11 Amazing Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass Tea benefits includes detoxifying the body, protecting the body from biofilm activity, preventing anemia, increasing the body immunity, supporting healthier skin, relieving insomnia and treating headaches and migraines. Other benefits include supporting respiration, treating diabetes, treating fever and aiding digestion.

Natural teas have made a huge comeback in the world of health and fitness, their uses and benefits are many. This article aims to discuss how drinking lemongrass tea on a daily basis can help enhance both your physical and mental health in the long-run.

History and Origin

A native of the South Asian Region, lemongrass is a sledge that belongs to the Poaceae family. It is grown in most parts of South East Asia and Africa. It was first introduced to the Indian subcontinent about 1,000 years ago. India held most of the lemongrass trade in the 1950s.

Records showing the use of lemongrass have been unearthed. And they indicate the wide use of lemongrass among Greek, Roman and Egyptian medicine. Moreover, its wide use in perfumery is also well noted throughout history.

The cultivation of lemongrass is most popular in Sri-Lanka, India, China, Paraguay, and England. It is also one of the most exported crops of Africa. Most of the 55 species of this herb are native to the South Asian region. The two popular species are interchangeable; however, people prefer a stronger version of the herb both for drinking and incorporating it as an ingredient to prepare tantalizing delicacies.

What is Lemongrass?

Lemongrass is a medicinal herb native to Africa and India. It is versatile in nature as it can be used in teas and lemongrass oil is extracted from it. It is also an essential base for most Asian soups and stews. The tart lemon flavor mixed with a kick of pepper is favored in Asian cuisine quite a bit.

It has a longer stem, much like regular grass. It grows in clumps and is dried or used fresh. The nutrition in this herb is impressive and has been a treatment for many ailments for a long time.

Lemongrass can be used fresh, but is preserved in its dry form to be used all year round. The process is quite easy and can be done at home. All you have to do is get fresh stalks of lemongrass, rinse them well, pat dry them then let them air dry. Once these leaves are sufficiently dry, remove them from the stalks and store them in a jar. The dried leaves can then be added to broths, teas and so on.

Nutritional information

The nutritional composition is quite interesting; this herb is a treasure trove of minerals and invaluable vitamins. Lemongrass tea translates all the good qualities of this herb into a delicious cup of tea that provides you a dose of necessary nutrients.

  • Carbohydrates 25.31g
  • Protein 1.82g
  • Total Fat49g
  • Folates 75µg
  • Niacin 1.101mg
  • Pyridoxine 0.080mg
  • Riboflavin 135mg
  • Thiamin 0.065mg
  • Vitamin A 6mg
  • Vitamin C 2.6mg
  • Potassium 723mg
  • Calcium 65mg
  • Copper 0.266mg
  • Iron 8.17mg
  • Magnesium 60mg
  • Manganese 5.244 mg
  • Selenium 0.7 µg
  • Zinc 2.23mg

The abundance of vitamins and minerals makes lemongrass tea an excellent source of nutrients. A cup or two can provide you with many of the daily requirements for the above-mentioned nutrients.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

11 Amazing Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

The nutritional composition of lemongrass tea itself indicates the positive impact it can have on your overall health. We will further discuss how the herb helps boost your immunity, enhance your blood flow and detoxify your body.

1. Detoxifying

Lemongrass is an excellent stimulant and cleansing agent. Lemongrass tea can be very useful in increasing the frequency of urination, which subsequently cleans the liver and kidneys. Toxins are accumulated in the body due to environmental elements as well as an unhealthy diet. Lemongrass helps clean the body from within, which leads to streamlined circulation of nutrients and mineral to all vital organs.

2. Anti-Biofilm Properties

Staphylococcus is a bacterium that is largely unaffected by antibiotics. Lemongrass tea contains phytochemicals and phenols that help protect the body against biofilm activity and also fights off any infections that this particular form of bacteria may cause.

3. Anemia Prevention

The human body requires an adequate amount of iron to keep the red blood cell count healthy as well as the hemoglobin in check. Lemongrass tea is ideal for people suffering from anemia. The folates present in lemongrass tea promote better absorption of iron.

4. Increased Immunity

The body builds a defense system against infections and diseases by extracting nutrients from the food we eat. Lemongrass tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C in particular has proven effects on the immune system. Vitamin C combined with antioxidants build a powerful immune system that is hard to penetrate even for the most stubborn infections and bacteria – for example, the common cold.

5. Healthier Skin

Lemongrass tea makes up for an excellent toner; besides this, its astringent and antiseptic properties are enough to spike the interest of any skincare fanatic. Lemongrass helps purify the body through detoxification and also prevents breakouts and skin issues due to high amounts of vitamin C.

6. Relieve Insomnia

Lemongrass tea is very effective in calming the nerves. People who have difficulty sleeping often use a magnesium oil spray or magnesium supplements to help them sleep. Lemongrass tea is a natural source of magnesium. And with other nutrients and minerals, drinking a cup of lemongrass tea an hour or so before going to bed every night can help you eliminate symptoms associated with insomnia and help you sleep like a baby.

7. A Natural Pain Killer

The analgesic properties of lemongrass tea are very effective in treating headaches and migraines. The nutrients present in lemongrass are anti-spasmodic and also help reduce cramps. Lemon grass boosts muscle recovery and it is ideal to drink lemongrass infused water after a heavy workout session.

8. Respiration

A stuffy nose and a sore throat can truly suck the life out a person. Lemongrass tea is very beneficial in helping unclog the nasal cavity and soothe a sore throat. The vitamins and minerals present in it work in unison to keep the respiratory system healthy and free of infections.

9. Diabetes Treatment

Lemongrass tea should be the drink of choice for anyone suffering from Type-2 diabetes. The citral present in Lemongrass helps regulate blood sugar levels and also keeps the insulin amounts in check.

10. Treats Fever

Greeks and Romans considered lemongrass tea as the ultimate cure for fever. Next time when you feel feverish, a cup of lemongrass tea is sure to help calm the symptoms and provide relief.

11. Digestion

Lemongrass tea after a hearty meal can help enhance your digestion, especially if you have eaten a lot and feel bloated. Not only is it an anti-inflammatory, but the herb also reduces intestinal inflammation for adequate digestion.


A cup or two of lemongrass every day is a very healthy addition to anyone. Get some dried leaves or fresh ones and prepare yourself a cup to get the amazing benefits.

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