11 Healthy Foods That Are High In Iodine

To avoid malfunctioning of thyroid glands, you need to incorporate iodine into your daily diet. This mineral is essential in the production of hormones in your thyroid glands. Iodine deficiency leads to dangerous health conditions such as auto-immune diseases, goiter, hypothyroidism, mental retardation in children, and cretinism.

According to health experts, iodine deficiency in pregnant women impedes healthy development of the fetus. Nutritionists recommend adults need around 150 mg of iodine on a daily basis whereas expectant mothers require higher doses of the mineral throughout their pregnancy.

They should also consult with the doctors in case of iodine deficiency and refrain from self-medication.

Iodine is widely found in seafood, sea vegetables, and several food sources. Obtaining iodine is ideal from natural sources; so, here is a list of foods loaded with the mineral.

1. Lima Beans

Lima beans contain a considerable amount of iodine and make an excellent food source for vegetarians and vegans. Lima beans along with vegetables, herbs, and spices are also a nutritious meal for children. Incorporating 2 – 3 servings of lima beans into your diet is necessary to keep iodine deficiency at bay.

Health benefits of lima beans include improved heart health, more dietary fiber; better digestion, lower cholesterol levels; it also keeps you full for longer hours, and is low in calories.

2. Cod Fish

Cod Fish

Seafood like codfish can become your ultimate source to get iodine. It blends in well with many recipes. You can incorporate thick pieces of the fish into your sandwich. It can become a delicious ingredient for soup and stew as well. However, you should only look for fresh and good quality codfish to make the most of it.

Health benefits of codfish are better blood flow, reduced risk of cardiac arrest, better eye health, and it prevents age-related memory deterioration.

3. Seaweed

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Iodine is not only present in seafood, you can obtain it from sea vegetables as well. Seaweed like kelp is one of the richest sources to get the mineral. You can consume kelp whole or combine it with other food sources to prepare a nutrient-dense meal. Nutritionists recommend at least one serving in a week to maintain iodine in your body.

Health benefits of seaweed are lower blood pressure, maintains cardiovascular health, promotes clarity and concentration, and helps with weight loss.

4. Yogurt

If you are a fan of yogurt, you will be delighted to learn that consuming yogurt topped with berries and nuts can provide 70 mg of iodine. If you struggle to incorporate seafood or sea vegetable into your diet, you should opt for yogurt instead.

Eating one medium-sized cup of plain yogurt is enough to get your daily requirement of iodine. Some significant health benefits of yogurt are better skin condition, stronger bones, youthful skin, and more skin elasticity.

5. Sardines

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Low-calorie fish do not only help you shed extra pounds but it contains iodine as well. Sardines can also become a great source of obtaining good fats such as MUFAs and PUFAs. So, sauté some organic vegetable or serve some sardine along with mashed potatoes and eat a nutrient-packed meal.

Health benefits of sardines also include better psychological health; it also prevents age-related memory disorder, combats premature aging, and strengthens nails.

6. Milk


Studies reveal that iodine is widely found in grass-fed cows. You can obtain 150 mg of iodine from 250ml of milk which prevents the risks of iodine deficiency in the first place. You need to incorporate at least one serving of milk (on a daily basis) into the diet children not only to prevent iodine deficiency but to keep bone deterioration at bay. There is low-fat milk variety available in the market as well if you want to avoid excess calories.

Other health benefits of milk are strong bones and teeth; it is a source of calcium, protein, and minerals, and promotes healthy growth of children, and prevents osteoporosis.

7. Cheese

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Dairy products are a powerhouse of cheese. Like milk, you can obtain a considerable amount of iodine from cheese as well. You should add grated cheese on top of your meals. Or, adding a slice or two to pasta can also become a mouthwatering way to get iodine.

Nutritionists suggest that mozzarella and cheddar are the best cheese options you should look for. However, keep an eye on the quantity and overconsumption of cheese as it is a calorie-packed food source.

Other health benefits of cheese are that it prevents cavities, lowers high blood pressure, prevents osteoporosis, provides natural shine to your skin, boosts immunity, and wards off pains like headaches and migraine.

8. Shrimps

Shrimp health benefits

According to health experts, shrimps soak up mineral from seawater and accumulate it into their bodies. This process makes shrimps a storehouse of iodine. The delicate and savory shrimps also provide a slew of nutrients that your body needs. So, next time when eating out, do not forget to order some shrimps and get a quick dose of iodine.

Some significant health benefits of shrimps are that it manages cholesterol levels, prevents choric diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, promotes heart rate, impedes premature aging, and boosts hair health.

9. Canned Tuna


Simply spread a few pieces of tuna on a bed of lettuce leaves and wrap it in tortilla bread to get a considerable amount of iodine. Canned tuna is one of the best food sources of iodine that blend well with several recipes including salad. A single serving of tuna contains up to 34 mg of iodine that is your daily requirement as well.

Health benefits of canned tuna include improved weak eyesight, prevention of age-related eye disorder, improvement in skin condition, and proper functioning of the brain.

10. Eggs


An egg is one of the super foods that contain a considerable amount of nutrients including iodine. You can incorporate eggs into your diet in various ways. Nutritionists recommend adding iodine to the diet of pregnant women or nursing mothers via egg yolk.

Health benefits of eggs are the healthy development of children, strong bones and teeth, mental and cognitive growth in infants; it is a source of protein and keeps you full for hours, helping with lose weight.

11. Strawberries


Savory, sweet, and sour strawberries are packed with iodine as well. A small-sized bowl of organic strawberries makes a great snack and a way to get iodine. One serving of strawberries contains 88g of iodine.

Some significant health benefits of strawberries are that it treats skin disorders like acne, prevents anemia, boosts immunity, increases metabolic rate, wards off risks of chronic diseases like cancer, and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.

Bottom Line

Iodine deficiency is a serious health issue. We suggest consulting with your doctor and avoid self-medication.

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