13 Foods That Are High In Vitamin B3

You should never overlook the significance of vitamins.  Vitamins play an essential role when it comes to maintaining your health. Like others, vitamin B3 or niacin is necessary to regulate irregular cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Moreover, vitamin B3 helps process the fat in your body.

Nutritionists recommend balancing the levels of vitamin B3 in the body as its deficiency leads to amnesia, mouth inflammation, delirium, dermatitis, dementia, and pellagra (a condition similar to diarrhea). In most cases, people encounter fatigue, depression, lack of concentration, and irritability which health experts have associated with the deficiency of niacin.

Your body regulates vitamin B3 as it is a water-soluble vitamin. So, there are slim chances of overdose. However, if vitamin B3 is taken via supplements, it might contribute to overdose. In this case, you may develop indigestion and skin rashes.

You can opt for the treatment once you detect these symptoms. According to doctors, a long-term overdose of niacin can lead to liver damage and the onset of type II diabetes.

Therefore, you should prefer following natural sources to obtain vitamin B3 to steer clear of adverse effects.

13 Foods That Are High In Vitamin B3

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

1. Sunflower Seeds

A handful of sunflower seeds contain 2.36 mg of niacin, which is around 14.8% of your daily requirement. Incorporating the seeds into your diet is quite easy. You can sprinkle some on top of the porridge or oatmeal bowl. Sunflower seeds blend in well with smoothies. You can also add some to plain yogurt or salads to get a quick dose of niacin. Sunflower seeds should be on top of your grocery shopping list.

Sunflower Seeds is packed with amazing health benefits that includes promoting hair growth, helping with weight loss, detoxifying the body, enhancing skin health, promoting healthy bone, supporting hair growth, maintaining blood sugar level, and can help in preventing cancer.

2. Fish

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Fish

If you are not a fan of fish, you should learn about its nutritional value. A grilled or stir fry fish fillet does not only provide omega-3s but it contains a considerable amount of vitamin B3 as well. You can serve fish with salad or tomato-based fish stew or soup to gulp down all the goodness. You can choose from the following fish variety to get your dose of niacin.

  • Cooked swordfish 7.87 mg
  • Cooked yellow tuna 18.76 mg
  • Cooked Halibut 6.72 mg
  • Cooked mackerel 9.07 mg
  • Cooked pink salmon 8.15 mg

Fish health benefits includes maintaining cholesterol levels, supporting strong muscle growth, promoting cardiovascular health, promoting healthy skin and treating damaged scalp, promoting blood production, supplying instant energy, and promoting respiratory health as well as helping treat insomnia.

3. Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Brown rice provides 2.59 mg of niacin. Nutritionists also recommend a brown variety of rice over white ones. So, add some beans, tomato, charred corn, and cilantro to prepare a nutrient-filled rice salad. You can serve boiled brown rice with chicken whereas vegans can opt for sautéed vegetables.

Moreover, brown rice is a low-calorie variety of rice. You can consume it without giving it a second thought if you are a fitness junkie. Brown Rice health benefits includes helping with depression and anxiety relief, reducing symptoms of asthma in children, controlling blood sugar level, preventing constipation, and providing energy for the body.

4. Beef Liver

Beef Liver

You need to consume at least two servings of beef liver in a week. It provides 14.0 mg of niacin which is your daily requirement. Health experts suggest moderate consumption of beef liver as it is high in fats and contributes to high cholesterol levels.

People with cardiovascular disorders should consult with their doctor before incorporating beef live into their diet. Other benefits includes assisting in blood production, promoting healthy skin, supporting muscle health, enhancing the skin, and supporting hair and nail health.

5. Avocado


You can obtain around 2.61 mg of vitamin B3 from avocados. It is a superfood that blends in well with beans, lentils, or chicken. Moreover, you can prepare a puree or dip using fresh avocados and replace it with ready-made dips available in the market.

Avocado health benefits includes acting as aphrodisiac, helps in treating arthritis, helps with diabetes management, promotes skin health, promotes weight loss, a rich source of fiber, can help improve cholesterol profile, bolster absorption of plant based nutrients, support eye health, contain essential folic acid, and help promote liver function.

