12 Amazing Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil benefits includes helping reducing the frequency of spasms, removing toxins from the body because of it diuretic properties, help manage seborrheic dermatitis, help treat symptoms of respiratory disease, help reduce infection and fight microbes, and act as a natural astringent. Other benefits includes promoting hair growth, promoting restful sleep, treating fungal infections, promoting healthy metabolism, helping with menstrual cycle and acting as a natural body odor neutralizer.

What is Cedarwood Essential Oil?

Cedarwood essential oil is known by many people worldwide, especially for its amazing aroma. It is extracted by steam distillation from the needles of the cedar wood tree, native to places with year round cold climates. The Cedarwood essential oil has been mentioned a few times in ancient biblical history as a symbol of protection, and in Egypt, it was a cheaper method used in traditional medicine for the purpose of embalming. The Juniperus virginiana oil as it is scientifically referred to, is now widely appreciated for its medicinal properties. This essential oil has found application in a lot of different ways to cure ailments ranging from joint inflammation, to respiratory disorders and much more.

12 Amazing Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

12 Amazing Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

1. Can Help Reduce The Frequency Of Spasms

Involuntary contractions could be the result of an underlying medical condition, which may turn out to be life-threatening if not checked. The relief of nearly all types of spasms caused by a number of different factors may be completely relieved with the use of the Cedarwood essential oil. The medicinal property of the Cedarwood essential oil  make it effective in taking care of  abnormal spasms affecting skeletal muscle, nerve junctures, intestinal smooth muscle and even the cardiac muscle of the heart, thus, promoting better muscle movement and co-ordination, and predictive function of the various muscle subgroups.

2. It Has Diuretic Properties

Diuretics help to increase salt and water expulsion via urine, and are designed to treat conditions such as high blood pressure by decreasing the fluid volume of the blood. The role of Cedarwood essential oil as a diuretic may help increase urine frequency so that excess of sodium ions, water and toxins are removed from the body to ensure blood vessel pressure is normalized, and support kidney function in the process. Excessive water retention also adversely affects the health of joints and lower extremities.

3. Can Help Manage Seborrheic Dermatitis

When there is a malfunction in the sebaceous glands of the skin, a disease condition known as seborrhea, or seborrheic dermatitis results, and is typically caused by increased levels of sebum production which affects the surface skin cells. This condition has been linked to the nervous and immune system damage, however, Cedarwood essential oil can help stop the spread of dermatitis on the skin and scalp and may help normalize the secretion of sebum so that peeling of the skin due to inflammation is prevented or reduced.

4. Helps Treat Symptoms Of Respiratory Disease

Cedarwood essential oil has functions that make it a good expectorant, helping to alleviate irritation from congestion due to excessive mucus production, or to coughs and colds. It also helps to clear congested nasal passages and assists in dilation of the bronchioles, allowing an easier time breathing. This benefit is particularly important to asthmatics or anyone that suffers from chronic respiratory disease. 

5. Is A Natural Anti-Septic

Antiseptic agents fight microbes and help reduce infections, and could either be bacteriostatic or bactericidal in nature. A natural essential oil that may have antiseptic properties is the Cedarwood essential oil, which can assist the body by helping to heal wounds, preventing them from becoming infected, or from becoming septic if already infected. For this reason, it is believed to have a dual action bacteriostatic (stopping growth) and bactericidal (bacteria killing) action. When applied topically, it may help prevent bacteria from depositing on open wounds and may be added to other antiseptic formulas for greater benefit. In addition to functioning as an effective antiseptic, Cedarwood essential oil may help to rid the body of toxins and provide support to the immune system.

6. Is A Natural Astringent

Astringents are applied after cleansing the skin in order to shrink tissues and reduce secretions. Cedarwood essential oil may help tone the body, reduce inflamed gums and can prevent bleeding from the gums. In addition to these properties, it may be a useful adjuvant in treating hemorrhoids, which are swollen vessels in the perineal area. Used in conjunction with witch hazel, Cedarwood oil can help relieve inflammation and associated pain.

7. Can Promote Hair Growth

When the hair follicles are properly stimulated, healthy hair growth occurs like clockwork. A regular application of Cedarwood essential oil may increase the circulation of blood to the scalp, so that hair follicles do not lack oxygen and nutrients for optimal hair growth. The Cedarwood essential oil may be combined with other hair healthy oils like lavender and rosemary for synergistic hair growth benefits, and to reduce likelihood of inflammatory scalp disease.

8. Promotes Restful Sleep

Sleep quality is an indicator of health, making it important to sleep well at night. However, it may sometimes be difficult to fall asleep, ultimately leading to severe consequences. Luckily, Cedarwood essential oil may have a sedative effect on the body. Its actions on the body help to soothe and calm the mind without causing excessive daytime drowsiness, or other untoward effects. Had a stressful day and just need something to unwind? Cedarwood essential is helps to reduce cortisol secretion, and boost brain levels of serotonin, along you peace of mind and tranquility.

9. Helps Treat Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are very common and affect a large number of people each year, however, Cedarwood essential oil can help eliminate the fungi that cause the most common infections. Fungal infections are largely opportunistic in nature, in the sense that they sense when the immune system is vulnerable and take the opportunity to rapidly spread and result in disease. Cedarwood essential oil can either be applied topically to affected areas if the fungi is of an external origin, or can be consumed to treat more serious infections. If Cedarwood essential oil does not make a significant enough dent to bolster recovery, please don’t hesitate to contact your physician.

10. Promotes A Healthy Metabolism

Chemical reactions that occur at the cellular level that drive life, knows as our metabolism, and must take place for our survival as a species. Regular consumption of Cedarwood essential oil helps to ensure that these processes are optimizes, including at the level of hormone secretion and macronutrient breakdown and absorption. As a bonus side effect, weight loss is a usual accompaniment to increasing metabolism, giving you incentive to improving your metabolism.

11. Helps With The Menstrual Cycle

In the majority of women, menstruation lasts anywhere between 3-7 days. However, there are cases when bleeding occurs for substantially longer periods of time, resulting in serious possible consequences, including anemia. Cedarwood essential oil may help to normalize these bleeding periods, by helping to ensure hormonal changes fall within ranges during this time. In turn, Cedarwood can also be said to have beneficial effects on the associated symptoms as well such as mood changes, bloating and pain.

12. Natural Body Odor Neutralizer

The warm woody aroma of the Cedarwood essential oil may help to eliminate body odor and restore your confidence. When added to other essential oil, it may further enhance the aroma and add a warm hue, with it being easy to even make into home-made body sprays or perfumes. A large part of its actions is believed sue to the bacteria suppressing effects it possesses; helping reduce their smelly metabolic byproducts and bacterial density itself.


Cedarwood essential oil may be great to add to your medicine cupboard as it possesses not only physical but psychologic benefits which ultimately contributes to the wellbeing of the body. It is generally hypoallergenic, and agreeable with most people that use it, giving it great utility as a natural health aid.

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