11 Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea health benefits includes fending off harmful free radicals, reducing risk of type-2 diabetes, reducing stress, increased energy level and endurance, help improve mood and concentration, support weight loss and help detoxification of the body. Other benefits includes reinforcing the immune system, lowering risk of cardiovascular disease, promoting healthy and youthful skin and providing refreshment to the body.

What is Matcha Tea?

If you’re up-to-date on the recent health trends, then matcha green tea must have caught your eye. Its vibrant color and compatibility to be made into different dishes make it highly palatable. However, this isn’t the first time that the new Instagram-worthy superfood has been in the spotlight. In fact, it has been around for many decades, being used by the Japanese as an immunity booster. Did they know about its benefits long before anyone else? Perhaps they did, but these benefits should be the focal point when learning about matcha green tea.

Matcha green tea is different from other types of teas because it contains a far higher nutritional value. This is because matcha green tea is crushed and ground tea leaves. The fine, green powder contains all the locked nutrients of the leaf compared to other teas which contain a mere essence.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

1. Contains Catechin Antioxidants

Surely antioxidants are the showstopper constituent for healthy foods, but their function makes the title well earned. Matcha green tea is rich in antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals that cause havoc to our organs. By fending off these harmful radicals, antioxidants can protect the body from early aging. Catechins are powerful antioxidants that are an edge above the rest due to its cancer-fighting properties.

2. Reduces Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

The dangerous health issue of Type-2 diabetes is characterized by the body’s inability to use up glucose effectively. Having an intake of matcha green tea can have a positive impact on health if you show signs of prediabetes. Various studies show that the consumption of green tea and risk of developing diabetes is inversely related. They also show how matcha green tea can affect glucose and insulin levels in the body.

3. Helps Reduce Stress

Over a hundred years ago, drinking matcha green tea was the secret to staying calm and keeping the body relaxed. The presence of an amino acid called L-Theanine is the reason behind the causal relationship between matcha green tea and meditation. L-Theanine encourages the brain to produce alpha waves which contribute to the relaxing effect without inducing any harmful side effects.

4. Higher Energy Levels and Endurance

The surge of energy that one gets from drinking matcha green tea isn’t only because of its caffeine content. Many teas do contain traces of caffeine to an extent, but the increase of energy from matcha green tea is the result of its high nutrient value. In fact, it even improves physical performance in exercise and other activities. Athletes are sure to notice an increase in endurance capabilities after drinking green tea.

5. Helps Concentrate Better

Matcha green tea has a remarkable effect on focus and concentration levels due to the L-Theanine that it contains. It promotes the production of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine that have effects on mood and memory as well.

6. Weight Loss Properties

Studies conducted to discover the effects of matcha green tea on body fat found surprising results in its favor. Matcha green tea’s high nutrient count and effect on metabolism combine to bring a healthy change and decrease fat levels. Their powerful fat burning properties stem from the fact that matcha green tea contains L-Theanine that increases metabolism to help the body expend energy and break down fatty tissue faster. On the other hand, matcha green tea also comprises of several nutrients that provide the body with essential compounds to keep you healthy and away from unnecessary munching.

7. Cleanses and Detoxifies the Body

Unhealthy eating habits are what cause the intake of harmful substances that the body works hard to filter out. Foreign substances that do not belong to the body, such as alcohol, are broken down by the liver which leads to corrosion and high levels of toxicity. Matcha green tea can solve this problem by detoxifying the body and flushing out harmful toxins. The chlorophyll, which gives the powder its bright green color, is what helps in the process.

8. Reinforces Immune System

Our body’s defenses are the only thing protecting our internal functions from foreign dangers. A healthy intake of foods that can strengthen the immune system is what can maintain it, so our bodies stay protected against diseases. Matcha green tea is a fine example of such food. It possesses antibiotic properties that can fend off attacks from viral and bacterial substances. Additionally, matcha green tea also includes traces of essential minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, and vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C which are vital for a healthy immune system.

9. Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Matcha green tea’s ability to reduce the risk of heart diseases stems from its fat burning properties. Aside from a boost of confidence, it also reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. Research on the effect of matcha green tea on cholesterol levels shows that it may be the cause of positive change. The results prove that there may be a correlation between low cholesterol levels and regular intake of matcha green tea. This draws another obvious conclusion that those who drink matcha green tea are less likely to develop heart diseases compared to those that don’t drink it.

10. Healthy and Youthful Skin

The presence of antioxidants in matcha green tea is what makes it beneficial to the skin as well. The antioxidants neutralize the effects of free-roaming radicals that can cause the body’s organs to function ineffectively. They also contribute to skin-aging associated with loose and wrinkly skin. Antioxidants will help delay the aging process for skin cells that are highly sensitive to it. An added benefit is that the hydration from drinking matcha green tea will lock in the moisture to keep the skin soft and supple.

11. Amazing Taste

It has a much better flavor that doesn’t require time to get used to. Unlike other teas and even coffee, it isn’t bitter. It also doesn’t require additives such as sugar or milk to improve its taste or make it easier to swallow, so it tastes good just as it is. The L-Theanine contributes to the unique flavor by giving a savory tang that makes it all the more desirable. A superb fact is that it can be served in various ways, hot or cold to suit your preferences.


These compelling benefits should always bring you to the obvious conclusion that matcha green tea is a must-have for your diet. With a regular intake, you’re sure to observe that it brings an enhancement and a positive change in your lifestyle.

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