11 Wonderful Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea benefits includes easing atopic dermatitis, fighting off free radicals, supporting a healthy heart, fighting obesity, preventing cancer, preventing diabetes, reducing inflammation and supporting a health cognitive function. Other benefits includes supporting bone density, relieving stress and preventing hair loss.

Tea drinking is now a part of socializing in most countries; tea ceremonies in Japan, tea time in Britain, etc. have all become cultural necessities. With time, the consumption of tea has become associated with a healthy body and is now mostly used for various medicinal properties.

What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea is one of the most consumed teas out there. It is plucked from Camellia Sinensis, which is the same plant where the green tea and black tea come from. Oolong tea can be considered a mix of black and green tea with all the benefits of both these teas. The fermentation process is what separates oolong tea from the rest of the teas, green tea is not fermented, black tea is fully fermented and oolong tea is semi-fermented. Oolong tea is known as the traditional Chinese tea as its origins tie it to China.

Oolong tea is known in the Chinese culture as Wulong Cha, which translates to Black Dragon Tea. The flavors of the oolong tea vary depending on the variety and source of the leaves. Sometimes the tea can be extremely fruity, woody or thick tasting; it is a delicious beverage in all its varieties with multiple benefits for the human body. Here are 11 reasons why it should be an addition to your lifestyle.

11 Wonderful Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea health benefits

1. Atopic Dermatitis

A chronic skin condition with inflamed itchy skin and hay fever, atopic dermatitis can be eased through the consumption of oolong tea. There are studies that are being carried out to conclude the exact reason why oolong tea has proved beneficial in the treatment of dermatitis; however, people suffering from this disease can find relief by drinking oolong tea consistently. Some scientists believe that oolong tea contains polyphenols that are responsible for easing the skin condition.

2. Oxidative Damage

Free radicals cause the lipids in our skin to turn into lipid peroxide, which is the predominant cause of premature aging. Dark spots, wrinkles and crow’s feet are indications that your skin is experiencing oxidative damage. Oolong tea contains polyphenols that help fight the effects of free radicals, which helps slow down aging and degeneration.

3. A Healthy Heart

Oolong tea has the benefits of green tea and then some more. The abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in this teas help reduce the excessive cholesterol in the body, preventing any heart diseases. A study conducted on people who consume oolong tea and those who don’t resulted in showing 45% fewer chances of a heart disease in people who drink oolong tea. The tea helps stop the spread of atherosclerosis, which is the main cause of heart disease. Regular consumption of oolong tea helps with your blood, enhancing it and enriching it with oxygen. Oolong tea extracts help prevent cell deaths in muscle tissues to facilitate a stronger heart.

4. Fights Obesity

Obesity is the cause of many diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, arthritis and plenty more. Oolong tea promotes thermogenesis, which is the process through which the body releases more heat, this leads to faster break down of fat cells resulting in weight loss. Oolong tea suppresses the production of fat cells and increases the metabolism rate to facilitate weight loss. Doctors often recommend obese individuals to drink 2 to 3 cups of the tea on a daily basis.

5. Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a chronic disease. While there is no cure for cancer yet, the treatment for the disease isn’t by any means a sure-shot.  However, the best way to naturally eliminate free radical cell damage, the cause of cancer, is to increase your antioxidant levels, and drinking oolong tea will help you with that.  The Oolong tea contains antioxidants that target the growth of ovarian and pancreatic cancer.  The tea also stops the growth of melanoma cells in the body.

6. Prevent Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder, which is very common and many people are affected by it – not excluding the younger generation.  Studies are considering oolong tea as one of the beverages that have the ability to reverse symptoms associated with diabetes. Oolong tea consumption has shown positive effects on diabetic patients as the tea helps decrease the glucose levels in blood.

7. Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can be the root cause of many diseases, controlling and preventing it through diet is the best way to go. Natural remedies are better than conventional ones that have multiple side effects. Oolong tea targets genes that are actually responsible for causing inflammation and inhibit their effects. Regularly drinking oolong tea can protect the body from inflammation, 6 to 8 cups a week are recommended to see the desired results.

8. Healthy Cognitive Function

Oolong contains caffeine and L-theanine, which are compounds that are associated with increased focus and cognitive function, and alertness. Oolong tea contains EGCG, which slows down the degenerative process in the brain causing it to stay alert and fighting off diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s by 86%. Oolong tea helps maintain the function of the hippocampus, which strengthens the brain’s ability to remember and process information.

9. Bone Density

Bone density loss is a common problem faced by women when they experience menopause. This leads to diseases such as arthritis, and immune system dysfunction. Oolong tea is very beneficial in preventing bone density loss and even calms inflammation, which in turn prevents diseases from affecting women after menopause. Oolong tea also strengthens the bone structure and helps maintain stronger teeth.

10. Stress Relief

Oolong tea has a calming effect and helps alleviate mood. It calms the nerves and helps clear the mind.  It helps the body to maintain focus and stay calm while in a stressful situation.  Stress and anxiety are very difficult to deal with; drinking this tea will help keep you calm and positive. The polyphenols in oolong tea are stress relievers and immediately calm the mind and help it to stay focused.

11. Hair Loss Prevention

Oolong tea prevents hair loss due to the presence of antioxidants that protect the hair follicle from environmental damage and oxidative stress. Oolong tea consumption has shown positive effects on the male hormone DHT, which is responsible for premature hair loss. Rinsing the hair with freshly brewed cold oolong tea can help with maintaining long shiny hair.

Bottom Line

An healthy diet and eating the right foods is an excellent way of staying clear of diseases. Teas are rich in antioxidants and minerals that are sure to benefit the overall health of the mind and body. Prefer to drink teas such as oolong and green tea to keep the body in a healthy state.

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