13 Amazing Health Benefits of Tamarind Juice

Tamarind Juice health benefits includes boosting metabolism, supporting stomach health, managing diabetes, maintaining immune system, managing obesity, supporting cardiovascular health and a good source of antioxidants. Other benefits includes fighting inflammation, purifying blood, rejuvenating the skin, supporting eye health, and acting as a laxative.

The sweet and sour tamarind juice can become a natural source to treat various health problems. It contains a high content of nutrients that your body needs regularly. Nutritionists also recommend consuming tamarind juice to ward off eye diseases along with various stomach issues.

What is Tamarind Juice?

The tamarind tree grows fruit that looks like pod containing edible pulp. The latter is utilized for several purposes such as treating health ailments and adding add flavor to many Asian cuisines. The tree grows in a tropical climate and is known as Tamarindus indica. Also, it has become a primary spice for Latin American and Caribbean cuisines as well.

Nutritional Value of Tamarind

100 grams of tamarind pulp contains following nutrients

How to Prepare Tamarind Juice?

Ingredients you need

  • Fresh Tamarind pulp
  • Sugar
  • Lemon wedges
  • Water


  • Remove seeds from the tamarind pulp mix it well with sugar.
  • Pour chilled water.
  • Add freshly cut lemon wedges and ice cubes in the end and give it a nice mix.

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Tamarind Juice

1. It Boosts Metabolism

You may have tried various remedies or have opted for a healthy diet to increase your metabolic rate. For lasting results, nutritionists suggest incorporating tamarind juice into your routine. The nourishing nutrients in it, helps your body absorb nutrients that you consume and can speed up your metabolism as well. Moreover, boosted metabolic rate is essential as it ultimately leads to weight loss which in most cases responsible for various health ailments.

2. For Stomach Health

Tamarind juice is said to treat daunting inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s diseases and ulcerative colitis. The pulp of tamarind contains components like magnesium and potassium that can effectively ward off factors associated with stomach acids and stomach ulcers. You can find an adequate content of fiber in the spice that is essential for everyone to regulate bowel movements and constipation. You can incorporate it into children’s diet as well in case of intestinal worms and parasites. Moreover, tamarind juice could also become a natural source to treat dysentery, diarrhea, and inflammation occurs due to hemorrhoids.

3. Tamarind Juice for Diabetics

The delicious juice is potent enough to prevent your body from absorbing carbohydrates – necessary for people with diabetes. When consumed regularly, this drink help alleviates high levels and sudden spikes of glucose in the bloodstream. Moreover, nutritionists have revealed that tamarind juice can prevent your pancreas from oxidative damage which is associated with diabetes. However, consult with your primary care physician before opting for self-medication specifically in case of diabetes.

4. Maintains Immune System

Tamarind juice is a powerhouse of plenty of antioxidants that your body needs abundantly. When you consume antioxidants-filled diet, it will function to strengthen your immune system. Also, a strong immunity can effectively ward off infectious bacteria that contribute to  cough, cold, and flu, etc.

5. Beneficial for Obese

Overweight or obese can reap numerous health benefits by incorporating tamarind juice into their regular diet. Not only they will reap nutrients like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus along with various vitamins but it will help burn excess body fat as well. This delicious drink will add taste to their weight loss journey.

6. For Cardiovascular Health

Tamarind juice can alleviate the oxidation process associated with cholesterol. It means you can successfully impede cholesterol blocking and sticking to your arteries that contribute to various cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke. Regular consumption of the juice is said to reduce risks of high cholesterol levels as well. However, in any case, it is better to consider physician’s advice before opting for a home remedy.

7. Source of Antioxidants

Nutrients have encouraged consuming foods enriched with antioxidants as they help fight health-damaging factors. Tamarind juice could also become a natural source to combat toxins, daunting free radicals and even cancerous cells. The factors are silent but daunting as they contribute to oxidative stress in your organs if not treat on time.

8. Anti-inflammatory

Tamarind pulp is a powerhouse of various anti-inflammatory properties. And the juice made with it can treat a sore throat effectively. Nutritionists have also recommended it to treat chronic joint inflammation and pain. However, more studies are required to determine its effectiveness in this regard.

9. Purifies Blood

Studies have shown that folic acids, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber are essential to purify your blood. You can find a huge variety of nutrients in tamarind juice, and it can become a safe and natural blood purifier.

10. For Radiant Skin

Tamarind juice is an excellent option when it comes to skin care. It has potential to treat burns and edema due to the compounds found in them. Incorporating tamarind in any form to your diet can help alleviate acne or chicken pox scars leaving your skin clear and radiant. Moreover, the juice contains fiber, alpha hydroxyl, enzymes, fiber, vitamin B and vitamin C that are necessary to rejuvenate dead skin cells and tissues.

11. Cooling Properties

Consuming tamarind drink can be effective during summer since it is loaded with the cooling properties. Nutritionists recommend tamarind juice to people living in the tropical regions to prevent the risks of heat strokes.

12. For Eye Health

Studies have shown that nutrients found in tamarind can treat eye health problems such as conjunctivitis effectively. Moreover, it is said to have a positive impact on people with dry eyes or night blindness syndrome. However, there is no evidence available regarding it benefits on weak eyesight thus; you must refer to your eye specialist before incorporating it into your daily routine.

13. It is Laxative

Nutritionists have stated tamarind juice could work as a laxative. It has potential to ward off factors that contribute to bile disorders and viral infections that result in diarrhea in most cases. The sweet and source juice is said to relieve nausea and vomit that most infections bring. Experts also suggest that it helps promote the growth of good bacteria in your large intestine due to the content of dietary fiber found in it. Moreover, you should only opt for fresh juice when it comes to treating health problems as it doesn’t contain chemicals.

Bottom Line

Natural options do not contain health-damaging effects. They could become a delicious source to treat various ailments such as viral infections. However, it is always suggested to consider moderation even for home remedies.

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