13 Amazing Benefits of Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene amazing health benefits include promoting a healthy pregnancy, supporting health of skin, helps protect vision, improves respiratory health, decrease cardiac risk, can help prevent cancer, helps promote brain health, help prevent diabetes, can help prevent dandruff and other hair conditions, help reduce symptoms of scleroderma, and help reduce acne pimples and marks.

What is  Beta Carotene?

Beta-carotene, as the name should imply belongs to a family of compounds known as carotenoids which are commonly associated with the carrot family of vegetables. Beta-carotene is found abundantly foods and vegetables that are vibrantly colored, and is actually the pro-vitamin of vitamin a. Beta-carotene possesses numerous beneficial properties which can help to improve the health and well-being people that consume it. There are actually many different carotenoid antioxidants closely related to beta carotene, though this provitamin remains the most common.

The best part about beta-carotene supplementation? The fact that it is extremely safe, even though vitamin E itself is not very safe if consumed in high quantities. Beta-carotene is only converted into vitamin E when the need arises, and not anytime else. If you consume an excess it is simply eliminated as waste. It is also extremely easy to get fire consumption as long as you eat enough vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables. Interested to learn what else beta-carotene can do for your health? Then let’s get right into it.

13 Amazing Benefits of Beta Carotene

13 Amazing Benefits of Beta Carotene

1. Promotes a Healthy Pregnancy

Vitamin A is an extremely important nutrient during pregnancy, even though there is significant risk in consuming too much of it. This is why beta carotene is an attractive option as its toxicity level is extremely low. Vitamin A has rules simply in healthy development of the brain fetus, along with healthy lung development. It is recommended for pregnant women to consume as much as a 40% increased intake of vitamin a and up to 90% while breast-feeding. The best way to get this beta-carotene is via consumption of more plant foods.

2. Promotes The Health of Your Skin

Vitamin A is very well known for its beneficial effects on the skin, helping to in moisture content as well as reducing the impact of ultraviolet damage on the skin. It can also help to reduce the likelihood sun burn and irritation that occurs following prolonged exposure to sun. Though it cannot replace the function of sunblock, is very effective for reducing damage that is able to penetrate the skin.

3. Helps Protect Vision

As we age, our eyes are subject to increased rates of oxidation which inevitably break down vision and decrease the amount of light that enters eyes. Common condition known as age-related macular degeneration can be accelerated eventually leading to blindness if untreated. Beta-carotene and its family of associated carotenoids can significantly help to decrease the rate of this degeneration and help preserve vision for years to come. Beta-carotene used in conjunction with modern nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E are your best insurance for eye health.

4. Improves Respiratory Health

Beta-carotene can improve pulmonary function significantly and help reduce symptoms of respiratory disease such as asthma. Persons who consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in beta-carotene and citrus bioflavonoids experience reduced mucus secretion in the lungs, as well as the frequency of asthmatic attacks, shortness of breath and associated wheezing.

5. Decreases Cardiac Risk

Research has consistently shown that diets high in the antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E and C in conjunction with beta-carotene significantly increase the risk of experiencing cardiovascular episodes including coronary artery disease. These diseases are precipitated by a buildup. Of atherosclerotic plaques on the inside of the blood vessel walls which decrease blood flow and increase the risk of strokes or heart attacks.

6. Can Help Prevent Cancer

Antioxidant vitamins have remained as a mainstay in the prevention of cancer thanks to their ability to reduce oxidative damage and suppressing unwanted mutation of cells as a result. Even in cases of precancerous cells, beta-carotene shown to slow growth of the cells and allow the immune system to take care of them.

7. Helps Promote Brain Health

As we age your brain may lose some degree of its cognitive capacity, which can negatively affect your quality of life. In predispose individuals, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease may be the end result especially when coupled with a high oxidative damage burden. Beta-carotene helps to decrease oxidative damage on the brain, helping you preserve more of your cognitive function and also minimizing the risk of dementia.

8. May Help Prevent Diabetes

Type II diabetes commonly follows poor lifestyle habits, coupled with insulin dysfunction and gradual worsening of insulin sensitivity. It is believed that inflammation and oxidation play a significant role in the development of type II diabetes, affecting as far as the cells in the pancreas responsible for the production of insulin in the first place. In addition to fruits and vegetables having a lower glycemic index load, beta-carotene has been shown to decrease the risk of insulin insensitivity occurring. This also lends itself nicely to diabetics would need to consume better carbohydrate options.

9. Can Help Prevent Dandruff and  Hair Conditions

The deficiency beta-carotene and vitamin A in the diet can result in dryness of the scalp and increase the likelihood of dandruff occurring. Deficiency can also leave hair looking dry and lifeless. Think of beta-carotene as having hydrating properties on the scalp, minimizing dryness and flaking associated with dandruff.

10. Helps Reduce Symptoms of Scleroderma

Scleroderma is a skin condition that is auto-immune in nature, resulting in hardening of the skin. One of the complications of this disease is diminished levels of blood vitamin A, which can be replenished by ensuring good supply of beta-carotene. Though beta-carotene will not cure the condition, it can help to reduce the chronic inflammatory states associated with the condition, and improve the overall state of the dry and hardened skin.

11. Helps Reduce Acne Pimples And Marks

Acne is an annoying skin condition experienced by millions of people around the world, especially while going through puberty. Studies have shown that Vitamin A is extremely effective in helping manage acne outbreaks by decreasing sebum production, sebum being that oily substance produced by follicles that end up blocking them and causing small localized infections known as pimples to occur. Beta carotene is preferred to vitamin A as it can be converted in an as-needed basis to ensure enough Vitamin A is always circulating in blood.

12. Treatment For Oral Leukoplakia

Oral leukoplakia is a condition found commonly in people that smoke or chew tobacco, appearing as thick white patches that can be found on the gum or cheeks inside the mouth. Though at first appearance they may look like large canker sores, they are actually growths that are for the most part benign in nature. However, as with any benign growth, they carry the real risk of developing into cancer if the situation is right. People that consume foods high in beta-carotene or use its supplements report improvements or general favorable outcomes.

13. Improves Night Vision

People that suffer from poor night vision report improved sight following regular consumption of Vitamin A or beta-carotene rich foods. It is believed that it improves focusing of light onto the retina under low light conditions, allowing for the ability to see.


Beta-carotene is an extremely valuable pro-vitamin, found in many fruits and vegetables. Its margin of safety is excellent, something not common in fat soluble vitamins. Arguably everyone can benefit from consumption of more beta-carotene, regardless of your overall goals.

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