11 Amazing Benefits of Goji Berry or Wolfberry

Goji Berry or Wolfberry has amazing health benefits that includes preventing diabetes, improving eye vision, reducing oxidative damage in the body, supporting weight loss, supporting the heart, relieving mood swings and reducing inflammation. Other benefits includes improving cognitive health, enhancing skin health and improving the body immunity.

For centuries, Goji berries have been a popular part of Chinese medicine. These are commonly available in juice and dried forms. They are known to fight aging, various forms of cancer and also help in relieving many medical conditions such as arthritis.

What is Goji Berry?

Goji berries (also referred to as wolfberries) are small edible components of the berry family. They have a distinctive red or orange color with a tangy taste. They are highly nutritious like the other members of their family and offer a multitude of miraculous health benefits. The berries also have tiny seeds that are loaded with fiber.

Nutritional Value

Goji berries are one of the most crucial parts of traditional Chinese medicine, thanks to a slew of impressive health benefits. They have been effective in treating liver infertility, unexplainable fatigue, dry cough, abdominal pain and many liver diseases.

Since they are an incredible source of many antioxidants;  Goji berries serve as a natural remedy to cure free radical damage. In addition to that, they are also fat-free and low in calories. Hence, they are popular items in many weight loss recipes to help relieve common problems such as constipation.

1 Serving: 0.25 cup

Calories: 90 Sodium: 0 mg
Total Fat: 0 g Total Carbs: 20 g
Dietary Fiber: 4 g Sugars: 12 g
Protein: 4 g Vitamin A: 180%
Calcium: 9% Vitamin C: 30%
Iron: 15%

11 Amazing Benefits of Goji Berry or Wolfberry

11 Amazing Benefits of Goji Berry or Wolfberry

Goji berries are abundant in several vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. They are noted for supporting good immunity, strengthening bones, improving memory, boosting cognitive functioning and for relieving many types of underlying medical conditions.

They are known as one of the most nutritious fruits that offer a wide range of benefits. Its juice comprises of 21 trace minerals including selenium, phosphorus, zinc and calcium.

Goji berries are among one of the most nutritious fruits found on earth. Its juice features 21 trace minerals, including calcium, zinc, selenium, germanium and phosphorus.  Being a rich source of many vitamins including Vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin A; it is recommend to patients who are deficient in these important nutrients. Its juice is also proven to contain more vitamin C than orange juice and comprises of fatty acids like linoleic and oleic.

If you want to reduce the level of oxidative damage in your body, incorporate goji berry in (juice or dried form) to reap its benefits.

1. Prevents Diabetes

We all know that diabetes is a major disease that leads to a series of detrimental effects on the overall health of a person. Apart from maintaining a healthy lifestyle; it is also important that you benefit from naturally nutritious foods such as goji berries to control the onset of diabetes.

Since recent studies indicate that goji berry extracts have significant hypoglycemic properties; we can prevent the onslaught of symptoms associated with diabetes by incorporating it in our daily diet regimen.

2. Good for your Eyes

Goji berry also offers a wide array of benefits to improve your vision. This is because they are loaded with antioxidants particularly zeaxanthin, which prevents damage from UV exposure, oxidative stress and free radical damage.

By including goji berry in your diet, you can guard our eyes from many eye diseases including age related macular degeneration. It also helps to protect vision loss in seniors.

3. Loaded with Antioxidants

Since goji berries are rich in many types of antioxidants; they are particularly useful for reducing oxidative damage in the body. Not many of us are aware of the fact that goji berry juice has 10 times more antioxidative value than blueberries.

4. Aids in Weight Loss

Since Goji berries function as a natural way to relieve constipation, people looking forward to lose weight can greatly benefit from its positive effects. If you are on a weight loss program, adding goji berries in your meals is the best way to provide essential nutrients to your diet.

5. Good Heart Health

Heart patients should incorporate the use of goji berry in their lifestyle. This is because they are great for regulating good blood cholesterol levels. There are many influential antioxidants in Goji berries along with adequate fiber content to lower the risks of a stroke due to high cholesterol. It has miraculous capabilities to detoxify the blood.

6. Relieves Mood Swings

It has also been proven that goji berries help relieve physical and mental stress. If you want to treat your mood disorder the natural way; then make sure you regularly consume goji berries.

7. Anti-fungal Properties

Researchers praise goji berries for their incredible antifungal capabilities. Since they boast a powerful compound known as solavetivon; the fruit successfully reduces the antibodies associated with many types of allergic reactions. Moreover, it also boasts beta-sitosterol, which is a strong anti-inflammatory agent, to relieve painful conditions such as gout.

8. Improves Cognitive Health

Again, the antioxidants present in this gift of nature combats free radical damage. This is helpful in managing several types of neurodegenerative diseases that are caused by damaged brain cells. Nutritionists have proven that a regular consumption of goji berry juice boosts the production of hormones that are to help enhance your nervous system and keep it optimally running.

Hence, the fruit is also helpful in lowering the risks of Alzheimer’s in older adults.

9. Stronger Immunity

Its juice supports good white blood cell activity in the body. This implies that it supports good immunity and protects the body from different types of bacterial infections. Goji berries are also helpful in relieving severe flu symptoms.

10. Good Skin

Sadly, ultraviolet radiation has now become a major threat today. This is because of the depletion of the ozone layer in most parts of the globe. Due to this harmful exposure, our skin is likely to get damaged. In severe cases, this damage leads to other serious conditions such as skin cancer. We can reduce this risk to a considerable extent by consuming goji berries.

Not only does its extract shield our skin for UV radiation, it also relieves skin inflammation; thanks to its antioxidant potential. In addition, vitamin C is used in the production of collagen, which improves ligament, tendon, and cartilage and skin health.

11. Combats Infections

Experts recommend consuming goji berries with milk to ward off infections such as influenza. Not only does this reduce inflammation; but it also offers quick relief for when you’re body is fighting other in bacterial infections. Moreover, it is also known to prevent infection-related weight loss.


Since regular consumption of goji berries enhances many important gastrointestinal functions, it greatly reduces fatigue and stress triggered by improper digestion. This makes goji berry one of the best ways to ensure good health with improved neurological and psychological performance.

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