11 Proven Health Benefits of Quercetin

Quercetin health benefits includes preventing allergies, preventing free radicals, supporting cardiovascular health, reducing pain, increasing stamina, controlling blood pressure, enhancing the skin, preventing cancerous cells, helpful in atherosclerosis, controlling stress level and supporting respiratory health.

Quercetin is the only flavonoid that is widely included in the human diet due to its positive impacts on overall health. This super flavonoid treats various health problems and is commonly found in fruits and vegetables, for example, apples, citrus fruits, onions, olives, berries, and grapes.

What is Quercetin?

Found in fresh vegetables and fruits, it is a component that keeps you active and energized. You can get plenty of quercetin by consuming fresh pomegranate juice regularly. And you can enrich your body with it just by drinking a warm cup of green tea. Apart from a natural source, quercetin supplements are also available in the markets. According to experts, consuming it in any form can reduce stress levels. This flavonoid has a potential to support respiratory health as well. Here are some more health benefits of it that will encourage you to consume foods that contain a huge amount of quercetin.

Nutritional Value of Quercetin

  • Sodium 25 mg
  • Cholesterol   0 mg
  • Thiamin       120%
  • Riboflavin      110%
  • Niacin 90%
  • Vitamin B6 110%
  • Vitamin E     135%
  • Vitamin D        150%

11 Proven Health Benefits of Quercetin

11 Proven Health Benefits of Quercetin
Food Sources of Quercetin

1. It Aids in Allergies

Quercetin is known as a natural antihistamine that relieves seasonal and as well as food allergies. Moreover, this flavonoid has potential to alleviate asthma and skin reactions effectively. In the case of severe allergy, your body drains all the energy making you weak, quercetin is said to restore lost energy and keeps you active.

Your body naturally produces histamine, a substance that detects sensitivity or allergy. This substance is what known as an allergic reaction of the body that causes discomfort. Quercetin performs two functions; first, it combats this unhealthy substance and then heals your body. Once the excretion of histamines stabilizes, symptoms of allergy, for example, watery eye, cough, swollen lips of tongue reduces significantly.

2. It Prevents Free Radicals

Quercetin also works as an antioxidant. It fights oxidation effectively, which is a common phenomenon associated with aging. However, during oxidation, a number of adverse substances are formed, including free radicals, which are extremely damaging. These free radicals are said to destroy cells in the body that protects your body against various infections. They can even influence DNA functionality and increase the mutation of cells, which most of the time results in damaged or dead cells. Quercetin has properties that are responsible to fight factors that promote these free radicals and to ensure a healthier body. Since a commonly found flavonoid performs beneficial functions, it is essential to consume food that contains a decent quantity of quercetin to keep free radicals and negative substances at bay.

3. Quercetin for Cardiovascular Health

Maintaining cardiovascular health is essential for a healthy life. You can do it by simply incorporating quercetin into your daily life and it could be in any form. It is found as a great source that prevents health from various health complications. Consuming plenty of foods that contain quercetin ensures a smooth blood flow and prevents any clotting in the arteries, which can otherwise lead to symptoms of stroke and cardiac arrest. . It is recommended to older people as quercetin is found to reduce the rate of cardiovascular disease.

4. It Reduces Pain

Joint pain due to arthritis or inflammatory disease can be very discomforting. Doctors usually prescribe strong painkillers that can wreak havoc in your body in the long run. That is why it is essential to go with a more natural form of pain alleviation – and nothing can be better than quercetin. Experts suggest that consuming supplements enriched with quercetin can reduce the level of pain without any adverse effects. Many studies also support the fact that consuming this super flavonoid not just eases arthritic and acute pain, but can also combat symptoms that contribute to these conditions. If you are dealing prostate inflammation, you can consume the flavonoid; however, it is important to for first consult with your physician before doing anything.

5. It Increases Stamina

You may find it surprising, but regular consumption of quercetin not just improves the condition of your health, but can boost your stamina as well. Experts trust this flavonoid when it comes to enhanced stamina and this is why it is often suggested to athletes. It is extremely nutritional as it is extracted from natural vegetables and fruits. If you are looking for something that can help increase your stamina naturally, start taking quercetin in the form of fruits and vegetables.

6. It Controls Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a doorway to many other illnesses hence, it is essential to take precautions that normalize your blood pressure impeding further health problems. Moreover, the quickest and easiest way to stabilize your increased blood pressure is to replace processed and oily foods with fresh vegetable and fruits that are naturally loaded with Quercetin. Also, high potency supplements aren’t required but just by consuming a healthy diet you can combat blood pressure issues along with improved cardiovascular health.

7. Quercetin for Skin

Your skin is a delicate and sensitive part of your body, which requires extra care and protection. Many dermatologists would suggest different skin treatments and supplements to keep it flawless and youthful. But you don’t have to spend extra money on something that is naturally available. According to dietitians, eating a quercetin filled diet, which is usually based on leafy greens; other vegetables and fresh fruit smoothies can contribute to the youthful skin as well. It nourishes your skin naturally and enhances your complexion as well. Being an antioxidant, quercetin has an ability to fight factors that promote early aging.

8. It Prevents Cancerous Cells

Several studies have concluded that Quercetin can control the growth of hazardous cancerous cells. It can fight free radicals too and significantly protect your body from them. Moreover, the component is also known to neutralize negative impacts of those radicals on the body cells.

9. It is Helpful in Atherosclerosis

Blocked arteries can cause various health issues if not treated early. Atherosclerosis is a health disorder associated with unhealthy arteries. It happens when bad cholesterol and excessive fats are stored in them. However, consuming quercetin based diet not just relieves this condition, but reduces the buildup in the arteries as well.

10. It Controls Stress Levels

A stressed body isn’t the healthy body. The damages it causes are beyond your imagination. During this condition, a hormone called cortisol is produced. It is known to damage muscle tissue, which further leads to protein malfunctioning. Quercetin can also help in this condition as it has the potential to combat these health problems. Moreover, consuming quercetin is known to suppress the enzyme that produces cortisol in your body.

11. Quercetin for Respiratory Health

The abnormal release of histamines can adversely impact your respiratory system leading to multiple health complications such as redness, irritation, and swelling. Being loaded with anti-histamines, quercetin can treat these respiratory problems. It influences intracellular enzymes and reduces excessive histamine excretion.


Found in regular vegetable and fruits, quercetin is extremely useful. It maintains your health and heals irritation. Start incorporating it into your daily life and take all the health benefits associated with it.

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