11 Amazing Health Benefits of Phosphorus

The health benefits of Phosphorus includes supporting bone growth, aiding healthy digestion, eliminating toxins from the body, combating fatigue and weakness, preventing arthritis and osteoporosis and ensuring a healthy brain function. Other benefits includes supporting protein metabolism, cell repairing mechanism, helping the body regulate hormones, aiding nutrient absorption and supporting weight loss.

Minerals and vitamins along with the antioxidants present in food are required by the human body on a regular basis. Minerals build the body and maintain healthy metabolic rates as well as promote healthier bone structures.

History of Phosphorus

Phosphorus in the first known mineral to be discovered. A German merchant named Henning Brand actually discovered this mineral through the distillation of urine in 1669. The name of this mineral is derived from Greek; its name translates “possesses brilliance”. This is because of the capability of phosphorus to shine in the dark.

Later, a few researchers also started freeing phosphorus particles by adding sand and coal to urine. As the research continued, a decade later, its importance as a part of the bone structure was discovered by Brand himself.

The first commercial phosphorus production was rather weird; it included the reaction of bones with sulfuric or nitric acid, which created phosphoric acid, which was then heated with coal creating elementary phosphorus.

Around the 19th century, the mineral was commercially produced using the electrical furnace, which was created by James reading and this method is still used.

What is Phosphorus?

Phosphorus is a mineral that the body uses for repair and growth of body cells and tissues. Phosphorus is a major part of almost all body cells and tissues, with 85% concentration in the teeth and bones.

Phosphorus is further used by the body to carry out many biochemical processes, which include pH regulation and energy production.

Food Sources of Phosphorus

  • Baby soybeans/ edamame 138-150mg
  • Potato with its skin on 121-130mg
  • Mushrooms 124 mg
  • Rice bran 335 mg
  • Wheat Bran 270 mg
  • Waffles cooked 135-147mg
  • Quinoa cooked 149mg
  • Wheat germ cereal 344mg
  • Bran Flakes 108—261 mg
  • Instant oatmeal cooked 127-134mg
  • Oats regular 127-134mg
  • Cheese 112-125 mg
  • Milk 217mg +
  • Yogurt 183- 217mg
  • Venison 17-0mg+
  • Pork 130-221 mg
  • Chicken and turkey 134-163mg
  • Liver (beef) 345mg+
  • Salmon 244-255mg
  • Scallops 320mg
  • Herring cooked 219-244mg
  • Halibut 214mg+
  • Tuna canned 104mg

Besides these sources, phosphorus can also be found in nuts, seeds, vegetables and chickpeas. Eating whole foods, preferably organic can make up for a large deficiency.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Phosphorus

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Phosphorus

As mentioned, 85% of your bones and teeth are made of phosphorus hence it can be considered one of the most essential minerals for the growth and development of the human body.

1. Bone Growth

Phosphorus is an important mineral present in the bones, and bones require a good amount to maintain optimum function and health. Phosphorus is essential for the bone development of babies and should be an integral part of an expecting mother’s diet. It is also excellent in preventing bone density loss, keeping the bone structure protected from fractures and bone damage.

2. Healthy Digestion

It aids in the digestion of riboflavin and niacin, which are derivatives of vitamins that can help the body repair any oxidative damage. These vitamins are an essential for the metabolic process and neurological response systems. Phosphorus absorption through digestion is responsible for energy production n the body. It helps clear up indigestion and also relieves constipation.

3. Helps Eliminate Toxins

It helps keep the kidneys healthy, it promotes urination, which draws out the toxins and eliminates the accumulation of harmful chemicals and metals in the kidneys. It helps balance out the uric acid in the body, which prevents serious inflammation. It detoxifies the liver and kidneys, which keeps the body safe from many chronic illnesses.

4. Reduce Fatigue and Weakness

It’s deficiency may cause fatigue and muscle soreness. It is essential to keep your energy levels up and also reduces inflammation of joints as well as lower numbness and weakness. The body needs to maintain a certain amount of phosphorus to keep functioning; adults normally require about 1200mg per day to reduce any signs of weakness and fatigues.

5. Prevent Arthritis and Osteoporosis

Arthritis and osteoporosis are serious conditions that are a result of aging, menopause or deficiency of nutrients in the body. Phosphorus, being a mineral, builds the strength of your bones reducing inflammation, keeping several chronic illnesses at bay. Phosphorus supplements can be added into your diet if you are experiencing joint pain or burning sensation in the joints. Consult a physician before taking supplements as they will advise the correct amount.

6. Healthy Brain Function

It facilitates cell repair and tissue growth in the body as well as the brain. It is an essential component of cells; hence it is necessary for the brain to function adequately. This is also very useful in maintaining a healthy memory system as the mind ages. Loss of minerals and vitamins can have long term effects on the cognitive capabilities of the brain. As phosphorus promotes the growth and development of the body it also promotes development in the brain cells.

7. Protein Metabolism

Metabolism is the essential process for the body to keep all its organs working. The metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates is where the body derives its energy to perform cell regeneration, bone and muscle repair. Phosphorus is a huge stimulator for the metabolism of proteins, which helps the body break down proteins and fats in an effective manner to promote healthy absorption of nutrients without retaining bad fats and cholesterol.

8. Cell Repairing Mechanism

Environmental damage and bad eating habits can do a number on your cellular health; phosphorus is a mineral that actually helps the body repair itself on a cellular level. It helps create the required forms of protein for cell repair and reduces the affects of free radicals.

9. Balanced Hormones

It effectively regulates the hormones related to reproduction and eliminates any dysfunctions, both in males and females. Phosphorus interacts with the endocrine glands and prevents the excessive release of hormones into the blood stream. Hormones are an essential part of the control mechanism of the body, which is run by phosphorus.

10. Weight Loss

It is a key element used by the body for increasing metabolism. It helps the body break down fats and carbohydrates much quicker and also prevents the absorption and retention of bad fats in the stomachs lining.

11. Nutrient Absorption

For healthy functioning, the body needs to absorb nutrients from food affectively. Phosphorus is a part of major enzymatic and bio-chemical reactions in the body that are responsible for the adequate absorption of nutrients in the digestive system. The mineral helps extract nutrients and promote oxygenation in the blood stream.

Bottom Line

Phosphorus is an essential mineral for the body, it is as necessary for the body as hydration. It is the back bone of many functions in the body, eating phosphorus rich foods can prevent many diseases.

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