11 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Tea

Lavender Tea health benefits includes supporting tired muscles, treating insomnia, working as an antiseptic, maintaining cardiovascular health, treating indigestion, fighting inflammation, work as a detoxifier, improves respiratory health, treating acne, treating headache, restore body cells.

Herbalists favor the lavender plant due to various health benefits associated with each part of the plant. The buds, roots, leaves, flowers of the beautiful plant are packed with nutrients that can fulfill distinctive health deficiencies.

Scientific studies have proved its positive effects on the human digestive and respiratory health. Therefore, consuming lavender tea is suggested to treat various major or minor health issues.

What is Lavender Tea?

Lavender tea is made from lavender buds. The flowering plant is scientifically categorized as genus Lavandula. The dried lavender buds were widely used in traditional remedies for centuries. Lavender has remained a significant part of the fragrance industry as well. After the discovery of various health benefits, lavender tea got famous all across the world.

Nutritional Value of Lavender Tea

One cup of freshly brewed lavender tea contains following nutrients

  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 5 mg
  • Potassium 1 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 9 g
  • Vitamin C 4%
  • Calcium 1%
  • Copper 2%
  • Folate 1%
  • Iron     2%
  • Magnesium 1%
  • Manganese 4%
  • Niacin 1%
  • Pantothenic Acid 1%
  • Phosphorus 1%
  • Riboflavin 2%
  • Selenium 1%
  • Zinc 2%

How to Make Lavender Tea


  • One tablespoon of dried lavender buds
  • 2 cup water
  • Honey for flavor (optional)


Boil dried lavender buds in two cups of water for 10 minutes. Strain, consume freshly brewed and lavender tea and enjoy its soothing aroma.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Tea

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Tea

1. For Tired Muscles

Studies have concluded that consuming lavender tea after a long – tiring day or gym session can help alleviate muscle soreness. It is an herbal tea, and that is why it does not contain adverse effects.

Moreover, it is also a natural source to prevent muscle spasm, which can lead to several other musculoskeletal complications. Incorporating lavender tea can help you maintain your stamina as well, which is why drinking a cup of lavender tea before hitting the gym is a good idea!

2. Treats Insomnia

Sleep disorders are becoming familiar with each passing day. The diseases can put anyone under severe stress, which might affect their overall well-being. Therefore, to avoid debilitating conditions like this, try incorporating lavender tea into your diet.

The latter is a powerhouse of zinc and potassium that function to combat factors associated with insomnia. Regular consumption of lavender tea is also beneficial to relax your tensed nerves due to its sedative nature.

3. Works as an Antiseptic

Lavender tea is said to be a useful source when it comes to warding off infectious bacteria. Consuming freshly brewed lavender tea functions as an antiseptic and dismantles bacteria that may hurt your health.

4. Maintains Cardiovascular Health

Studies have proved that lavender tea contains zero fat and cholesterol content. Therefore it is safe to maintaining cardiovascular health.

The tea is potent enough to reduce cholesterol and plaque buildup in your arteries. However, do not opt for home remedies without seeking professional guidance in this regard.

5. Treats Indigestion

Indigestion is a said to be a result of stomach irritation in most cases. Lavender tea could help maintain your digestive system. It contains antispasmodic effect and can alleviate bowel cramps and symptoms of nausea efficiently. Consuming lavender tea promotes digestive bile as well, which is what allows your body to absorb nutrients.

6. An Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Enriched with polyphenols properties, lavender tea works as an anti-inflammatory agent. It can combat bodily inflammations caused by external or internal factors without hurting your overall well-being. You can also sip on some warm lavender tea in case of injury to boost the recovery process. However, in a severe case, it is suggested to consult with your primary care physician to rejuvenate damaged cells and tissues.

7. Works as a Detoxifier

You need to detoxify your body within weeks to ward off various factors that contribute to damaging your health. Nutritionists often recommend opting for a natural source in this context. They suggest lavender tea is a powerhouse of the antioxidants that are essential to combat free radicals and oxidative stress. When you consume the tea regularly, it will function to prevent your body from falling prey to these factors.

8. Improves Respiratory Health

People living with breathing problems can incorporate lavender tea into their diet. The tea is loaded with antibacterial properties. It can dismantle bacteria that contribute to combatting and preventing respiratory infections.  It is also a safe and natural source to open constricted airways that aid in proper breathing.

Nutritionists have suggested that consuming lavender tea at least twice a day can help maintain your overall respiratory health due to the healing and soothing properties it possesses.

However, no evidence is available to prove whether the tea is beneficial for asthma or other respiratory issues in children. Thus, avoid incorporating it into their diet in this regard.

9. Treats Acne

Acne problems are indeed frustrating for men and women alike. You need to incorporate foods enriched with antiseptic components to alleviate factors that contribute to it. Consuming lavender tea can prevent the onset of the condition – because the properties found in it can fight acne-causing bacteria effectively.

Moreover, you can also apply cooled lavender tea on the affected area to reduce redness and swelling. Although the tea could become a natural treatment for acne, you should also consult your dermatologist to identify an actual cause that contributes to the painful acne.

10. For Headache

Headaches are one of the most irritating health issues. A study has revealed that like lavender essential oil, its tea is said to beneficial regarding constant headaches as well.

Drinking a warm cup of the tea can help treat internal disorders that contribute to prolonged and frequent headaches.

However, in case of severe pain, you should refrain from self-medication and opt for detailed examination as it could be a symptom of a chronic psychological disease.

11. Restore Body Cells

Various external and internal factors contribute to dismantling your bodily tissues and cells. The condition could weaken your organs as well. Therefore, consuming foods enriched with antioxidants such as lavender tea is necessary to fight health-damaging factors.

The latter includes free radicals that widely contribute to damage your skin cells – resulting in early aging. You can consume lavender tea on a daily basis to delay the occurrence of pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Also, the components found in the tea functions to strengthen your internal body warding off oxidative stress. It is noteworthy here that natural sources do not contain adverse effects, but consuming them in moderation doubles the benefit.

Bottom Line

You can maintain your overall well-being by incorporating nourishing foods into your regular diet. Hence, buy some lavender tea and embrace a healthy body.

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