11 Amazing Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone Broth Soup health benefits includes promoting joint health, boosting immunity, promoting restful sleep, slowing down the natural aging process, helps recovery from common cold, promotes muscle mass gain, promote gut health, support liver function, protect the heart, improves the mood and regulate cellular metabolism.

Have you ever enjoyed bone broth soup? Surprisingly, many people have yet to enjoy a savory bowl of bone broth soup, though this overlooked appetizer is loaded with nutritional goodness.

And why not consume bone broth as often as you can? It is virtually one of the easiest meals to prepare, and has been consumed since time immemorial, evidenced by diets consumed by native tribes all over the world. Today, we seem to have gotten lost on the consumption of meat products, and typically toss out the bones and connective tissue, whereas these hold some of the most health boosting properties of the animal.

Need more convincing why you should be consuming more bone broth? Let’s check them out below.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Bone Broth

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Bone Broth

1. Promotes Joint Health

Bone broth is likely most well-known for its benefits on joint health, being among the best sources of collagen of all foods. In animals, collagen protein forms a very important part of the structural system, being abundant in join and bone tissue. However, the typical Western diet is very deficient in foods from these sources, opting for skeletal meats.

When we are young, we may not notice this deficiency, but as we age and joints experience cumulative wear and tear, the effects of deterioration start to set in. Though collagen itself isn’t very highly digestible, luckily under high temperature, the structure of bones and connective tissue break down and form gelatin, which is easily digestible and can be used for collagen synthesis once more when consumed. This conversion takes a while however, and explains why preparation of good quality bone broth soup takes time.

2. Boosts Immunity

There are specific amino acids that help to boost immune function, many of which can be found in bone broth as well. These include amino acids such as arginine, cysteine and glutamine. Traditionally prepared bone broth soup is also believed to help modulate the inflammatory response of the immune system, being theorized to reduce the development of immune mediated disorders (the auto-immune conditions).

3. Promotes Restful Sleep

It has been believed for years that consuming a protein rich meal before bed can help with sleep, and this has been proven to be mostly true, thanks to again, specific amino acids. Amino acids are important components of the endocrine and neurotransmitter synthesis pathways, with many of them being necessary for health and restorative sleep. Tryptophan and glycine are two such amino acids, which boost serotonin production and help to relieve anxiety, so that restful sleep can be attained.

4. Slows Down The Natural Aging Process

Nothing is natural about the way we age today, due in large part to the high stress and toxin burden we are exposed to on a daily basis. The result of this is accelerated cellular breakdown, making us look much older than our chronological age. As a result of this, the supplement and beauty industries make billions each year, offering to us products that can slow down the hands of time. Many of these products contain a form of collagen, though their absorption is questionable in the first place. A superior option? Bone broth of course. As previously mentioned, the processing reduces collagen into absorbable gelatin, and its amino acid spectrum favorably boosts hormone product, in this case growth hormone which is a potent anti-aging tool our body has to offer.

In addition to this, it supports the health of our skin, joints and bones, which helps keep us looking our best and mobile well into our golden years.

5. Helps Recovery From The Common Cold

Turns our generations of that chicken noodle soup recipe  passed down through your family was really the “magic” cure for getting better from a cold, proven today by science.  Studies conducted found that chicken bone broth soups helped with faster recovery from colds, helping in mucus removal and making breathing easier. Since the common cold is basically infection of the respiratory tract, it is easy to see how the soup helps with these symptoms. Not to mention that when you are sick you likely don’t want a lot of food, or even solid food for that matter, soups become the perfect choice!

6. Can Promote Muscle Mass Gain

Bodybuilders are often on the lookout for ways to improve muscle mass density, but many overlook bone broth. Many instead just use milk based proteins such as whey and casein, in addition to regular meats, when they could likely accelerate gains by consuming a collagen based protein. Collagen based protein powders are expensive, consisting of hydrolyzed amino acids (for easier absorption) when you can get that for free basically by making bone broth at home. This way, you can prevent wastage of anything you buy, eating the meat right away, and making the bones in a savory soup enriched with veggies.

7. Promotes Gut Health

There is a condition known as leaky gut syndrome, characterized by the “leaking” of tiny undigested food particles directly into blood, bypassing the safety mechanisms of the body and posing a real hazard to your health. The gelatin in bone broth also helps reinforce the integrity of the gut wall, as well as reducing inflammation as a result of food intolerance.  It also helps support the integrity of the lining throughout the digestive tract, including that of the intestines and colon. Bone broth also supports healthy growth of probiotic bacteria throughout the digestive system.

8. Supports Liver Function

The liver is the most important organ for detoxification in the body, being taken for granted due to its resiliency. Bone broth can help insure your liver, assisting with the detoxification processes, making your natural anti-oxidant capacity more efficient. It also reduces oxidative stress on this organ, and supplies the aminos necessary to keep the cells lining it healthy. But that’s not all bone broth does to support detoxification, as it can improve the removal of toxic heavy metals that may have accumulated in your body, thanks to its ability to promote excretion of toxins in fat based tissues.

9. Protects The Heart

While we do not hear much of the adverse effect proteins can have on the heart, diets high in animal protein (such as beef, pork, chicken) can increase the risk of heart disease by causing elevations of the compound homocysteine. However, glycine found in bone broth can promote breakdown of this compound into the generally harmless cysteine. If you consume lots of traditional meats, you need to also add in bone broth to offset the possible adverse effects.

10. Improves Mood

Instead of opting for prescription medication, wouldn’t you prefer if food could give the same results? Bone broth, thanks to its ability to improve probiotic health, can also improve your mood thanks to stimulation of the vagus nerve. This nerve is connected to the spine, and can transmit feelings of anxiety and relaxation, which is why you feel a nervous stomach when worried. The reverse is true, with good gut health able to relax the brain.

11. Regulates Cellular Metabolism

Cellular metabolism includes the process of cell replication, along with programmed cell death and various signals that are essential to their function. The amino acids found in bone broth can also help to slow cellular turnover, as its acceleration will lead to premature aging.


Bone broth should become an essential part of your diet, regardless of your age or current health. Its numerous benefits are extremely beneficial, and thanks to its ease of preparation, making it is no excuse. You can even freeze thee excess and defrost for usage at a later date.

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