9 Amazing Benefits of Olive Juice

Have you ever heard about olive juice before? We wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t, because technically speaking it isn’t really “juice” at all. While you may expect it to be the liquid obtained from squeezing, blending olives or otherwise, it is nothing like that.

Rather, olive juice is simply another name for the brine solution olives are usually soaked, stored and transported in. olive juice thus, does not have many of the characteristic traits you would expect of olives or olive oil, since it consists mainly of a salt water solution, with added vinegar.

Olives do provide some added flavor, and a small amount of the actual nutrients do find itself in the briny solution, but it still remains different for the most part.

Olive Juice Nutrition Info

Sodium- *
Vitamin E- *
*- varies based on manufacturer of the solution and may change.

11 Amazing Benefits of Olive Juice

11 Amazing Benefits of Olive Juice

1. Supports Healthy Nerve Function

Olive juice is high in sodium, a mineral which is typically found in abundance everywhere return, but which we may inadvertently avoid because of its bad reputation. To be clear, if you are already meeting your sodium requirements, you should not consume olive juice as an excess of sodium is not beneficial in the least.

If, however, you stand to benefit from it, you can expect improved relay of electrical currents across nerves.

2. Improves Neuromuscular Connection

Very similar to the mechanism mentioned above, olive juice can help potentiate muscular contractions by enhancing the connection between muscles and nerves. Nerves are triggered after being acted upon by a mild electrical charge, which then results in muscles contracting. Sodium plays a key role in transmission of this electrical impulse, as it forms a solution around cells that consists of the electrolytes dissolved in fluid to enable easy transfer from nerve to muscle.

3. Supports Hair Growth

Even though on a juice contains a large percentage of sodium, it also contains some other nutrients, in this case vitamin E. Vitamin E is very important to the health of your hair, as it can help to support follicle health and initiate active growth phase of hair fibers. In addition to this, vitamin E can reduce the impact of oxidative damage on the follicles, and work to improve blood flow to the scalp.

Many hair loss remedies such as the very popular Rogaine work on the principle of increasing blood flow to the scalp.

4. Enhances The Immune System

Olive juice works once again thanks to it vitamin E content to support the health of your immune system. Vitamin E is a powerful free radical scavenger and can neutralize these compounds before it can cause damage to immune cells.

Olive juice may also act as nourishment for your probiotic bacteria since in effect, the olives that were stored in it had been allowed to slightly ferment. Ensuring that the beneficial probiotic cultures in your intestine are supported can go a long way in protecting you from disease.

5. Benefits Skin Health

If you suffer from dry skin, the two things most often recommended are to increase your water intake and the supplement with vitamin E. Olive juice, is basically 99.9% water, and contains a small amount of important vitamin E to help the membranes linings cells to form a barrier to water loss.

Vitamin E also acts as an important antioxidant and help to reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet light and free radicals.

6. Promotes Blood Glucose Control

Before the advent or availability of commercial antidiabetic medications, vinegar was frequently used as a natural means of reducing blood glucose levels. When it comes Olive juice, the presence of vinegar is what is responsible for its ability to help control blood glucose levels.

If control before a meal high in carbohydrates, it is said to reduce the amount of fat that enters blood circulation, improving insulin function and preferentially shuttling glucose into muscle cells. Be sure to use with caution if you are currently using antidiabetic medication or insulin, as it can have a profound additive effect.

7. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a downstream response to other events including oxidative damage, pain medication or even part of the healing process, but can often times run rampant and predispose you to the complications of chronic inflammatory state.

Olive juice can help control inflammation thanks to presence of its vitamin E and acetic acid constituents, which both have beneficial roles on decreasing inflammatory biomarkers. But why stop at just drinking the juice, when eating the actual olives can take its anti-inflammatory potential up several notches.

8. May Reduce Atherosclerosis

Olive juice can help decrease the likelihood of atherosclerotic plaques forming along the inside of blood vessel walls by two mechanisms. One, vitamin E helps to decrease the rate of LDL oxidation, which is seen as a steppingstone that initiates accumulation of these fatty plaques.

In addition to this, by virtue of its cholesterol lowering effect, there is much less circulating cholesterol in the first place, making it invaluable in your quest to control blood lipids.

9. For Sore Throat Pain

Olive juice might not be the first thing that comes to mind for sore throat pain, but why shouldn’t it? It is actually the perfect cocktail of many things you can benefit from when you have a sore throat, such as sodium (which you use to make salt water gargles), and the vinegar which can kill bacteria causing the infection.

You can gargle with it if you like, or drink a bit though we think gargling is a superior option in this instance.

Important Warning

Olive juice is universally very high in sodium, which can prove troublesome to people with pre-existing high blood pressure, heart failure or kidney disease. It should be avoided completely under such circumstances as sodium has unfavorable effects.


Even though not technically a juice, olive’s unique briny solution still has its fair share of benefits. Some of the beneficial nutrients trickle down, and combined with acetic acid it makes sense to not throw out the liquid next time you purchase olives.



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