11 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Green Apples During Pregnancy

Eating Green Apples during pregnancy comes with amazing health benefits that includes preventing DNA breakdown, maintaining body weight, reducing the risk of premature birth, a good source of protein, reducing the risk of diabetes, preventing nausea and increasing appetite. Other benefits includes preventing swelling, supporting digestion, a good source of antioxidants and boosting energy levels.

Incorporating fruits such as green apple is essential for pregnant women as they are loaded with numerous nutrients. The nutrients don’t only strengthen your body but promote the healthy development of the fetus as well. You can find green apple abundant in various mineral, vitamins, and antioxidants that will prevent mother and an unborn baby from falling prey to health problems.

You can incorporate green apple into your diet without giving it a second thought. It is easy to consume as expectant mothers can eat it raw, add to salads, smoothies, or drink its fresh juice, the miraculous fruit function well either way.

Nutritional Value of Green Apples

  • Carbohydrate 13 g
  • Calcium      6 mg
  • Energy 218 KJ
  • Fiber 4 g
  • Folic Acid 3 mg
  • Iron 12 mg
  • Magnesium 5 mg
  • Niacin 91 mg
  • Pantothenic Acid 61 mg
  • Phosphorus 11 mg
  • Potassium 107 mg
  • Protein 26 g
  • Riboflavin 023 mg
  • Thiamine 017 mg
  • Vitamin A 3 mg
  • Vitamin C 6 mg

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Apples.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Green Apples during Pregnancy

1. Prevents DNA Breakdown

Free radicals have potential to damage the health of expectant mother and fetus adversely. They could affect you in numerous ways. Therefore, it is advised to consume foods that can combat daunting factors such as free radicals that could contribute to DNA breakdown. Green apples are loaded with vitamin C that is an antioxidant and is essential to fight free radicals and toxins. Thus, incorporate green apples into your diet as they could become a safe and natural source to prevent DNA breakdown.

2. Maintains Body Weight

Most women gain weight during pregnancy that seems impossible to lose. Being overweight can hurt your health as it may contribute to high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Moreover, this condition leads to diabetes in most cases which is dangerous for the healthy development of the fetus. Green apples, being a powerhouse of countless nutrients can help maintain body weight. Regular consumption of the apples will alleviate risks of high blood pressure and cholesterol. And it can also curb your sweet cravings. Hence, consuming a green apple daily can benefit pregnant women in various ways.

3. Reduces Risk of Premature Birth

Expectant mothers can incorporate green apples into the diet to prevent the risks of premature birth. Experts state that premature birth is a result of excessive bile secretion. Obtaining minerals and vitamins found in the apples can balance the bile secretion effectively that alleviate a serious issue like this. Moreover, the delicious fruit can help ease labor pain and delivery process.

4. A Source of Protein

You can obtain sufficient quantity of protein from green apples. Your body and fetus require the nutrients abundantly and consuming at least one apple daily are necessary in this regard. If you are allergic to peanuts, buy green apples and fulfill your requirement of protein effectively.

5. Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Pregnant women are susceptible to develop gestational diabetes. It is a complicated condition for the mother and the fetus alike as it might impede its development. You can incorporate green apple as it can serve as a natural sweetener. Your body has potential to absorb it while balancing the sugar in the bloodstream. Green apples can also help keep insulin level longer, and in the result, you will stay full for longer hours.

6. Prevents Nausea

The stomach gets very sensitive during pregnancy, and increased levels of gastric acids lead to nausea. You can combat the troubling health ailment by consuming green apples as whole or drinking fresh juice. The sweet and sour taste of the fruit will help relieve nausea in less time. Nutritionists recommend regular consumption of green apples in any form in the first trimester when nausea and vomit occur frequently.

7. Increases Appetite

In most cases, the expectant mother loses appetite that happens in an extreme case of nausea. Nutritionists always suggest incorporating nourishing foods such as green apples in that phase regarding the growth of the healthy fetus. Thus, you should consume foods that increase appetite so that you eat proper nutrient-filled meals regularly. That is where tasty and juicy green apples come into the picture. You can sip on some fresh juice or eat a whole apple to increase your lost appetite.

8. Prevents Swelling

Pregnancy affects your overall body, and in the result, your stomach and other parts grow. Expectant mothers also encounter a swollen foot frequently that is indeed a troubling condition. Therefore, try incorporating organic green apples into your diet and alleviate the risks of swollen feet. However, it would be even better to consult with your primary care physician in this regard to identify causes of swelling to treat it effectively.

9. For Digestive System

Digestion problems such as constipation are quite common during pregnancy. These problems occur due to less intake of dietary fiber. Constant indigestion could harm fetus as toxins or chemicals remain in the body for a longer time. Being a powerhouse of dietary fiber, green apples can work well in this regard. You can consume as much as you want throughout the pregnancy to facilitate digestion. Moreover, you can also consult with your primary care physician to prevent the fetus from adverse effects.

10. A Source of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential to protect your well-being from potential damages caused by free radicals, toxins, chemicals, DNA breakdown, cancerous cells, etc. Therefore, you need to consume plenty of foods packed with antioxidants like green apples. The latter is a powerhouse of flavonoid and polyphenolic that protect expectant mothers from the adverse effects of health-damaging factors and oxidative stress. Moreover, adequate consumption of antioxidants helps promote the healthy development of the immune system in the fetus.

11. Boosts Energy Levels

Most women encounter low energy levels throughout pregnancy that caused by various deficiencies and lack of nutrients consumption. This condition often results in mother’s dull and dry skin. In most cases, your skin develops acne and blemishes. However, consuming green apple or its fresh juice cannot only do wonders for your damaged skin but help increase energy levels during pregnancy. Nutritionists have also encouraged women to opt for natural options to boost energy levels in this condition and to refrain from chemical-filled sugary beverages.

Bottom Line

Incorporating nourishing foods like green apples into your diet during pregnancy cannot only benefit your overall well-being, but it nurtures fetus as well. However, it is suggested to buy organic fruits to reap plenty of nutrients.

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