Top 15 Foods Very Rich in Carbohydrate

Foods rich in carbohydrate includes chickpeas, brown rice, kidney beans, buckwheat, apples, lentils, grapefruit, oats, blueberries, whole grain wheat flour, oranges, bananas, beetroots, nuts, and sweet potatoes.

Carbohydrates are often blamed for obesity and rapid weight gain. Carbohydrates or carbs are only starches, sugars, and dietary fibers that is present in most fruits, grains, vegetables, and various milk products. Carbs are one of the macronutrients that your body needs to produce energy. The energy obtained from carbs promotes the functioning of nervous system and muscles. It enables fat metabolism as well.

However, factors like good or bad carbs, simple or complex carbs confuses people. Nutritionists have suggested that processed junk foods contain refined grains and sugar which are fattening, unhealthy, and affect your body adversely.

You need to get carbohydrates from whole and dietary fiber-rich foods which are health-friendly. Low-carbs diet may benefit few people under certain circumstances. To maintain a healthy body, you should eat small portions of carbs regularly.

Top 15 Foods Very Rich in Carbohydrate

Top 15 Foods Very Rich in Carbohydrate

1. Chickpeas

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans can become a delicious source to get a considerable amount of carbs. One cup of cooked chickpeas provides 8% of dietary fiber and 27.4% of carbs and is an excellent source of plant-based protein. Chickpeas are also a filling food that curbs your appetite without hurting your health.

2. Brown Rice

You may think that carbs affect your cardiovascular health adversely. However, if your body gets carbs from brown rice, it can prevent the risks of heart disorders. Apart from carbs, brown rice is packed with magnesium which keeps your heart healthy. People with imbalance cholesterol levels and diabetes should replace regular white rice with brown variety to obtain nutrients and protect their health alike.

3. Kidney Beans

A part of the legume family, kidney beans contains 22.8% of carbs types such as fiber and starches. Kidney beans are high in protein as well. It is true that carbs obtained from kidney beans control sugar levels in your bloodstream. According to recent studies, people who consume kidney beans or other variety of beans on a regular basis prevents the risk of colon cancer. Do not eat raw or undercooked beans as it might cause severe digestion issues.

4. Buckwheat

If you develop indigestion more often, you need to add buckwheat to your daily diet. It improves digestion, gut health and keeps indigestion at bay. Moreover, buckwheat also provides 12 amino acids that promote muscle synthesis, muscle growth and help generate energy.

5. Apples

Not all carbs are bad and apples are a great example in this context. This delicious fruit contains carbohydrates yet doctors encourage people to consume at least one in a day. Apples contain around 15% of carbs and a slew of vitamins and minerals. Incorporating one apple to your daily diet controls blood sugars, reduces the risk of hypertension, and protects against certain cancers despite the content of carbs in it.

6. Lentils

Lentils cannot only make a substitute for meat but they are a storehouse of plenty of nutrients including carbs. Consuming lentils soup treat fatigue in a short time. You can also add dry lentils to salads that contain leafy green vegetables to eat a nutrient-rich meal. Obese individuals who avoid high-card diet can eat lentils in moderation to get all the benefits without affecting their diet.

7. Grapefruit

Grapefruit contains up to 9% of carbs along with vitamin C. You can eat half grapefruit on a daily basis to lose weight and alleviate insulin resistance. Health experts have revealed that grapefruit juice lowers cholesterol levels and prevent the occurrence of kidney stones in the first place.

8. Oats

Oats are an excellent food source that you can consume on a daily basis without giving it a second thought. Oats provide 103 grams of carbs and antioxidants like avenanthramides. This nutrient increases the production of nitric oxide which helps reduce blood pressure. You can also get beta-glucan – a soluble fiber which balances cholesterol in senior people and impedes cardiac arrest.

9. Blueberries

Although blueberries consist of water, you can obtain 14.5% of carbs as well. One cup of blueberries provides plant compounds, vitamin B, manganese, and vitamin K. Studies have indicated that eating berries regularly prevents your body from oxidative stress and increases lifespan.

10. Whole Grain Wheat Flour

Nutritionists prefer whole grain wheat flour over white flour. It contains 87 grams of carbs and is ideal to keep your digestive health on track. Studies have concluded that the dietary fiber in the wheat flour treats many digestive issues like colon cancer. You can also get B vitamins from wheat flour and promote your overall health.

11. Oranges

Orange or orange juice contains 11.8% carbs. You can get high amounts of dietary fiber from a whole orange that promote digestion and prevent the onset of indigestion. Oranges are also a powerhouse of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant and keeps oxidation at bay.

12. Bananas

Health experts have indicated that bananas are great to produce energy and you should eat one before a workout to improve your performance in the gym. Bananas contain 51 grams of carbs and potassium. Adding bananas to your diet can reduce the risks of heart diseases. However, if you have diabetes, consult with your doctor before incorporating banana into your diet.

13. Beetroots

This root vegetable contains 10% of carbs, plant compounds, and antioxidants. Beets are loaded with nitrates which transform into nitric oxide in your body. This activity lowers blood pressure and protects your body against chronic diseases. Moreover, you can drink beetroot juice to enhance physical performance and keep your body energized.

14. Nuts

Apart from minerals like manganese, magnesium, and zinc nuts are packed with carbs as well. Eating almonds, cashews, walnuts, or pecans can provide up to 32 grams of the carbs. A handful of nuts also provide vitamin E which is effective for skin and support cells and tissues growth. Therefore, replace calorie-filled crackers with some nuts and get a moderate dose of good carbs without affecting your health.

15. Sweet Potatoes

One serving of cooked sweet potato contains 21% of carbs. In this carb content, you will find sugar, fiber, and starch. Sweet potato also provides a slew of nutrients which boost eye health and prevent age-related eye deterioration. You should stop consuming processed junk food and replace it with healthy options like sweet potato to get health-friendly carbs.

Bottom Line

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to adding carbs to the diet or not. Some people think eliminating carbs will help them stay fit whereas other intake carbs without giving it a second thought. However, you can only maintain a healthy body by getting moderate amounts of carbs from natural sources.

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