11 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin E

A vitamin enriched diet is extremely important for your well being. Vitamins possess a number of amazing benefits that keep you strong and active. With that being said, vitamin E and its properties are considered amongst the most remarkable. You may have heard about benefits of vitamin E for skin, but did you know that vitamin is equally important for cardiovascular health? It is also one of the essential vitamins that help maintain and enhance your eye health, keeping you away from macular degeneration and symptoms associated with cataract development. Vitamin E is said to combat factors that contribute to neurological diseases as well. This is why many physicians and beauticians emphasize that your diet should have an adequate amount of vitamin E.

What is Vitamin E?

The generic name for vitamin E is tocopherol. It is known as a fat-soluble antioxidant that has potential to keep free radicals at bay because these compounds damage cell structure that results in various, daunting health problems. Although numerous supplements containing vitamin E are available, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended to get plenty of vitamin E as these natural options are free from adverse affects.

Sources of Vitamin E

  • Sunflower seeds 4 mg
  • Avocado 2mg
  • Pine nuts 6 mg
  • Spinach 20%
  • Kale 6%
  • Turnip greens     9 mg
  • Swiss chard    17%
  • Mustard greens    14%
  • Almonds  5
  • Parsley       7 mg

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin E

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin E

1. Vitamin E for Wrinkles

Wrinkle and fine lines on your skin are nothing less than a nightmare. Many women spend an extra amount of money on anti-aging products, but since they are loaded with harsh chemicals, these products don’t always provide satisfactory results and shouldn’t be trusted blindly. Your skin needs lots of moisture to stay young and wrinkle-free. This is why beauticians advised incorporating foods enriched with vitamin E. It is packed with antioxidants that contribute to collagen growth. Collagen is known to add elasticity to your skin making it smooth and young.

2. It Prevents Cataract Formation

Eye health is often neglected by a majority of people because. You stare are the computer screen all day, you use your smartphone before going to bed, you sleep late at night, these are elements that contribute towards decreased eye health, which in turn leads to disease and long term discomfort. Consuming vitamin E can do wonders here because it has potential to keep your eyes safe from developing symptoms associated with cataracts. Several studies in this regard have proved that combined with lutein and zeaxanthin, vitamin E delays cataract formation and early macular degeneration.

3. Improves Cognitive Function

Although cognitive decline and memory loss are common in old age, but you can still delay these psychological problems by consuming a diet loaded with vitamin E. According to a recent study, it is helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Good for Cardiovascular Health

Heart diseases are daunting and they should be monitored adequately and on time. Slight negligence in such case can lead you to severe cardiovascular problems. Here, vitamin E comes in action; it not just that it keeps your arteries healthy, but it also reduces the chances of having future heart problems. It is said to expand blood vessels, which is extremely important for proper blood flow in your body.

5. Fights Osteoarthritis Inflammation

Vitamin E is a powerful vitamin that your body needs for better functioning. Apart from all the other amazing health benefits, you can treat osteoarthritis inflammation with vitamin E. It is known to relieve pain and irritation caused by all that inflammation in your joints. A study has concluded that people with osteoarthritis inflammation can unbelievably reduce it in just 10 days by consuming a vitamin E supplement with 600 IU.

6. Vitamin E Boosts Immune System

Taking extra care of your immune system is essential because it fights the infectious bacteria keeping you safe from diarrhea, fever, cough, and cold. Incorporating vitamin E into your diet can make your immune system stronger. It contributes to cells growth that your body requires to kill germs and even cancerous cells. Vitamin E promotes the growth of B-cells that form antibodies known to kill bacteria.

7. It Heals Scars

Damaged skin cells and tissues produce scars that look unattractive. These scars, sometimes take a ridiculously long time to heal. The healing properties found in vitamin E can do the job for you as it is a safe option to repair damaged cells thanks to its curative properties. Moreover, it is safe to apply on burns and bruises. Your skin will absorb the nutrients and all those scars will begin to fade gradually.

8. It Prevents Blood Clots

Clotted blood in the arteries is extremely dangerous as it could lead to severe health problems such as cardiac arrest and increase your susceptibility to experiencing a stroke. Moreover, these clots in the veins can even cause pulmonary embolism if they travel to the lungs. Vitamin E is helpful because it works as a blood thinner preventing blood platelets to merge together and transform into clots. Therefore, include vitamin E in your diet to avoid this daunting health problem.

9. It Delays Early Graying

Since vitamin E can fight hazardous free radicals, its antioxidant properties can prevent early aging reducing gray hair. There could be many reasons behind gray and damaged hair such as poor diet, smoking, iron deficiency, etc. but incorporating vitamin E into your diet can combat this frightening health problem. It is known to fight factors that cause gray hair ensuring the growth of dark and healthy hair again.

10. Effective for Hand and Nails

Like hair and skin, you hand and nails need nourishment as well. Since vitamin E is known to moisturize your skin, it can keep your hands smooth and flawless. Vitamin E is a safe way to restore trans-epidermal water loss to your skin. You can apply vitamin E combined with your regular lotion to your dry hands for amazing results. Also, for stronger and healthy nails, beauticians recommend soaking nails into vitamin E essential oil regularly.

11. It Protects Consumed Nutrients

No doubt, consuming nutrients keep your body active and energized. But protecting these nutrients from any damage is even important. For this purpose, experts urge people to consume vitamin E in a decent quantity. It repairs body cells and works as a shield against free radicals to protect them. Once these nutrients are safely stored in your body, they perform better making body organs healthy.

Bottom Line

The health benefits of vitamin E are surely jaw-dropping. It truly unbelievable how a substance can do wonders for your health. Start consuming food containing vitamin E and embrace a healthy life.

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