11 Amazing Benefits of Mugwort Essential Oil

Mugwort Essential Oil benefits includes supporting psychological health, helps detoxify the body, support proper digestion, work as a stimulant, helps fight infections, helps increase appetite and help relieve menstrual pains. Other benefits includes fighting bacteria, slowing the aging process and fighting intestinal problems.

During ancient times, Mugwort was considered a supernatural plant. It was also believed that the plant  could increase you physic powers. However, with time, people realized that this supernatural plant possesses many health benefits. China was first to use it to treat various ailments and later, other parts of the world started using it for the similar purposes as well. The essential oil is extracted from its leaves, flowers and even from buds of the Mugwort.

What is Mugwort Essential Oil?

Botanically, it is known as Artemisia Vulgaris and commonly known as Mugwort, contains highly beneficial components that aid in many illnesses. The smell of the oil is a pure relaxant without any adverse effects. Moreover, it has now become a part of herbal medicines, and you can find many herbal products made with Mugwort essential oil which are safe to use.

Major Components of Mugwort Essential Oil

  • Alpha-thujone
  • Beta thujone
  • Cineole
  • Camphene
  • Camphone

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Mugwort Essential Oil

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Mugwort Essential Oil

1. For Psychological Health

Mugwort essential oil is a great source to relieve mental stress and anxiety. It has calming effects on your brain and your nervous system. Regular use of the oil relaxes your stressed mind and provides tranquility that you need after a long and tiring day. According to experts, inhaling Mugwort oil directly or from diffuser not only decreases tension levels but promotes clarity in your mind as well. It is also widely known as a safe source to increase concentration levels.

2. It Works as a Detoxifier

You need to detoxify your body to prevent it from daunting substances that can impact your body negatively. In detoxification, you flush out toxins from your body and organs then, begin functioning adequately. A study suggests that detoxification is extremely important for your liver and kidneys.  Although you can find many detoxifiers choosing the right and safe one is necessary. This is why experts trust natural products like Mugwort oil. It doesn’t contain any adverse effects hence; safely detoxify your body.

3. For Proper Digestion

Improper digestion can invite various other health problems. Most of these digestive issues are draining and takes time to heal. However, incorporating Mugwort essential oil (in any form) into your diet can do the job for you. It is effective to stimulate adequate digestive enzymes and bile secretion which breakdowns food and facilitates digestion. Once your digestion gets proper, it will promote nutrients absorption into the bloodstream. Moreover, Mugwort essential oil can effectively treat stomach aches as well.

4. Works as a Stimulant

Mugwort essential oil is a safe stimulant; it is said to stimulate all the systems of your body. From the circulatory system to the endocrine system, Mugwort oil promotes the enzymes and hormones secretion.

5. If Fights Infections

The properties found in the oil are known not only to fight infections, but they keep infection causing factors at bay as well. It is the best product to use during winter, as it maintains your body temperature. You can inhale it as it soothes irritation caused by constant coughs. Herbal medicines made with Mugwort oil are also effective to treat a fever that most infections bring.

6. It is Diuretic

Proper urination is necessary as it flushes out fat, salts, and various toxins. According to experts, consuming herbal medicines made with Mugwort can increase urination and eliminate excessive salts, fats, and uric acids. It is known to protect you from daunting kidney problems as well.

7. It Increases Appetite

Most children have appetite problems, and they can go hours without consuming food which is a troubling condition. Nutritionists suggest citrus fruits to them to increase their appetite. According to experts, adding Mugwort oil in their diet can solve this problem effectively due to its magical properties. However, avoid feeding the oil directly and go for products made with Mugwort essential oil. It is safe for children and adults alike.

8. It Relieves Menstrual Pain

The properties found in the oil are known to relieve various pains including menstrual pains. It has potential to regulate possible menstrual irregularities due to its emmenagogue properties. Moreover, it is also effective to treat other menstrual problems such as fatigue, headaches, nausea and abdominal pains. However, it is always suggested to consult with your physician regarding serious health conditions and avoid self-medication.

9. It is Anti-Bacterial

You need to incorporate anything that restricts bacterial growth without affecting you adversely. Mugwort essential oil is safe in this regard. It is loaded with antibacterial properties and is potent enough to fight bacteria and combats factors that allow bacterial growth in your immune system. These bacteria later, cause infections and weaken your immune system. Therefore, don’t hesitate to incorporate Mugwort oil in any form to treat bacteria. It is also effective to kill germs present in the environment where you breathe, thus; spraying it in your rooms is also a healthy option.

10. It Delays Aging Process

Aging is nothing less than a nightmare. Most people are also stressed over premature aging which solely happens due to inappropriate diet. This is where Mugwort oil comes to rescue; you can add it your beauty regime while you are still young and can delay your aging process. It is a natural moisturizer and goes deep into your skin which delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles making your skin smooth and baby-soft.

11. For Intestinal Problems

Intestinal worms are utterly dangerous to your overall wellbeing. You need to treat them before they start affecting your body organs. Incorporating Mugwort oil can kill intestinal worms due to its toxic nature without damaging your body. It then allows absorption of nutrients which intestinal worms impede making your body drained.

Side Effects of Mugwort Essential Oil

Mugwort essential oil indeed contains properties that treat various major and minor health problems. According to experts, every remedy or even natural products should be consumed or followed in moderation as excessive use of them might lead to other problems.

The experts also suggest that you should not consume Mugwort oil directly to treat every health problem and refer to the doctor instead. Moreover, don’t try to treat chronic diseases with the Mugwort oil as well. When applying to face, avoid eye area as it is delicate to keep yourself safe from possible side effects.

Mugwort oil is surely a magical product as it can help you in many ways. This reason is why you need to have some of it at home.

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