11 Impressive Benefits of Camellia Oil (Tea Seed Oil)

Camellia Oil is packed some of the most amazing health benefit in it’s category. These benefits includes ensuring a bright skin, strengthening hair strands and enduring maximum hair growth, lowering body cholesterol level, easing joint pains, regulating blood pressure, nourishing and keeping nails healthy, fighting free radicals and preventing cancer. Other benefits includes weight management, promotion of oral hygiene, and reducing the risk of bone diseases.

What is Camellia Oil?

Camellia oil is also known as tea seed oil or green tea oil, and comes from the seeds of well matured Camellia oleifera plants, which grows on the mountains of South East Asia, although it can also be extracted from other tea plants like Camellia japonica. Its scientific name is Camellia oleifera oil and it was once considered an Asian treasure because it was extensively cultivated in China. Japan and Korea also used the tea seed oil extensively for cooking purposes due to its resistance to high temperatures, ensuring that the consistency and quality of the oil are maintained. Presently, it used as an exotic cooking oil, as it is highly resistant to rancidity and can be used to create new recipes.

11 Impressive Benefits of Camellia Oil (Tea Seed Oil)

camellia oil benefits

1. May Help Brighten The Skin

Tea seed oil has found its place in numerous beauty products and beauty applications, and it is now included in many home-made skincare products because of its texture. The high oleic acid content in tea seed oil is responsible for its use as a good skin moisturizer and when used as a topical cream, it is light and can lock in moisture and is easily absorbed into the skin. The tea seed oil may help to leave the skin feeling smooth, soft and non-greasy, and can help heal wounds, remove wrinkles and fine lines, remove makeup and removal of scars

2. Help Strengthen Hair Strands 

When the hair strands are healthy, proper hair growth is maximized, with Camellia oil being a powerful moisturizing adjuvant for hair growth. It is suitable for hot oil conditioning and leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny. For strengthening and conditioning the hair, its generous supply of oils can coat your hair strands and moisturize the scalp, help remove dandruff, prevent split ends and breakage. in the past, it was applied as a leave-in conditioner to make the hair silky and to add sheen.  A regular application of Camellia oil may completely nourish the hair follicles and restore dry hair to its original state, adding volume in the process.

3. Help Lower Cholesterol Level

Camellia oil is unique because it is made of mostly unsaturated fat hence, it is able to prevent cardiovascular diseases by actively decreasing the cholesterol level in the body, but more specifically the troublesome LDL cholesterol. Camellia oil may also provide anti-inflammatory properties and thus may be a natural remedy for normalizing cholesterol level and reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis and any other form of heart disease. 

4. Camellia Oil May Ease Joint Pains

Aching joints are terribly unpleasant and they can decrease the quality of life and even inhibit movement. Whether join pain is as a result of a persistent medical condition like arthritis or not, a natural way to ease the joint pain is the application of tea seed oil which contains soothing components like oleic acid and linoleic acid that stop pain and promote movement and body functions. You can also consume the oil in conjunction to topical application for synergistic effect, making it much more effective.

5. Help Regulate Blood Pressure

A higher than normal blood pressure is indicative of a higher risk of heart problems. However, camellia oil can help reduce high blood pressure by dilating or widening the blood vessels and hence effectively lowering the blood pressure. Regular use may also help to lower the risk of hypertension in the first place, making it a useful addition to your diet whether you are hypertensive or not.

6. Help Keep The Nails Nourished

The nails say a lot about the health of an individual and any slight change may be an indication of chronic diseases, such as those affecting the lungs and heart. Tea seed oil may be able to fight off possible signs of fungal infection as well as provide nourishment that the nails and cuticles need to remain healthy, and may keep them soft, shiny and strong as the nail bed is a critical source of blood flow and nutrition for the topical nails.

7. May Help Fight Free Radicals

Oxidation is essential for natural metabolic reactions to occur in the body, but it also leads to the formation of free radicals which damage the cells and cause harm to the body and if left over time, may result in inflammation, acceleration of the ageing process and damage to important body organs. Camellia oil contains polyphenols which fight free radicals using their hydroxyl group to bind to the free radicals and neutralizing their effect (or via donation of their electron). The end result is that cell mutation and malignant diseases that may affect the body are kept in check.

8. May Help Prevent Cancer 

Cancer metastases forms tumors and end up destroying important organs necessary for normal function in the body- this is why people with end stage cancer suffer from multi organ failures. Some studies suggest that tea seed oil may help inhibit the three stages involved in the rapid division of cancerous cells – initiation, promotion and growth and that it is able to achieve this using polyphenols to rid the body of cancerous cells and promote good health.

9. Help In Weight Management

The obesity pandemic is not restricted to any one region on Earth, but is experienced in different places around the globe, with many natural products having been shown to help in the management of weight. Camellia oil is one of those natural sources that may promote weight loss, as it may have thermogenic properties due to its high polyphenol content which increases the rate at which the body burns fat by reduction of blood sugar levels after a meal, and decreasing the action of amylase (an enzyme that breaks down starch can increase blood sugar levels). Thus, a healthy amount of camellia oil may reduce fat absorption and increase the loss of weight. Thermogenics also increase the burning of calories without additional work, as they are used to produce heat in the process.

10. Helps In The Promotion Of Oral Hygiene

Excellent dental health is important to prevent bacteria from clinging to the teeth, making it is a necessity to care for the teeth. Streptococcus is a harmful bacteria that is found in the mouth and can cause tooth decay and form plaque, but tea seed oil may fight the harmful effects of this bacteria and stop it from replicating and causing further harm. Camellia oil may even serve as a replacement for mouthwash and can be used to rinse the mouth regularly protecting it from bad odors. As an added benefit, good oral health serves as a safeguard from bacterial cardiac disease. 

11. May Reduce The Risk Of Bone Diseases 

The tea seed oil may be able to provide relief from diseases that may affect the bone including osteoporosis. It works its way with its rich blend of essential nutrients that maintain bone density and it is able to impact positively to the functioning of the muscles and bone to support mobility by slowing down the start of these diseases and minimize their impact on your quality of life.


Tea seed oil has a lot of health benefits and may be considered an important source of phytonutrients. It is versatile as it can easily be applied to the skin and can even be ingested without causing damage internally and can comfortably serve as a healthy replacement for so many man-made remedies.

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