11 Amazing Health Benefits of Nettle Tea

Nettle Tea health benefits includes treating muscle pain, promoting cardiovascular health, maintaining kidney health, improving digestion, boosting immune system, enhancing the skin and treating respiratory. Other benefits includes supporting bone health, acting as a detoxifier, preventing inflammation and treating menstrual cramps.

Nettle tea possesses various health benefits. Consuming only one cup is potent enough to ward off health issues like inflammation, seasonal allergies, weak immune system, indigestion, skin irritation, etc. Nettle tea contains compounds that are essential to keep your body energized, and this is why nutritionists emphasized on consuming nettle tea at least once in a day.

What is Nettle Tea?

Nettle tea is obtained from stinging nettle that belongs to North Africa, Europe, and Asia. Scientifically, nettle is known as Urtica dioica. Stinging nettle remained a part of herbal medicine for decades, however, now it is widely consumed in the form of tea. Stinging nettles does contain a harsh chemical which can be neutralized only by soaking the plant into the water. Apart from this, the flowers of the plant are also utilized to produce nettle tea.

Primary Components of Nettle Tea

  • Antioxidants
  • Calcium
  • Carotenoids
  • Fiber
  • Flavonoids
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Protein
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Nettle Tea

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Nettle Tea

1. Nettle Tea for Muscle Pain

Nettle tea is widely consumed to treat muscle pain. The herb is loaded with analgesic compounds, and if consumed regularly, they can relieve chronic muscle pain effectively. Moreover, the properties found in the nettle are known to soothe bump and bruise. You can apply nettle tea on the affected area; simply soak a cotton ball and rub it gently. You can also treat a headache and sore back only by consuming one warm cup of nettle tea.

2. For Cardiovascular Health

You can maintain your blood pressure levels with the help of nettle tea as increased levels can contribute to various cardiovascular problems. The herb is a powerhouse of potassium and anti-inflammatory compounds that can lower tension in the blood vessels and arteries. Nettle tea is said to promote proper blood circulation in your body as well. This way, you can keep risks associated with the heart such as stroke and heart attack at bay.

3. It Maintains Healthy Kidneys

You can reap numerous health benefits from nettle tea and to maintain healthy kidneys is one of them. It is diuretic in nature and is known to accelerate urination. According to experts, nettle tea can be effective for the people suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia that contribute to daunting kidney problems including improper urination. The compounds in the tea are said to eliminate symptoms and increase testosterone levels in your body. Regular consumption of nettle tea is also effective when it comes to preventing kidney stone.

4. Improves Digestion

Indigestion isn’t only utterly irritating, but it is draining at the same time. The antioxidants found in the tea have shown potential to ward off factors that contribute to indigestion such as regular stomach cramps, diarrhea, IBS, and constipation. Indigestion usually occurs due to the bacterial imbalances in your gut. The compounds of nettle tea can effectively kill intestinal parasites and worms improving your gastrointestinal health by allowing the development of good bacteria.

5. It Boost Immune System

When it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system, nettle tea is highly recommended. The herb is a powerhouse of Vitamin C, carotenoids and flavonoids. Consuming these properties can ward off free radicals and adverse effects of cellular metabolism that is responsible for causing chronic diseases and cellular deterioration. Moreover, nettle tea is a natural source to cleaning out your immune system by fighting off oxidative stress.

6. Nettle Tea for Skin Care

The health benefits of nettle tea also include skin care. If you wish to keep your skin radiant and flawless, nettle tea is what you need. It is considered a must-have beauty product regarding skin care in various traditions across the world. You can get rid of skin problems such as irritation, acne, eczema, blemishes, etc. only by sipping this warm beverage. Moreover, the antioxidants found in the tea speed up the healing process of irritated skin preventing your skin from the occurrence of scars. You can apply nettle tea on the scars by soaking cotton pad on them.

7. It Treats Respiratory Problems

This tea has shown a positive impact on various respiratory conditions including asthma, hay fever, seasonal allergies, etc. According to a recent study, the combination of nutrients in the tea can ward off allergic reactions effectively. Moreover, treating respiratory problems such as Asthma with the help of nettle tea is being practiced traditionally in various parts of the world.

8. For Bones

Your bones need boron to maintain the Calcium content. If not done adequately, you can develop many bone problems such as osteoporosis. This is why experts favored the nettle tea and declared it as a safe source to obtain boron – a rare mineral. However, more studies are underway in this regard to find out further benefits of nettle tea on your bones. Also, it is recommended to consult with your doctor if you are suffering from chronic bone diseases before opting for self-medication.

9. It Works as a Detoxifier

Once you experience the benefits of nettle tea as a detoxifier, you will avoid using other products. It is a safe source to remove toxins, chemicals, free radicals, excessive salt, etc. from your body without affecting your organs adversely. Apart from this, nettle tea can effectively ward off toxins that might influence your gut allowing it to function smoothly. You can improve your lymphatic system with the help of nettle tea as it can remove excess toxins that are said to damage kidney cells.

10. It is Anti-Inflammatory

This tea is a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming the tea is highly recommended in herbal medicines to prevent various inflammations such as chronic muscle pain and arthritis. Many studies have been shown that regular consumption of herbal teas like nettle tea can treat gout, ward off symptoms of arthritis, and reduce muscle pain without affecting your health adversely.

11. For Menstruation

When it comes to treating pains, this tea is highly suggested. In herbal medication, it is widely used to treat menstrual cramps and symptoms associated with the menstruation. However, it is always advised to avoid self-medication and consult with your physician in severe conditions.

Bottom Line

This tea is a wondrous beverage and possesses many healthy compounds. When consumed regularly, the properties begin functioning and start regulating the irregularities in your body without hurting your overall health.

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