15 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

Nowadays, people are increasingly looking for simpler ways to remain healthy. Although there’s no solution that will work at the drop of the hat, warm lemon water comes pretty close. Easy to prepare, this tonic will provide more benefits than you can keep up with so there’s no excuse to not drink it.

What is Warm Lemon Water?

Well, the heading is self-explanatory, it’s lemon juice mixed with warm water. But is this its first appearance on the health scene? Absolutely not, ancient Romans were in on the secret about the benefits it provides and had incorporated it into their lifestyles. Warm lemon water has an impressive reputation for being a natural source of electrolytes, a detoxifying agent, and protection against viral and bacterial attacks on the body. If you’re wondering how its nutritional value says it all.

Nutritional Value of Lemon Water (1 Glass)

Nutrients            Amount             %DV

  • Protein 0 g                        4.8%
  • Sugar             0 g                        2.4%
  • Energy             61 Kcal                    N/D
  • Dietary Fiber 0 g                    4%
  • Total Fat 0 g                     0.0%


  • Vitamin C      112 mg                           187%
  • Vitamin E      4 mg                             2%
  • Vitamin B6      1 mg                             5%
  • Thiamin      1 mg                            5%
  • Folate 7 mcg                     8%
  • Potassium      303 mg                           9%
  • Magnesium      6 mg                          4%
  • Copper                    1 mg               4%

15 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

Lemon water

1. Enhances Metabolism

Adding warm lemon water to your morning routine is not only a good way to kick start your day, but it does the same for your metabolism also. This will improve your physical engagement and help you stay active throughout the day.

2. Fresh Breath

It is recommended that you drink warm lemon water in the morning and that too before you brush your teeth. This will reduce the corroding effect that lemon water can have on your teeth and the citrus content in this drink can kill the harmful bacteria that grow in the mouth and cause foul breath. This is because of lemon’s widely known antibacterial and antiviral properties.

3. Prevent Gingivitis and Scurvy

Since the human body can’t produce vitamin C on its own, it’s necessary that it consumes a proper intake of foods that contain it. With a high content of vitamin C, warm lemon water will give the body a good amount and help prevent gum related diseases such as gingivitis and scurvy because they are caused by a deficiency.

4. Detoxifies The Liver For Better Functioning

The liver plays an important role in the body’s functioning since it breaks down complex substances that are consumed by the body such s alcohol. Detoxifying the liver is crucial to its proper functioning and it can be done by regularly drinking warm lemon water. It also prevents accumulation of fat in the liver, which causes fatty liver disease and protects it against toxins.

5. Healthy Hydration For Flushing Out Toxins

Staying hydrated is essential for the body since water is the main constituent of the organs and cells while it is the only agent that properly aids in excretion and egestion processes. Drinking warm lemon water can prevent constipation and maintain a healthy excretion cycle.

6. Provides The Body With Electrolytes

Lemon contains essential minerals such as copper, magnesium, and potassium, which make it a good electrolyte. The presence of electrolytes in the body is important for processes such as muscle contraction and nerve impulses because.

7. Prevent Kidney Stones

Since the refreshing drink provides the body with replenishing hydration, it keeps the kidneys healthy, which are continuously carrying out the filtration process. It will flush out harmful toxins from the kidneys, which would otherwise accumulate and lead to the development of kidney stones.

8. High Level of Potassium

Although the essential mineral potassium is present in a variety of fruits and vegetables and lemons are on the list since they contain an exceptional content. It is instrumental to the body’s processes that are as simple as cell function and as complex as the transmission of nerve signals.

9. Healthier Skin

The vitamin C content in warm lemon water makes it an effective agent for skin rejuvenation. Studies show that a high intake of vitamin C correlates with fewer wrinkles in the future. This is because it fights off harmful radicals, which oxidize the cells and cause them to age quickly. The drink also contains water, which will maintain moisture in the skin cells and prevents against dryness or wrinkles.

10. Aids The Digestive Process

Warm lemon water contains citrus flavonoids, which help the acid in our stomachs to digest food and prevent the uncomfortable symptoms of indigestion. This helping hand for the digestive process becomes necessary when a person is older because as the body ages, the production of acid in the stomach will lessen.

11. Immunity Booster

Warm lemon water is a drink that contains a high amount of vitamin C because of the fresh lemon juice that is used in preparing it. The ascorbic acid is what gives lemons their anti-inflammatory property and helps relieve the discomfort commonly associated with asthma and other respiratory disorders. The antibacterial and antiviral properties in lemon help keep diseases such as the cold and influenza from attacking the body.

12. Encourages Healing Process

The ascorbic acid found in lemons does more than fight off nasty infections; it promotes the wound healing process as well. It is useful for processes in the body such as tissue and bone repair that is necessary for recovery after the body undergoes physical injury.

13. Helps Lose Weight

You can say goodbye to the unwanted weight of your body by drinking warm lemon water regularly. The pectin fiber contained in lemons will help curb your hunger, reduce unnecessary munching and help you stay full. This makes sure that you eat less during mealtime while having a glass of warm lemon water before working out will be a boost to your metabolism, which helps burn fat effectively.

14. Healthy Joints

The lemon juice used to make warm lemon water is beneficial for the removal of uric acid in the body. Uric acid needs to be removed effectively otherwise it risks being deposited in the joints, which can cause arthritic pain.

15. Healthy Heart

Drinking warm lemon water as part of a daily routine can provide the benefit of regulating blood pressure and prevent against surging. Moreover, it protects the heart against the consequences of higher cholesterol levels and maintains the elasticity of the blood vessels to prevent diseases like arteriosclerosis.


To conclude, the benefits of drinking warm lemon water are undeniable and even more so when you consider that it takes very little time to prepare. Every person should take out just five minutes from their day to prepare this healthy drink and make an effort to improve their health. Rest assured they’ll surely feel their mood uplift and energy levels rise.

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