12 Amazing Health Benefits of Raspberry Juice

Raspberry Juice health benefits includes promoting health heart, supporting weight loss, supporting bone health, supporting eye health, relieving pains, healing wounds and preventing cancer. Other benefits includes strengthening immune system, slowing down aging process, enhancing the skin, fighting diabetes and improving digestion.

No diet is complete without some fresh fruit. Fruits contain many essential nutrients that you cannot get from regular food. For some reason these juicy, colorful and tasty natural treats are under-consumed. You can change that by adding some fruits like raspberries to your diet, and if you are not in the mood for eating it whole, you can always make a yummy juice out of them. Raspberries are a mid-summer crop, but with technological advances, these fruits are now available around the year.

Raspberries have a long history. They are said to have originated in Asia, but some types are native to the USA. The first mention of raspberries in literature was in 1548. They were later grown in Europe and America in the 19th century. Raspberries can be consumed in many different ways such as a smoothie, in a tea, you can mix them in your porridge and yogurt. While raspberry jams are also very tasty but eating them, raw or making a fresh juice is always better.

There are many ways through which you can make raspberry juice at home. A quick search will lead you to various recipes. An easy way is to blend one cup of raspberries with a cube of ice and a teaspoon of honey. Pour into a glass and enjoy. You can add lemon juice and mint if you like the taste. There is even a recipe where you can add a banana to it. It all depends on your taste and what you like.

Nutrition Value of Raspberries

A cup of raspberries contains:

Vitamin A                     40.6IU
Vitamin C                     32.2mg
Vitamin E                      1.1mg
Vitamin                        K9.6mcg
Niacin                          0.7mg
Vitamin B6                   0.1mg
Vitamin B                     60.1mg
Folate                          25.8mcg
Vitamin B                     120.0mcg
Pantothenic Acid          0.4mg
Choline                        15.1
Calcium                        30.7mg
Iron                              0.8mg
Magnesium                  27.1mg
Phosphorus                  35.7mg
Potassium                    186mg
Sodium                        1.2mg
Zinc                              0.5mg
Copper                         0.1mg
Manganese                   0.8mg

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Raspberry Juice

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Raspberry Juice

There are many benefits of consuming raspberry juice. Since you are not peeling its skin off, as we do with apples, the juice retains all the nutrients of the fresh fruit. This tasty beverage is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese, Gallic Acid, Anti-oxidants, and Fiber. These nutrients can help us lead a healthy lifestyle. We have listed just a few amazing benefits of including raspberry juice to your diet:

1. Promotes Heart

Raspberries bring down inflammation and decrease the load off of your hearts. They also contain anthocyanins which have a calming effect on your heart. The nutrients in this fruit can also thin down the blood, making it easier for the heart to pump it all around the body. This way it improves your cardiovascular system and can help prevent heart attacks in the future,

2. Helps in Weight Loss

Raspberries can boost up your metabolism. The fiber in it can make you feel full for a long time, preventing hunger pangs. They also contain magnesium, which melts away the excess fat on your body. This delicate fruit is low in calories and has high nutritional value. So you can stop worrying about not meeting your daily nutritional quota.

3. Good for Your Bones

Raspberries promote skeletal health as they contain a lot of calcium in them. Most of your calcium is stored in your bones, and the calcium is released into your bodies whenever it is required.  The vitamin B, C, and K in it also maintain good bone health. It also relieves inflammation and swelling. Therefore, if you have arthritis including Raspberries in your diet can work wonders.

4. Good for Your Eyes

Raspberries contain nutrients that produce health glands in the eyes. The keep them from getting dry. Dry eyes can be very bad for your sight. Moreover, it prevents ailments like Macular degeneration. It is an age-related condition that affects your eyes. It damages the retina and affects the midpoint of the visual field.

5. Relieves Pain

These tiny red berries can be considered as natural painkillers. The anti-inflammatory components in them reduce pain caused by Gout and Arthritis.

6. Helps Healing Wounds

The vitamin C in Raspberry Juice can help heal wound and burns. Including them regularly can increase the rate of blood clotting. It helps the body heal faster and maintain healthy levels of hormones. It helps in forming blood clots faster.

7. Prevents Cancer

Raspberry Juice contain an ant-oxidant known as ellagic acid. It is a compound that helps fight cancer. Eating them regularly can help you stay healthy and prevent cancer. This super berry causes the cancer cells to self-destruct and keeps your system healthy. It is always good to know what kind of food can slow down and increase the pace of cancer cells forming. Before making any decision always consult your doctor.

8. Strengthens Immune System

They strengthen your immune system by improving the body’s ability to counter diseases. The body becomes faster at responding to allergens and bacteria, preventing many diseases. The vitamin C and manganese in it works against oxygen-related damage.

9. Anti-Aging

The oil from red raspberries can be used as a sunscreen, but it has miraculous anti-aging properties. Using it regularly can keep your skin firm and healthy.

10. Good for Your Skin

The ellagic acid in raspberries prevents lung, bladder, esophagus and skin cancer. The dryness and itching of your skin can be lessened through these berries. The nutrients in these berries keep your hair skin and nails healthy. Many skin care products include oils from raspberries because of its amazing abilities.

11. Helps Fight Diabetes

Raspberry Juice help regulate the insulin in your body. They don’t have a lot of carbohydrates but are packed with fiber. They help take fats away from the heart and keeps your cholesterol in check. It also slows down blood sugar rise. So, if you are at risk of diabetes, eat these berries regularly.

12. Improves Digestion

Raspberry Juice is rich in fiber and manganese. These nutrients can slow digestion, so you feel full for a long time. They also increase the metabolic rates of your body. Hence, faster weight loss.


Raspberries are a very good option if you are looking out for your health. They are good for your heart, skin, hair, digestion, bones and your immune system. They are especially good for women when they are pregnant or lactating. Herbalists say that women who consume raspberry tea during pregnancy face lesser issues during labor. Even the leaves from it can help you better your health. Even though there is no reason for you to not include this amazing fruit in your diet, consulting a specialist is always a good idea.

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