6. Chicken

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Chicken

One chicken fillet contains 11.79 mg of niacin. According to health experts, consuming roasted chicken is one of the healthiest ways to obtain vitamin B3. Simply add thin slices of chicken to your sandwiches or salads to prepare a nutrient-dense meal.

Chicken health benefits includes promoting psychological health, promoting nail health, treating anemia, help with boosting immune system, promoting cardiovascular health, and promoting weight loss.

7. Green Peas

Green Peas

A cup of fresh green peas provides 3.23 mg, which is enough for your daily requirement. Green peas are also an easy-to-cook food source which takes a few minutes only. You can try steamed green peas or toss some in olive oil to get adequate levels of niacin.

Apart from this, green peas taste well in several pasta and risotto recipes. Hence, do not forget to buy some on the next grocery shopping trip.

8. Turkey

6 Health Benefits Of Turkey

Like other poultry option, turkey breast is also loaded with vitamin B3. You can obtain up to 9.99 mg of niacin just from a single serving of turkey. Therefore, prepare soups and stews or roast a whole turkey to get the nutrients in it.

Turkey health benefits that includes strengthening immune system, boosting metabolism, maintaining psychological health, supporting weight loss, promoting cardiovascular health, a good source of protein, supporting teeth and bones health, maintaining cholesterol levels, managing diabetes, treating anemia and supporting healthy skin.

9. Mushrooms

Mushrooms health benefits

Incorporating varieties of mushrooms into your diet can provide a considerable amount of vitamin B3. You can grill some portabella mushroom to get 7.57 mg of niacin or eat stir-fried white mushrooms to obtain 4.31 mg of vitamin B3.

Plus, you can use mushroom as a pizza topping to add some nutrition to your cheat meal. Not to mention, there are plenty of ways to consume mushrooms. However, avoid overcooking to get the most of this nutritious food source.

10. Peanuts


Roasted and salted peanuts do not only make a great snack but provide up to3.42 mg niacin as well. Apart from the roasted variety, you can eat peanut sauce or West African peanut soup to stock up vitamin B3 in your body.

Peanuts is packed with amazing health benefits that includes preventing stomach cancer, supporting weight loss, preventing depression, preventing diabetes, promoting healthy pregnancy, reducing the risk of stroke, and preventing gallstones development.

11. Lamb

Lamb Meat

If you are a fan of lamb meat, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that 3 ounces of lamb shank (roasted) contains 5.43 mg of vitamin B3. You can also prepare stew using cubed lamb meat. Do not forget to add vegetables and spices to make it a flavorful and nutritious meal.

Lamb Meat benefits includes promoting muscle growth and repair of cell tissues, promoting blood production, enhancing skin health, and promoting cardiovascular health

12. Sweet Potato

11 Surprising Benefits of Potatoes

Sweet potatoes provide around 2.4 mg of niacin whether you consume them in baked or mashed form. Nutritionists recommend moderate consumption of sweet potato as it contains around 258 calories. Sweet potato does not make an ideal food source if you consume a high-calorie diet with no exercise.

Potatoes health benefits includes supporting digestion, enhancing the skin, a source of weight gain, helps treat scurvy, helps treat Rheumatism, reduces external and internal inflammation, helps lower blood pressure, preventing cancer, improving brain function, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and treat kidney diseases.

13. Red Meat

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Meat

You can obtain varying levels of vitamin B3 from all varieties of red meat. For instance, grilled beef tenderloin steak contains 4.77 mg of niacin. So, next time when you eat out, do not forget to order juicy and saucy beef steak to enjoy a delish meal and stock up niacin in your body at the same time.

Meat health benefits include preventing anemia, supporting pregnancy, maintaining cardiovascular health, supporting psychological health, treating insomnia, delaying cataract, balancing cholesterol level, treating rickets, strengthening muscle, providing energy, and maintaining healthy skin.

Bottom Line

No question, vitamin B3 helps maintain your overall health. Niacin deficiency can lead to severe health problems which you can avoid. Simply consume food sources packed with the vitamin B3 and store it in your body. Take note that niacin intake via a supplement is only acceptable if prescribed by your doctor. You should not opt for supplements without consulting with a health expert.

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