11 Surprising Health Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea benefits includes boosting your energy level, keeping you well hydrated, promoting weight loss, strengthening the immune system, warding off cold and influenza, enhancing the skin and promoting digestion. Other benefits includes relieving stress and anxiety, improving heart health, preventing cancer and promoting oral health.

The Earl Grey tea, also known as the Earl Grey’s mixture, is among the most popular varieties of tea in the western world, especially in Europe and the British Isles. The Earl Grey Tea is named after the former British Prime Minister Earl Charles Grey. It is assumed that the Prime Minister once saved a Chinese mandarin’s son from drowning; hence, the grateful father presented an exquisite blend of tea as a gift. However, the exact origin of the tea remains a moot point until now.

The Earl Grey tea is not a registered trademark, but simply a type of special black tea infused with a dried rind of the bergamot orange. Back then, Chinese teas were quite expensive; thus, various companies make their own versions of the tea, mimicking its taste but many with their unique spin on taste.

Apart from its amazing taste that millions of people love, the Earl Grey tea also provides a number of impressive health benefits.

Nutrition Info (per 100 g equivalent weight)

Potassium 1250 mg
Vitamin C 8mg
Calcium 515mg
Iron 19mg

11 Surprising Health Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea benefits

1. Boosts Your Energy Levels

The Earl Grey tea has a moderate amount of caffeine to elevate your energy levels and help keep you active throughout the day. Unlike coffee, the Earl Grey tea has no additional dehydrating properties that may cause vitamins and minerals to get flushed out of the body. The amount of caffeine in the tea is moderate enough to give you an energy boost without associated side effects such as insomnia.

2. Helps Keep You Well-Hydrated

The recommended daily water intake for adults starts from eight glasses or two liters of water per day. The Earl Grey tea is a great alternative to water. It has no calories and sugar, which makes it a pleasurable yet healthy substitute for water.

Most importantly, it is rich in antioxidants. The Earl Grey tea also has mild diuretic properties that helps you eliminate excess water and keeps you from feeling bloated.

3. Promotes Weight Loss

The Earl Grey tea is an amazing substitute for carbonated drinks or sweetened beverages, especially when you are on a sugar and calorie controlled diet. Likewise, the citrus extract in Earl Grey tea is ideal for weight loss management as it has the ability to stimulate your metabolism. Finally, presence of caffeine helps stimulate fat burning and prevents fat storage.

4. Strengthens Your Immune System

The Earl Grey Tea is brimming with antioxidants that helps improve your body’s response to infections so you can stave off common ailments. Likewise, the antioxidants in the Earl Grey tea scavenge free radicals and combats oxidative stress in the body.

5. Earl Grey Tea Wards Off Cold and Influenza

It can help keep you warm during long nights and wintry weathers. It is a wintry beverage particularly in Europe. On the other hand, the Earl Grey tea has also been traditionally used to prevent the common cold and the onset of flu, which are most frequent during cold weather. Combined with its generous anti-oxidant content, you may have luck getting away from flu season next year!

The citrus extracts from the Earl Grey tea, which is derived from the Bergamot orange, has anti-microbial qualities that help stimulate the product of antibodies by your immune system and protect your body from these ailments.

6. Good for the Skin

Free radicals impair healthy skin cells and accelerate the process of premature skin aging. The considerable amount of antioxidants in the Earl Grey tea can help defend you against skin damage; hence, promoting clearer and younger-looking skin.

In addition, it is beneficial for individuals with acne, eczema, psoriasis, and skin allergies. The Earl Grey tea’s wealth of antioxidants encourage faster healing and helps prevent the appearance of scars left behind by these conditions. The tea can be applied topically when cooled. The Earl Grey tea also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Promotes Digestion

It was traditionally used by natural health practitioners for treating nausea, but it can also serve as an antidote for other stomach problems. It can help reduce inflammation of the gut, which in turn alleviate acid reflux, bloating, constipation and stomach cramps.

The antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties of the Earl Grey tea can also help prevent intestinal infections. Moreover, drinking Earl Grey tea regularly reduces your chances of acquiring parasitic worms, a common occurrence in tropical regions.

8. Relieves Stress and Anxiety

It is a proven stress reliever. Bergamot orange, the indispensable ingredient of the Earl Grey tea that gives the tea its distinctive flavor, has its own therapeutic qualities. Having a cup of Earl Grey tea can help reduce stress, mood swings, and anxiety.

Moreover, it has just the right amount of caffeine that helps increase your focus without causing sleeplessness at night, since caffeine elevates levels of the feel good brain chemicals known as endorphins.

9. Improves Heart Health

Factors that could cause a heart attack could also cause stroke as well. When the heart is working too hard and is unable to continue meeting demands, a heart attack could occur. Similarly, a heart attack could occur when blood clots occur in the coronary arteries, or due to Plaque or fatty deposits within artery walls.

Drinking Earl Grey tea regularly can prevent this. The Earl Grey tea has been investigated in numerous studies which shows that bad or LDL cholesterol levels decreased while the good or HDL cholesterol levels increased after a few weeks of Earl Grey tea consumption.

Furthermore, the Bergamot in Earl Grey tea can also serve as an efficient substitute for statin drugs. Bergamot contains compounds resembling the HMG(coA) enzymes inhibitors which the classic statins are, reducing fat conversion into these lipoproteins.

Regulated levels of cholesterol inhibit plaque formation within the artery walls, reduce the risk of heart attacks, prevents stroke, and at the same time encourage circulation.

10. Helps Prevent Cancer

The Earl Grey tea contains antioxidants that combat free radicals. Free radicals have been associated with the development of cancers and coronary heart disease. Without further action, free radicals damage healthy cells and cause them to mutate into cancerous cells; hence, antioxidants are crucial to prevent oxidative stress in all parts of the body, and subsequently cancer.

Antioxidants, such as flavonoids found in Earl Grey tea, seek out free radicals in the body and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Drinking Earl Grey tea regularly will ensure you get sufficient amount of these antioxidant compounds in your diet, to minimize cancer risk.

11. Promotes Oral Health

It is notably rich in catechin, an antioxidant that is proven effective in the treatment and prevention of oral infections. Drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea after having a sugar indulgence helps reduce cavities by preventing plaque formation and inhibiting bacterial growth. Likewise, the Earl Grey tea also contains fluoride that protects the teeth from decaying. Finally, thanks to its anti-microbial properties, this helps add an extra layer of defense from oral bacteria. Simply swish your tea before drinking to experience maximal effect.


The Earl Grey tea is among the most popular varieties of tea in the world, and for good reason. It is highly praised for its special flavor and numerous health benefits. Earl Grey tea can help you lose weight, improves your focus, fights oxidative stress, aids digestion, strengthens your immune system, and improves your temperament among many others.

It is an excellent replacement for coffee, especially if you get palpitations and sleeplessness when drinking coffee. Don’t miss out on what this tea has to offer!

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