness. This will immediately reduce the puffiness around the eyes.

8. Helps Promote Healthy Skin

There are so many DIYs and skin care products that claim to contain milk enzymes. This is because milk can help moisturize your skin, nourishing it effectively. Adding It to any face mask will help you reap its benefits to the fullest. Ancient Egyptian royalty used to bath in milk maintain their smooth and radiant skin. Drinking up to 2 glasses of milk each day will be like a drink for your skin, and it will appear supple and youthful.

9. Source of Healthy Fats

It is the source for extracting butter and cheese. The fats present in it are healthy and are essential to keep the bones healthy and strong.

10. Electrolyte Replacement

Electrolytes are essential as they help transport nutrients to all parts of the body. When working out or doing strenuous work we sweat and lose electrolytes such as potassium and sodium. It can help us restore these components.  It will help fulfill the need of electrolytes and enhance nerve conduction.

11. Helps Hydrate Your Body

It contains a significant amount of water molecules and can help keep the body hydrated. Its fat content also helps the body from getting dry. A well-hydrated body is the healthiest body. Dehydration is a very dangerous and can also prove to be fatal. Most people tend to neglect drinking water and would prefer to drink milk.


There are multiple other benefits of milk that help maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also good for heart health and strengthens teeth. The best option is to drink organic milk or the one that comes from grass-fed cows. Adding milk to children’s diet is also beneficial to build immunity and strength from an early age.

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