13 Amazing Benefits of Cilantro or Coriander

Cilantro or Coriander health benefits includes reducing cholesterol level, helping heal mouth ulcers, helps manage blood pressure, helps reduce allergen sensitivity, help safeguard you from food poisoning, stimulates digestion and helps reduce menstrual pain. Other benefits includes promoting eye health, assist in diabetes management, promotes removal of heavy metals from the body, promote good sleep, help treat urinary tract infection and helps relieve pain and inflammation

What is Cilantro or Coriander?

Cilantro, also known as coriander, or Chinese parsley, is an extremely popular herb used throughout the world and renowned for its unique flavor and more recently, the positive benefits it has on health.

Known by the scientific name Coriandrum Sativum L, and belonging to the family Apiaceae (which included other plants such as carrots) cilantro is cultivated all over the world, in some cases making it difficult to determine exactly where it is “native”. However, the earliest evidence of cilantro cultivation was found in Egypt, where is was found in the tomb of King Tut. It is likely to have originated somewhere else, however, as it does not grow wild in Egypt (hence, the term cultivation). It appears to have been subsequently introduced into North America in the 17th century.

This is, of course, to our benefit, as it means that we can now enjoy all that this versatile herb has to offer.

Nutrition Info (20g, about 9 sprigs)

Total Carbohydrate-0.7g
Dietary Fiber-0.6g 2% RDA
Vitamin A-1350IU 27% RDA
Vitamin C-5mg 9% RDA
Vitamin E-0.5mg 3% RDA
Vitamin K-62.0mcg 78% RDA
Niacin-0.2mg 1% RDA
Folate12.4-mcg 3% RDA
Pantothenic Acid-0.1mg 1% RDA
Calcium-13.4mg 1% RDA
Iron-0.4mg 2% RDA
Magnesium-5.2mg 1% RDA
Phosphorus-9.6mg 1% RDA
Potassium-104mg 3% RDA
Zinc-0.1mg 1% RDA
Manganese-0.1mg 4% RDA

13 Amazing Benefits of Cilantro or Coriander

Cilantro herbs

1. Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Coriander contains fatty acids such as linoleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid, which can play a role in reducing blood cholesterol. They also help to prevent fatty acid accumulation on the insides of blood vessel walls, reducing the impact atherosclerosis can have on the circulatory system. The presence of Vitamin C also reduces oxidation of cholesterol on the blood vessel walls, which makes plaques resistant to removal. Finally, cilantro can help to boost levels of the good cholesterol, HDL, helping keep an ideal ratio.

2. Help Heal Mouth Ulcers

One of the essential oils contained in cilantro, citronelol, possesses anti-septic properties which keeps mouth ulcers from worsening due to bacterial overgrowth. Many all natural mouth washes and toothpastes use this as an ingredient as its benefits on oral hygiene are well-established.

3. Helps Manage Blood Pressure

Consumption of cilantro is associated with improved blood pressure, thanks to the likely interaction of calcium ions and acetylcholine. Their interaction helps promote vasodilation of blood vessels, and when combined with potassium rich foods, offers an effective natural combination for managing blood pressure.

4. Helps Reduce Allergen Sensitivity

Cilantro has been found to have anti-histaminic properties, being able to reduce the impact of seasonal allergens on the immune system. Traditionally, cilantro has been used by some cultures to reduce allergic response following accidental exposure to poisonous or highly allergenic plants in the wild. Today, regular consumption of cilantro can be used to reduce allergic response or to even ease symptoms of rhinitis (such as runny nose, sneezing and congestion).

5. Help Safeguard You From Food Poisoning

One of the major causes of food poisoning is the bacteria salmonella, which festers as food nears spoilage, or when prepared under unsanitary conditions. This is thanks to the presence of a compound known as dodecanal, which possess anti-bacterial potential that is claimed to be almost twice as strong as the recommended anti-biotic therapy. Though we are not advising you do this in place of your doctor’s recommendation, preparing food with cilantro can help stall the growth of this bacteria, and preserve food for a longer period of time.

6. Stimulates Digestion

The aroma of cilantro causes a brain response that stimulates production of enzymes and chemicals involved in digestion of food. This starts in the mouth, and goes through the stomach and intestines. Cilantro is able to treat occasional indigestion and reduce colic, so it makes sense to add it to more meals.

7. Can Reduce Menstrual Pain

Cilantro can help relieve spasms of the uterus during the menstrual cycle, and can help regulate hormonal secretion at this time. This ensures shorter duration of the cycle, and improves regularity.

8. Promotes Eye Health

Cilantro is rich in anti-oxidants and phytocompounds which can reduce the impact of oxidative damage and preserve vision. It also decreases progression of macular degeneration and can preserve vision well into old age.

9. Assist In Diabetes Management

Cilantro possesses endocrine stimulating effects, among them being increased insulin secretion. This could help manage blood glucose levels, if insulin sensitivity has not already deteriorated significantly. Regardless, it has a low inherent glycemic index and makes your food more nutritious, so it should be consumed regardless of if it directly improves insulin production or not.

10. Promotes Removal Of Heavy Metals From The Body

Heavy metals are those metals such as mercury, lead and aluminum, which may become accumulated in body tissue as a result of exposure of frequent contact. These heavy metals are not beneficial, and are associated with many adverse health effects, ranging from heart disease to neurological disorders.

Cilantro can help to bind and promote removal of these toxic metals from the body in a timely fashion, as it is important that they be eliminated.

11. Can Promote Sleep

Though we typically don’t consume large amount of this herb at once, studies have found that large dose consumption delivers results that rival the prescription medication Diazepam. Cilantro also possess anti-anxiety effects, helping calm you and promoting restful sleep.

12. Help Prevent/ Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Cilantro possesses many compounds with anti-bacterial properties, which can help control a broad spectrum of microbes. These include bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, and when used at the onset of symptoms can help remedy it. The leaves can be used, or the seeds soaked in water and consumed in some yogurt or blended in a smoothie.

13. Help Relieve Pain And Inflammation

There is growing evidence that it has great potential in treating rheumatic diseases and joint pain. It is possible that cilantro delivers results via a mechanism similar to powerful pain medications, as drugs that block the actions of these medications (the opiates) also eliminate cilantro’s beneficial effects. Plus, cilantro is absent of the effects that makes these drugs very dangerous, paving the way for its use to be standardized very soon.

Cilantro Recipes

Cilantro Health Benefits

Cilantro Ginger Infused Water

Want a recipe without actual cooking? Cilantro ginger water is an easy way to get both of these nutrition and health superfoods without the hassle of cooking. You can either simply crush a few leaves and a small piece of ginger and add to iced water, or you can add a sprig or two of cilantro along with a small piece of ginger root and enjoy. Alternatively, you can just blend them together into a smoothie if you prefer to mix with some fruits of your choice.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes With Cilantro Garnish

Grilled sweet potatoes are extremely delicious and health on their own, but when combined with cilantro and some extra virgin olive oil it becomes even better.

Salmon Burgers With Cilantro

Ground salmon is an excellent beef burger substitute, but becomes even better if enhanced with cilantro. Though cooking cilantro at high temperatures is usually not advised, short duration preparation should not negatively alter its nutritional profile. Grind the cilantro leaves in a mortar and pestle and mix into your salmon meat along with other herbs and spices and make for a powerful dinner!

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