13 Health Benefits of Spruce Essential Oil

Spruce Essential Oil benefits includes helping boost emotional well-being, relieving muscle pain, relieving difficulty in breathing, helping balance body hormones, preventing titanic muscle contractions and speeding up wound healing process. Other benefits includes preventing stomach inflammation, relaxing the body and aiding sleep, improving brain function, reducing and preventing yeast infection, improving the immune system function and promoting hair growth.

What is Spruce Essential Oil?

Spruce essential oil is derived from the leaves of the spruce tree using steam distillation techniques. The spruce tree grows mainly in the northern regions of North America, but may be seen in other parts of the world, such as in Sweden and other cold European regions. There are so many species of spruce but the most common is the Black spruce, referred to scientifically as Picea mariana, best known for its production of healthy oils. The spruce essential oil was used by Native Americans in meditation sessions for its calming and cleansing effect, to make ointments to treat skin problems, and as a disinfecting agent for cleaning.

13 Health Benefits of Spruce Essential Oil

13 Health Benefits of Spruce Essential Oil

1. May Help Boost Emotional Well-Being

Some of the constituents of spruce essential oil have a stimulating and calming effect on the nerves. It may help boost the energy level of an individual who is feeling sluggish and depressed via its stimulating scent. When used, the spruce essential oil may assist in clearing emotional clutter and help an individual feel better. It is able to do this thanks to the presence of its monoterpenes, which also make spruce essential oil perfect when used during yoga or meditation to help relax the body, providing a fresh and restorative feeling.

2. May Help Relieve Muscle Pain

Muscle pain and sore joints are extremely common and have been experienced by most persons in their lifetime, with the major cause linked to stress, overuse, or some form of medical condition. Spruce essential oil may be used on its own, or in combination with other oils to massage the part of the body where the pain is felt as it may support blood flow to the aching muscle and joints and help ease the pain, by promoting removal of accumulated metabolic byproducts at the local site.

3. Help Relieve Difficulty In Breathing

Having a cough or cold can be a major source of inconvenience to physical activities as well as to others. In other to effectively treat a cough, spruce essential oil may be helpful since it can act as an expectorant, which loosens mucus by increasing the water content so that it can be easily expelled from the body allowing easier respiration. With regular inhalation, the spruce essential oil may cure bronchial congestion and relieve tightness in the chest by using its monoterpenes, so that there is no difficulty in breathing.

4. Promote Balancing Of Hormones

Hormonal imbalances may trigger chronic ailments including loss of libido and weight gain, but by using spruce essential oil, you can help balance hormonal levels so that the body functions optimally. This is largely due to the presence of high amounts of terpenoid compounds that promote hormonal equilibrium by affecting the adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands, so that the body is provided with energy to carry out work. Spruce essential oil may also be effective in regulating over secretion of the hormone in the thyroid gland thus preventing hyperthyroidism and symptoms on the opposite end of the spectrum.

5. May Help Prevent Tetanic Muscle Contractions

Involuntary muscle contractions or muscle tetany can cause pain if not treated and is usually as a result of some chronic disease, or increase in the frequency of contraction of nerves supplying a particular muscle. Spruce essential oil may help prevent tetanic muscle contractions and reduce any pain that may result and is even recommended to relieve minor sprains and muscle spasms with no apparent cause. Muscle tetany is typically the characteristic of a nerve disorder.

6. Speed Up Wound Healing Process

Tissue injury to muscles and ligament often occur as a result of sprains or strains, and must be treated to restore normal body function. The wound healing process is natural and necessary to restore damaged tissue and one natural oil that has been used for a long time to treat wounds and speed up the wound healing process is the spruce essential oil. It is also effective in preventing wounds from getting an infection if penetrating trauma has occurred, and can be massaged into the wound or even in aromatherapy because of its soothing, relaxing actions of nerve sensitivity.

7. Help Prevent Stomach Inflammation

Gastritis affects causes more than one hundred thousand new cases per year, and may be caused by bacterial infection or other chronic diseases such as Crohn’s disease. Treatment of stomach inflammation may be achieved by avoiding certain foods or by using spruce essential oil. When spruce essential oil is consumed in the diet, it may be able to provide quick relief from stomach inflammation as well as heartburn or stomach pain that typically accompany the disorder. Spruce essential oil is also anti-inflammatory by nature.

8. May Help Initiate Sleep

Depression is characterized by a loss of interest in activities and may even trigger the occurrence of certain other psychological diseases. Spruce essential oil may provide a calming effect that helps the body relax and sleep, which can be attributed to its monoterpene content. This oil may be the solution to stress and anxiety and is good for persons prone to depression to help improve the mood and provide an increase in motivational energy.

9. May Improve Brain Functioning

Living a healthy life is typically linked to proper brain functioning, as it governs and is indicative of overall body functions. When there is a reduction of performance by the brain, it may result in memory loss and a decrease in cognitive function. One natural way to improve brain function is to add spruce essential oil to the diet, as it may be beneficial in improving the brain power which will, in turn, improve memory and concentration level as well as decrease the risk of brain related neuro-degenerative diseases occurring.

10. Help Reduce and Prevent Yeast Infections

Under normal circumstances, the immune system inhibits opportunistic fungi, preventing their overgrowth and infections causing ability. However, under specific circumstances when the immune system is compromised, including the period following illness or use of anti-biotics, yeast can rapidly multiply and cause uncomfortable infections in the vaginal mucosa, and even mouth and skin in especially immune compromised individuals. Spruce essential oil has anti-mycotic properties which compromise the cell walls of the fungi, causing them to rupture and die.

11. Improve The Immune System Function

The immune system is responsible for maintaining the health of the body by fighting against diseases, occasionally needing assistance to function properly. Spruce essential oil may be used to boost immune system function by not only supporting the immune system, but it is capable of protecting the cells from attack by bacterial and fungal pathogens.

12. May Help Hair Growth

The regular use of spruce essential oil may initiate steady hair growth and provide a way to properly care for your hair by eliminating hair problems such as dandruff and hair thinning. When used regularly, it may even boost blood flow to the scalp and follicles, a critical component in determining if hair growth will be successful.

13. May Help Boost Testosterone Levels

In line with its hormone regulating effects is its ability to boost testosterone. This could likely be due to suppression of cortisol, which by itself is a limiting factor on testosterone production. There are claims that consumption of 8 drops of standardized spruce oil can result in up to 30% increase in testosterone over a few short weeks.


Spruce trees are arguably amongst the oldest plants on earth, likely having within them some of nature’s hidden remedies. It is very safe for regular consumption, so don’t skimp on this versatile and beneficial oil.

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