Top 13 Foods That Are Rich in Selenium

Foods Rich in Selenium includes brazil nuts, oats, oysters, yellowfin tuna, cheese, turkey, mushroom, eggs, sunflower seeds, brown rice, milk and yogurt, lentils, fortified foods like pasta, cereals, and whole wheat bread.

Nutritionists have revealed that selenium is crucial for proper thyroid functioning. The functioning of thyroid supports cells in your body which helps maintain a healthy body. This mineral is widely available in many food sources. However, if you are vegan or vegetarian, you might experience its deficiency so you need to look for plant-based sources to obtain selenium.

It is worth noting that the ratio of selenium in a food source is also based on the amount of selenium in the soil it grows. It is common that pH levels, pesticides, rain, and evaporation affect the levels of selenium in the soil. This is also one of the factors that lead to selenium deficiency in people. Moreover, certain factors also contribute to this mineral deficiency such as if you are living with HIV, if you have a gastrointestinal condition like Crohn’s disease, or if you are having dialysis.

Doctors have revealed that people with hypothyroidism require more selenium than an average person as it protects thyroid health. When it comes to getting selenium do take note that selenium deficiency leads to severe health problems whereas excess selenium in your body can be toxic as well. Nutritionists recommend obtaining 55 mcg of the mineral to adults on a daily basis.

On the other hand, children or teenagers should get around 30-45 mcg selenium regularly. The daily requirement of the mineral for expectant mothers is high and they need to get 60 mcg of selenium after consulting with their doctor.

In light of this, here are 13 fantastic foods that are loaded with selenium.

Top 13 Foods That Are Rich in Selenium

Top 13 Foods That Are Rich in Selenium

1. Oats

Oats are widely consumed due to their positive effects on your cardiovascular health. One bowl of freshly cooked oats reduces high cholesterol levels and protects your heart from adverse effects of high blood pressure.

Eating oats topped with nuts, chia seeds, and berries can fuel your body and keep it energized throughout the day. Health experts recommend oats as they are rich in dietary fiber. However, incorporating one serving of oats into your diet provides up to 34mcg of selenium which is a lesser-known fact.

2. Brazil Nuts

You can get up to 544 mcg of selenium just from eight nuts which is more than your daily requirement. Brazil nuts are also a great option for vegetarians or vegans to balance selenium levels in the body. Do not forget that Brazil nuts are rich in selenium and over-eating can lead to toxicity in your body.

3. Oysters

The selenium in oysters is ideal to regulate thyroid issues. Oysters also contain a slew of nutrients including vitamin B12 that your body needs on a daily basis. You can get up to 79 mcg of selenium from one serving of oysters. Also, you should never overlook thyroid and seek medical assistance immediately to avoid further health complication.

4. Yellowfin Tuna

When doctors suggest consuming one serving of yellowfin tuna in a week, you should follow the advice. This delicious fish variety provides around 92 mcg of selenium which is more than your daily requirement. You can also get 40 mcg of the mineral from salmon, clams, sardines, crab, or shrimp.

5. Cheese

If you are looking for reasons to add cheese to your diet, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that it contains up to 18.9 mcg of the mineral. Minerals obtained from cheese promote bone density. You can replace cheese with red meat, especially if you want to avoid it due to health issues. Cheese contains sodium, calories, and fats so you should eat it in moderation.

6. Turkey

Three ounces of boneless turkey provides up to 31 mcg of selenium. You can eat two or more servings of turkey in a week to balance selenium levels in your body. Nutritionists have suggested eating turkey sandwich using fortified whole wheat bread to get a boost of mineral in a short time.

7. Mushrooms

This versatile food source blends in well in a salad, stew, soups, or other recipes. You can simply sauté some mushrooms with bell peppers, broccoli, onions, and tomatoes to eat a nutrient-dense meal. There are plenty of ways to add this superfood to your diet as it provides around 11.5 mcg of selenium.

8. Eggs

Eating one egg on a daily basis is necessary for many reasons – one of which is the selenium content in it. You should hard-boil eggs to avoid excess calories. However, consuming eggs in any form provides a slew of nutrients including selenium.

9. Sunflower Seeds

78.2 mcg selenium and a considerable amount of healthy fats make sunflower seeds an excellent food source. You can snack on a handful of sunflower seeds between meals or add them to smoothies as well. The fats in the seeds are healthy but lead to inflammation in case of excess consumption. So, try to eat a small portion of roasted variety to cut down saturated fats and prevent inflammation.

10. Brown Rice

Many people consume brown rice to stay fit not knowing the amount of selenium in it. A single serving of cooked brown rice provides 19 mcg of selenium. You can combine it with chicken curry or grilled turkey or vegetables to get your daily dose of selenium.

11. Milk and Yogurt

Dairy products contain around 8 mcg of selenium. If you do not have any allergy, you can opt for either milk or yogurt on a daily basis to get selenium. You can add milk to smoothies or cereals to obtain the mineral without making significant efforts. Or, simply add frozen berries, mango, or even bananas to your plain Greek yogurt and get a dose of selenium in a delicious way. Eating dairy products regularly also prevent the onset of bone diseases which is common in senior people.

12. Fortified Foods

Whole grain cereals, pasta, and whole wheat bread are rich in selenium and several minerals. The amount of the minerals varies in each product. However, you will get at least 35% of selenium in fortified foods which is close to your daily requirement. Make sure to add some plant-based foods with fortified ones to get a boost of nutrition.

13. Lentils

Apart from dietary fiber, protein, and iron, one cup of cooked lentils soup provide around 6 mcg of selenium. So, add some chopped mushroom to lentils soup to eat a vegan-friendly and nutritious meal.

Bottom Line

There is no question that like other minerals, selenium also plays a crucial role in improving your overall health. It is best to obtain the mineral from natural sources to balance selenium levels in your body and to avoid health-damaging factors.

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