11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pistachios

Pistachios health benefits includes preserving blood vessel health, stabilizing blood glucose levels, improving health of the heart, reducing incidence of macular degeneration, provide a gut friendly option, help maintain skin health, support the health of the nervous system, can boost sex drive, help raise red blood cell count, reduce risk of skin cancer, and promote growth of lush hair.

What are Pistachios?

Pistachios are among the healthiest of nuts, yet they are scarcely consumed as often as they should be. They are often overlooked with almonds or peanuts, even though they possess unique properties and benefits for health that make them indispensable. They have a mildly sweet taste and are excellent options for snacks, as they fill you up fast and are nutrient rich.

If you know that you haven’t been consuming pistachios as often as you should, it is a great time to start increasing your intake now, as you are likely to observe benefits over the medium to long term.

Nutrition Facts Per 100g Serving Size

Pistachios are nutritional powerhouses that have a large variety of essential vitamins and minerals that help everything from the health of your skin to the health of your gut. They are, however, extremely calorie dense and can result in you putting on weight if you are not careful. Regardless, that is not a good enough reason to avoid them, as their benefits far outweigh any potential adverse effects. A few pistachio nuts consumed daily is recommended, and a formula for good health.


11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pistachios

Pistachios health benefits

1. Pistachios Help Preserve Blood Vessel Health

High blood pressure has many causes, among them being inflexibility of the blood vessels. Pistachios, however, help to control blood pressure as a result of this cause by reducing blood vessel stiffness and allowing them to dilate (or relax) whenever it is necessary. Pistachios are rich in the amino acid L-arginine, which in itself promotes vasodilation of the blood vessels, but what is more interesting is the fact that consistent consumption of pistachios boosts many different EDRFs (endothelium derived relaxation factors), including nitric oxide levels that promote the health of the blood vessels. Being flexible also reduces likelihood of damage due to atherosclerosis.

2. Help Stabilize Blood Glucose Levels

Though pistachios have moderate levels of carbohydrates in them, they are fortified with more than what is necessary to slow the absorption of it as glucose. For one, it has tons of protein, fat and fiber, all of which slow the glucose absorption process and insulin response. Plus, pistachios have lots of antioxidants in them which can help to preserve function of the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.

3. Pistachio Improve Health Of The Heart

Many people do not appreciate the fact that fats do indeed boost the health of the heart, especially those that are unsaturated. Pistachios are rich in both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which help to reduce LDL cholesterol levels and improve your overall cholesterol profile. The presence of plant sterols and numerous anti-oxidants also help to maintain the health of the heart.

4. Reduce Incidence Of Macular Degeneration

Age related macular degeneration is experienced by millions of people across the globe, being accepted by those that experience it; although this does not have to be the case. There exists the carotenoid anti-oxidants, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which are associated with significantly decrease risk following regular consumption. Pistachios are rich in these carotenoids antioxidants helping you preserve your eye health for as long as possible.

5. Pistachios Are Gut Friendly

Foods that support the health of our gut bacteria are extremely important to prevent illness and ensuring we absorb as much nutrition from food as possible. In pistachios, this preferred food source comes in the form of soluble fiber, which the bacteria living in the intestines are able to metabolize. This fiber helps to increase colonies of good bacteria in the intestines, which is turn reduce risk factors for several diseases such as cancer, gastric ulcers as well as other digestive conditions.

6. Pistachios Help Maintain Skin Health

When aging sets into motion, the skin is one of the first places to see its effects, even though it can sometimes be embarrassing to look old when in fact you are quite young. A large part of that effect could be due to excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun, which can damage skin and leave it looking worn. Pistachio contain Vitamin E, which is one of the best and most prescribed vitamins for preserving skin health. Vitamin E reflects some amount of UV radiation helping to also suppress the amount of damage the skin can experience.

7. Support The Health Of The Nervous System

The nervous system surprisingly does not get a lot of love, even though its impotence cannot be overstated. The nervous system facilitates communication between all parts of the body, but can be subject to damage like everything else. Luckily, pistachios are here to help. They are rich in in Vitamin B6, which is an essential factor in proper protein metabolism. Protein metabolism needs to be in tune in order to form the myelin sheath surrounding nerve fibers. This myelin sheath ensure conduction of electrical impulses make their way to their intended targets and do not lose conduction.

8. Pistachios Can Boost Sex Drive

Many times the cause of low sex drive can be related to something as simple as not getting enough fat in the diet. In particular, is saturated fat, which pistachios contain but not in overwhelming quantities. Testosterone is the primary determinant of sex drive and requires fat and cholesterol for production. Saturated fat lends itself to cholesterol which then translates to increased production of this key hormone. The presence of selenium and zinc also help with testosterone production, especially in men.

9. Pistachios Help Raise Red Blood Cell Count

When it comes to raising red blood cell count or treating anemia, a holistic approach is needed to achieve it. Pistachios contain fair amounts of iron and substantial levels of copper, which is a rarely discussed but very important factor determining iron absorption. Vitamin C also goes a long way to ensure the iron ingested is actually used, so be sure to have a few pistachios to support your blood building efforts.

10. Reduce The Risk Of Skin Cancer

Many cases of skin cancer is precipitated by excessive sun exposure, which causes unwanted mutations to occur in skin cells. While sun block is good, it only lasts for a limited duration after which you are left vulnerable once more. Pistachios contain protective Vitamin E in the form of gamma tocopherol, which blocks penetration of the harmful UV rays into the skin where they cause damage. Vitamin E also helps safeguard cell membranes from effects of UV damage and dehydration, helping fortify the health of the cells. The best insurance you can take out is to consume more pistachios- they are delicious after all, so why not?

11. Pistachios Promote Growth Of Lush Hair

The growth of lush hair requires a steady supply of multiple vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and biotin. Pistachios contain both of these nutrients as well as the circulation enhancing amino acid L-arginine. A common cause of hair loss is poor blood flow to the hair follicles, which makes all the nutrients in the world useless. Adequate supply of nutrients also supports normal hair growth cycles

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