11 Amazing Health Benefits of Mullein Essential Oil

Mullein Essential Oil benefits includes reducing irritation and providing comfort, relieving pains such as headaches, toothache, muscle and joint pains. Other benefits are reducing inflammation, treating infections, treating respiratory problems, combating fever, treating various skin disorder, moisturizing hair and treating psychological problems.

Mullein is an herbal plant and is widely popular among homeopathic practitioners due to its countless health benefits. It isn’t only effective for your skin but relieves inflammation as well. Many new studies have proved that Mullein essential oil has potential to treat stress and anxiety.

What is Mullein?

Common Mullein or Verbascum Thapsus is extensively found in Europe and Asia. You can also find it in the Himalayan region. The plant gets mature in summer, and this is when its leaves and flowers are used to extract essential oil. The Mullein essential oil is loaded with many useful components, and it is also added to alcoholic beverages to enhance their taste.

Major Components of Mullein

  • Catalpol
  • Aucubin
  • Coumarin
  • Rotenone
  • Tannin
  • Mucilage
  • Verbascosaponin
  • Flavonoids
  • Phenolic acids

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Mullein Essential Oil

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Mullein Essential Oil

1. It is Anti-Septic

Mullein essential oil got immense popularity after herbalists found its antiseptic properties. You can use its essential oil or can even make a paste with crushed Mullein flowers and water. The healing and soothing properties of Mullein work effectively on burns, wounds or even on cuts. It will reduce irritation and provide comfort. Apart from this, the components found in the Mullein are potent enough to rejuvenate skin cells that usually got damaged by an injury.

2. Mullein Essential Oil has Analgesic Properties

It is indeed surprising to learn that a delicate flower with pleasant odor contains many useful components. Being enriched in analgesic properties, Mullein oil has a numbing effect on the nerves. It will not allow your mind to sense pain. Therefore, it is a great source to relieve multiple pains such as headaches, toothache, muscle and joints pain.

3. It is Anti-Inflammatory

According to herbalists, Mullein oil is anti-inflammatory and can treat various body inflammations adequately. It is natural hence; there aren’t any adverse effects associated with it. You can use it to treat inflammation in the digestive system which is normally caused by overeating or consuming spicy food. Experts also suggest Mullein oil for the inflammation in circulatory system which is occurred in the bloodstream if any toxic substance gets into it.

4. Mullein Oil Treats Infection

Infections are troubling and often bring fever with them. However, you can keep these infections at bay by incorporating Mullein oil into your daily routine. It has properties that are effective for internal and as well as external infections. It is said to be safe for internal infections in the kidneys, colon, excretory system, and urinary tracts. Also, it can be used in external infections such as nose, ear and on the skin.

5. It is Diuretic

Consuming medicines containing Mullein oil has potential to increase urination. With the increased urination, you can flush out toxins such as uric acid, excessive salts, and bile buildup in the body. A recent study also suggests that with proper excretion of urine, you can release extra fats which aid in weight loss as well. Moreover, Mullein oil increases appetite promotes digestion and eases bloating.

6. For Respiratory Problems

When it comes to allowing safe expectorant, you can trust on Mullein essential oil. It is loaded with expectorant properties. According to experts, it loses coughs and phlegm that build up in the respiratory tracts and lungs. It is a safe source to relieve a cough and chest congestion as well. Experts also agreed on the fact that its properties are potent enough to treat breathing troubles, bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. Mullein oil is known to soothe mucous membrane as well.

7. It Works as a Relaxant

Experts have declared Mullein oil as a great source to relax your body long ago. It is known to relax various systems like brain, muscles, and nerves which result in relieved, nervous afflictions, nervous disorders, muscular cramps, stress, and anxiety. A study has also revealed that regular inhaling of Mullein oil can reduce anger levels due to its soothing components.

8. For Fever

Mullein essential oil is known to fight factors that cause infectious bacteria which bring fever. By inhaling it regularly, you can prevent your body from seasonal viral infections that are also responsible for daunting fever.

9. Mullein Oil for various Skin Disorders

It seems like Mullein oil is an all-rounder. Apart from health benefits, it is equally effective to enhance the conditions of your skin. It is loaded with skin-friendly components which ensure smooth and radiant skin. Since it has antiseptic properties as well, it can combat acne and pimples too. Applying Mullein oil to your skin can provide it required an amount of moisture as a moisturized skin doesn’t fall prey to factors that cause early-aging.

10. For Psychological Problems

Psychological problems are increasing day by day. There could be many factors that cause mental illnesses, however; they are curable. If you don’t want to consume addictive drugs, you can always switch to natural remedies. They don’t contain adverse effects and don’t make you addictive either. According to experts, inhaling Mullein oil directly or from diffuser can treat anxiety and stress. If you feel despair more often, it is suggested to inhale Mullein oil for a few seconds and relax your mind before falling asleep.

11. For Damaged Hair

Your hair gets damaged due to over-hair-dying or using hair tools without applying heat protectors. However, don’t lose hope as repairing damaged hair has now become possible with Mullein essential oil. It heals your dry and damaged locks providing moisture. You can add few drops of the oil into a carrier oil and massage hair strands deeply. Let it stay in the hair for at least an hour and wash it later with a mild shampoo. Follow this procedure regularly, and you will notice the difference within few weeks.

Side Effects of Mullein Essential Oil

These natural and herbal products are greatly known for their positive effects, however; some adverse effects are always associated with them as well. For Mullein oil, experts suggest to use it in moderation. It is best if you avoid Mullein oil (in any form) if you are on medication for other health problems. Do not apply it to treat eye problems as no evidence is available in this regard. Incorporate products that contain Mullein oil in your diet and avoid consuming it directly.

Mullein essential oil is loaded with helpful – healing and soothing properties. Hence, use it when needed and prevent daunting health problems.

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