9 Impressive Health Benefits of Fluorine

Like all the minerals, your body needs decent amount of fluorine in order to function properly. Fluorine can treat a number of major or minor health problems. You can even give it to your kids for a healthy development, bone health and a strong immune system. It is essential for adults as well. Fluorine is not only useful for your bone density, but it can steer you of symptoms associated with liver disease and related problems. Moreover, it is equally effective for people suffering from hair problems, particularly hair fall. Fluorine contains components that combat hair follicle weakness, strengthening hair strands, increasing blood flow to the scalp. Although this component does not contain any adverse effects, it is still recommended to consult with your doctor before consuming fluorine.

What is Fluorine?

Fluorine is known as an active component of halogen group. It is one of the important nutrients that your body needs regularly. The mineral belongs to the group of chlorine, iodine, and bromine. It is naturally found in water and as well as in other foods. Experts recommend consuming it through natural sources it first. But if you can’t, then it is recommended that you take fluorine supplements.

Food Sources of Fluorine

You can enrich your body by consuming foods that are loaded with fluorine. These food sources are:

  • Natural water    3-12 mg
  • Potato                3 mg
  • Seafood                  5 g
  • Tea/green tea     2-4 mg
  • Cucumbers             2 mg
  • Tomato                   2 mg
  • Leafy greens         2-4 mg
  • Seedless raisins    3 mg
  • Pickles                    2 mg
  • Dill herb                 3 mg
  • Apple juice    4 mg
  • Peas/Beans      3 mg
  • White rice             2 mg
  • Citrus fruits         4 mg

9 Impressive Health Benefits of Fluorine

Fluorine Food sources

1. Fluorine for Cognitive Function

Your psychological health is as important as your overall wellbeing. You can consume fluorine to improve your cognitive functionality. According to a study, this miraculous mineral is safe for psychological health and its deficiency can lead to age-related cognitive health problems such as Alzheimer’s disease. Another study also supports that fluorine is helpful if you wish to improve your IQ levels.

2. For Bones

Fluorine is known to prevent fractures including osteoporotic fractures that occur in your spine and hips. These fractures are life-threatening if not treated adequately.  Therefore, taking precautions is important in this regard. Besides this, you can consume this potent mineral to keep your bones stronger. According to experts, if your body has enough fluorine, there will be fewer chances of painful fractures and other bone problems.

3. For Strong Nails

Nail splitting, peeling and tearing are all signs of weak nails. However, you can have healthy nails by incorporating foods loaded with fluorine on a daily basis.  Although weak nails aren’t a major health problem, but you should never ignore it. The required amount of the minerals will fight factors that cause nail tearing and peeling. Since it is known to strengthen your nails, many brands add it to their products to heal damaged nails.

4. Fluorine for Cardiovascular Health

Several studies have concluded that fluorine is one of those minerals that are necessary to maintain a healthy heart. It can treat cardiovascular complications such as hypertension. Moreover, these studies have also highlighted that it helps in the atherosclerotic process. What it does is widens your arteries for streamlined blood circulation.

5. For Tooth Decay

If you’re dealing with oral health problems, start consuming fluorine as it is said to be an essential mineral for treating various gum and tooth related complications. It prevents tooth decay and combats enamel degradation. Fluorine is known develop new and larger crystals that are strong enough to resist acids. Although tooth enamel is hard, it is porous at the same time. As a result, the plague that sticks to the surface of your teeth starts producing acids that these enamel pores absorb. This process leads to the breakdown of the internal structure of your tooth, causing tooth decay.

6. For Liver Health

These minerals and vitamins are meant to benefit your health; however, it is suggested to consume them in moderation. In the case of fluorine, nutritionists suggest the same. Since your liver helps to remove harmful toxins, there is no question you should do everything you can detoxify the liver by eating foods loaded with fluorine. However, before you start consuming the mineral, it strongly recommended that you consult with your physician.

7. Fluorine for Cavities

Cavities are equally dangerous and utterly painful for children and adults. It might get troubling if you don’t spot and treat cavities at the initial level. According to a recent study, foods that contain fluorine are a great source to prevent various oral problems including cavities. Many toothpaste brands add it as well, therefore; buy a one that contains some amount of fluorine to maintain healthy teeth.

8. Fluorine for Children

Child specialists recommend fluorine supplements or medication for growing children and even for teenagers. Fluorine is known to improve the condition of your bones, teeth and cognitive functionality, which is necessary for children as well. If your child isn’t fluorine deficient, then the natural sources of the mineral are enough for him. In case of its deficiency, consult with your doctor before resorting to supplements.

9. Fluorine for Healthy Hair

Maintaining healthy hair isn’t a tough task. It only needs a proper and nutrient filled diet. Fluorine is one of those minerals that treats damaged hair and nourishes those deadlocks. It adds a shine to your hair and promotes follicle growth. Many brands have started including fluorine in a majority of hair care products. However, beauty experts still emphasize consuming fluorine from natural sources as they don’t contain adverse effects.

Bottom Line

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t difficult. All you need to do is incorporate a healthy diet and perform some daily exercises.  A proper diet means plenty of fresh leafy greens and fruits that contain numerous nutrients including fluorine.

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