13 Amazing Benefits of Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Oil health benefits include supporting digestion, relieving cramps, balancing hormones, managing depression, treating insomnia, reducing cortisol and relieving stress, fighting bacteria, preventing acne, managing blood pressure, treating asthma, supporting eye health, and supporting healthy hair.

What is Clary Sage Oil?

Clary sage is an herb that is cultivated in the temperate regions of Russia. Moreover, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Italy are one of its top exporters. Clary sage oil is one of the most expensive and luxurious oils among essential oils.

The flowers may vary in colors, from lilac to a deep purple. Clary sage oil has been in medicinal use since the middle ages and is known for its carminative properties. It was used by midwives to induce labor and also to relieve gynecological problems.

Clary sage has been widely used to treat eye health complications and was often referred to in ancient medicine as the “clear eye herb”. The extraction of the essential oil begins at the end of the blooming seasons from the leaves and flowers of the plant.

It is related to the common garden sage plant, but has a slightly different chemical composition. It is also called the “muscatel oil” as it is used to flavor the muscatel wine. The chemical constituents of clary sage essential oil are alpha-terpinol, linalyl acetate, neryl acetate, germacrene and sclareol. Here are a few reasons to incorporate clary sage oil into your lifestyle.

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Clary Sage Oil

13 Amazing Benefits of Clary sage Oil

1. Healthy Digestion

It can be applied topically over the abdomen to increase the flow of digestive juices and revive the health of the colon. Clary sage oil also aids adequate bowel movements that ensure the digestive system is running smoothly and absorbing enough nutrients for the body to function. Of course, a healthy diet is necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system, but clary sage essential oil acts as an aid for sustaining overall gut health. Clary sage oil can be added to oils like coconut or mustard oil and applied straight to the abdomen to reduce convulsions.

2. Relieves Cramps

The antispasmodic traits of clary sage oil are very useful in relieving cramps that may occur due to PMS or any other stomach ailment. A circular massage with clary sage oil added  jojoba, coconut or argan oil can be very beneficial in calming the cramps immediately and soothing the condition. In such cases, clary sage tea is also a remedy.

3. Balancing Hormones

Hormonal disbalance can cause many serious health issues in women. Excessive weight gain and failure to conceive are a few of the effects that it can have on the body. It also causes severe postmenopausal depression in women. Clary sage oil has a balancing effect on the hormones as it exhibits estrogen balancing traits. It is useful in regulating the levels of TSH, which are thyroid hormones. This benefit can best be reaped by adding a few drops to a diffuser at night and breathing in the air for 30 to 45 minutes. It has relaxing properties and may cause dizziness.

4. Manage Depression

Depression can be crippling. People who suffer from depression are often unable to calm down or think clearly. This can lead to signs of bipolar or suicidal behaviors. Calming techniques are necessary to be used while dealing with a depression sufferer. Clary sage oil has calming and relaxing properties that clarify the mind and induce brain activity – that alleviating your mood. Adding a few drops to your diffuser at night before you sleep or after taking a refreshing bath at night can be very beneficial. A blend made with ylang-ylang oil and clary sage essential oil is the ideal duo that relieves anxiety and depression immediately. Doing this regularly is recommended to keep the depression in check.

5. Insomnia Treatment

There are many conventional medications that are considered historical breakthroughs to eliminate the effects of insomnia; however, they are not the best for your liver health. Clary sage essential oil has proven to calm and relaxing properties that can clear your mind and help you wind down after a hectic day. It induces sleep and is much more beneficial than adding a sleeping pill to your routine.

6. Reducing Cortisol and Relieving Stress

The human body tends to produce excessive amounts of cortisol when it is stressed to manage blood pressure and protect the heart. This is damaging to the overall health of the body and can cause severe nerve damage that leads to many stress-related problems. Adding clary sage oil and clary sage tea to your routine is very beneficial to manage the cortisol levels in the body. A hot bath before bed with a few drops of clary sage oil is also recommended to reduce stress.

7. Fight Bacteria

Clary sage oil has antimicrobial properties that can eliminate the harmful bacteria from the digestive tract and eliminate gases as well. It reduces inflammation in the gut and promotes a healthy intestinal tract.

8. Prevent Acne

Clary sage oil has sebum controlling properties which help prevent acne. Clary sage oil has anti-inflammatory, calming and antiseptic properties that are very useful in reducing breakouts. Clary sage oil can be added to your skin care routine by applying it topically with carrier oil after washing your face.

9. Manage Blood Pressure

Clary sage oil relaxes the arteries and also promotes oxygenation in the blood, which leads to a controlled flow of blood. Relaxed veins and muscles are ideal for maintaining a moderate flow to and from the heart. Clary sage oil reduces the chances of bad heart health by managing the blood pressure in the body.

10. Asthma Treatment

Clary sage oil can be used in treating the symptoms or asthma and other respiratory issues by adding it to a steam bath or a diffuser along with lavender essential oil to calm and clear the sinuses and improve breathing.

11. Antispasmodic

Spasms can have very adverse side effects and in some cases are prerequisites of seizures. Clary sage oil has antispasmodic properties that can be utilized to calm cramps, stomach cramps and relax brain nerves. This lowers the risk of experiencing a seizure.

12. Eyes

Clary sage oil has been a part of medicine for centuries and is referred to as the eye clarifying oil. Adding a few drops to hot water and taking a steam or dampening a cloth and then placing it over the eyes will clean the eyes and get rid of infections and bacteria.

13. Healthy Hair

Rosemary oil and clary sage oil make an excellent deep conditioning treatment for hair when used together. The best way to apply this is massaging it in your roots lightly when you have freshly showered. This will lock in the moisture in the hair follicles and result in long healthy hair.

In a Nutshell

Clary sage oil is one of our top picks for treating anxiety, depression and promoting a healthy digestive system. It is also very useful in calming sore muscle and eliminating body odor.

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