11 Impressive Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood Essential Oil benefits includes relieving headaches and toothaches, treatment of insect bites, treating depression, acts as natural stimulant, improves cognitive functionality, prevention of bacteria infection, acts as deodorant and help fight cancerous cells. Other benefits includes relieving joints pain, enhancing the skin and treating inflammation.

Rosewood essential oil was widely used in elite perfumery during 1900 which put rosewood at the risk of extinction. Concerning this, the demand decreased giving Rosewood trees a chance to grow and thrive again. Now, it has become a huge part of herbal medicines as it possesses many amazing health benefits.

What is Rosewood Essential Oil?

The Rosewood tree belongs to Brazil. The botanical name for the tree is Aniba Rosaeaodora. The essential oil of the Rosewood is extracted from the woody flesh of the tree from steam distillation. The properties of the oil are what made it an essential product in aromatic-therapies. The components are undoubtedly magical.

Major Components of Rosewood Essential Oil

  • Alpha-terpineol
  • Camphene
  • Neral
  • Myrcene
  • Linalool oxide

11 Impressive Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil

1. It has Analgesic Properties

Rosewood oil is widely used in herbal medicines due to its analgesic properties. These properties are said to be effective to relieve headaches and toothaches especially. It is also known to combat factors that contribute to those headaches and toothaches. However, in case of severe oral problems such as a cavity or bleeding gum, it is advised to consult with a dentist before opting for self-medication.

2. It is Anti-Septic

The antiseptic properties of the Rosewood oil are what made it an important product to be available in every household. It has enough potential to treat insect bites, abrasion and even minor cuts that can put you under stress easily. Simply soak a cotton ball into Rosewood oil and apply carefully on the affected area. The components will impede occurrence of infections in the affected area, and its healing properties will contribute to a speedy recovery. It is one of the safest and quickest ways to treat emergency at home.

3. It Treats Depression

Depression has become a common health problem in youngsters and adults alike. If not treated on time, it can contribute to other psychological problems as well. There could be many factors associated with the depression; the Rosewood essential oil is a reliable solution in this regard. During ancient times, healers preferred to use it for mental clarity and tranquility. This is why herbalist also used it to treat depression. The soothing and healing components found in the oil are known to fight away despair strengthening your psychological health. Moreover, it possesses an erotic aroma that makes it a favorite oil for aroma-therapy specialists. You can treat depression, stress, and anxiety with the help of Rosewood oil.

4. Works as a Stimulant

Your organs need timely stimulation to function well. And experts emphasized on using a natural stimulant. This is where Rosewood oil comes into the picture; it is a natural stimulant and functions to stimulate various systems of your body. It is known to boost metabolism as well. It is safe to use if you wish to stimulate enzymes, acids and bile, blood circulation, digestion, and secretion of hormones. According to aromatherapy specialists, massaging stomach with the oil can help relieve bloating as well.

5. It Improves Cognitive Functionality

Your cognitive function is responsible for performing many tasks alone; therefore, it is essential to maintain its health. Rosewood oil contributes to better cognitive functionality making your brain active and sharp. It is used to improve memory and concentration. Also, the oil is a great way to treat various neurotic disorders. Moreover, you can massage your temples before going to bed; it will allow you peaceful hours of sleep.

6. It is Anti-Bacterial

You need to take precautions that protect you from falling prey to bacteria. These bacteria contribute to infections that bring fever, diarrhea, etc. Rosewood is added to herbal medicines and other natural products for its anti-bacterial properties. According to dermatologists, the component alpha pinene found in the oil contains anti-bacterial effect that is essential to treat acne. Apart from this, Rosewood oil is also added in the air-fresheners to kill bacteria and germs present in the environment making your living rooms super clean and germs-free to breathe.

7. Works as a Deodorant

Its fragrance is what earned it popularity for decades, and even till date, Rosewood oil works best as a deodorant. It is used by high-end brands to improve the quality of their products. It possesses appealing aroma. The deodorant made with Rosewood oil has potential to kill bacteria that contribute to unpleasant sweat odor.

8. It Fights Cancerous Cells

Skin cancer is one of the life-threatening cancers and treatments to eliminate this disease often remain under observations. A study was conducted to identify effects of Rosewood oil on the skin cancer. The study revealed that the components found in the oil could contribute regeneration of cells and can control cancerous cells as well. However, it is yet to determine whether the Rosewood has potential to eliminate skin cancer entirely or not.

9. Rosewood Oil Relieves Joints Pain

Joints pain is spreading rapidly. Although it can be treated with other medicines  patients preferred different therapies to treat it due to their calming and soothing effects. This is why Rosewood oil is also used in the therapies. According to experts, massaging joints with Rosewood oil helps relieve aching joints allowing patients to walk or perform other tasks without difficulty.

10. For Skin Care

Essential Oils are popular to repair dead skin cells which ultimately lead to the fresh and baby-soft skin. Rosewood oil has potential to do a little extra than the rest of the oils. It is popular to remove dead skin cells and tissues giving a natural glow to your face. The properties of the oil are known to delay aging and prevent you from early aging as well. However, taking precautions can double the benefits, and this is why beauty experts advised using it diluted with water or other carrier oil. Simply massage your skin and neck with it regularly to notice the disappearance of pre-mature wrinkles and fine lines.

11. It is Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is considered as an indication of a serious health problem. Rosewood oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory components that can treat muscle and joints inflammation.

Side Effects of Rosewood Essential Oil

The essential oil of Rosewood can hurt your skin if not used in moderation. Experts have advised not to ingest it. The health benefits of Rosewood oil are convincing enough to keep it at home. So, buy some and embrace a healthy life.

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