11 Amazing Benefits of Tropical Star Apple Fruits (Chrysophyllum Cainito)

Star apples are a unique fruit that are surprisingly, not very well known. With a taste that is said to remind one of sweet coconuts, you can see why it is loved by those that know of it. But it also has much more going on for itself than its taste, as it is a treasure trove on nutrients that are waiting for you to take advantage of

Ready to learn more about this versatile fruit? Then let’s go.

What Are Star Apples?

The star apple, known binomially as chrysophyllum cainito, is a tropical fruit that was originally native to islands of the West Indies. Today, it can be found growing throughout many parts of the world such as parts of Southern Asia.

The appearance of the star apple varies from yellow, to purple and a brown-green color. Star apples also contain a natural form of latex, which is important to keep in mind if you possess such allergies.

Nutrition Info (per 100g)

Dietary Fiber- 1.92g
Vitamin C -9.1 mg 10.11% RDI
Vitamin B3-1.137 mg 7% RDI
Iron-0.49 mg 6% RDI
Vitamin B1-0.049 mg 4% RDI
Vitamin B2-0.038 mg 3% RDI
Phosphorus- 19 mg 3% RDI
Calcium-12.35 mg 1.25% RDI

11 Amazing Benefits of Tropical Star Apple Fruits

11 Amazing Benefits of Tropical Star Apple Fruits

1. Helps Support Weight Loss

Star apples can help to support your weight loss goals thanks to the high amount of fiber they contain. Diets that are high in fiber are more likely to be associated with successful weight loss, since daily calorie intake is lower than compared to low fiber diets.

Star apples also contain a large amount of water, which on its own helps to suppress hunger and cravings.

2. Blood Sugar Management

While most often when considering the benefits of fruits we are referring to the actual fruit, star apples can help assist with blood sugar management by two mechanisms. For one, the fiber content in star apples are well known to have a beneficial effect on glucose levels in the blood by helping to slow their absorption.

In addition to this, however, it has been found that the leaves of the star apple plant possess insulin mimetic action that help to promote the clearance of glucose in blood. This is the way many antidiabetic medications today also work.

3. Supports Skin Health

Star apples, like many other fruits, are high in vitamin C content. This vitamin is often taken for granted, even though it should be considered one of the most important for your skin. Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of collagen, an important structural protein that aids in the preservation of skin’s youthful glow, and also the integrity of joints and other connective tissue.

By consuming more star apples to give your skin the advantage of enhanced collagen production, and are likely to be rewarded for it with youthful and healthy skin.

4. Can Help Prevent Anemia

Anemia is a largely preventable disorder that affects red blood cells by reducing their ability to carry oxygen rich blood to cells throughout the body. The best way to prevent anemia is by consuming foods that are rich sources of the mineral iron. B vitamins are also very important, but the majority of diagnosed cases of anemia are due to low iron consumption.

Star apples are a fair source of dietary iron, even though it is an excellent idea to combine it with heme sources of iron such as that obtained from animal sources.

5. Helps Keep Bones Healthy

Without a doubt the most important mineral for regulating bone health is calcium. However, calcium is not an isolated nutrient that does everything on its own, but works along with a host of supporting nutrients to ensure that bone matrix is formed.

Star apples contain calcium and phosphorus, which together ensure proper bone mineralization. Star apples are particularly beneficial if you are vegetarian and do not consume any animal-based products s.

6. Helps Improve Immunity

Star apples contain vitamins C and A which have antioxidant roles and help to strengthen your immune response. The production of specialized immune cells known as macrophages are also increased to more efficiently deal with pathogenic infections.

7. Good For Your Eyes

Star apples contain vitamin A along with Pro vitamin beta-carotene, which can improve your vision at night, and also benefit visual clarity .Ensuring that your diet supplies enough of vitamin A will reduce the likelihood of you experiencing vision loss later in life as a result of macular degeneration.

8. Mild Antipyretic Actions

Before attempting to use star apple to treat fevers, it is important to realize that it is not a dedicated fever reducing agent, even though it has been used for centuries throughout the Caribbean and South America for this exact purpose.

Fevers generally had a very high mortality rate before the advent of readily available medications, so you can trust that star apples worked and ensured survival of natives around the area where it grows.

9. Kills Intestinal Parasites

Star apples can be a great way to reduce the likelihood of you developing parasitic worm infections from the consumption of poorly prepared food. Regular consumption of the fruit not only prevent infections, but can actively kill adult parasites already in the host’s body too.

For this reason star apples are considered an effective natural remedy for parasitic infections in the countries where it is native that are also typically poorer third world countries that sometimes lack basic sanitation.

10. Can Help You Deal With Symptoms Of PMS

The symptoms of PMS cause women significant discomfort month after month, but luckily you can get some help in the form of the star apple. The potassium content of star apples helps promote the removal of excess fluid that can cause abdominal bloating and pressure, while the calcium can help decrease the spasms and smooth muscle contraction of the uterine walls.

In addition to this, star apples may also help to alleviate many of the emotional and psychological symptoms that women experience during PMS, making it easier to cope with.

11. Helps Promote Wound Healing And Fading Of Scars

Recovery from wounds can occur rapidly, or can take several weeks leaving behind a highly visible scar. It is very possible for you to improve your speed of recovery and also minimize the appearance of the subsequent scar by consuming star apples.

In a manner similar to its beneficial effect on the skin, by helping to promote collagen synthesis structural repairs are effected much more efficiently. While scar tissue is considered an imperfect replacement for damage skin, with enough cell replication cycles, the visibility of this layer can be reduced as deeper levels of skin are replaced.

12. Antitussive Action

The ability of star apples to help manage coughs can be very helpful to people in areas where conventional cough preparations are not readily available. Even though the exact mechanism behind its cough relieving properties are not well known, it’s long use in traditional medicine tend to indicate that it is effective.

13. Can Help Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Star apples may be able to help offer some support in the development of cancer by virtue of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. By acting as electron donors, many of the compounds within the star apple are able to stabilize very damaging free radicals to nullify their potential.

As a result, you are protected from possible cellular or DNA bombardment which could damage cells and initiate a cycle of mutations.


If you’ve never had a star apple before, now is a great time to get your hands on some. Even though they are not native to all parts of the world, you should have no difficulty finding some at a farmers market or even your local supermarket. Don’t miss out on all the benefits you can take advantage of.



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