13 Amazing Benefits of Bancha Twig Tea

Bancha Twig Tea health benefits includes maintaining oral health, detoxifying the body, preventing cancer, promoting weight loss, supporting cardiovascular health, treating cold and flu, preventing HPV infection, managing diabetes, boosting energy levels, supporting respiratory health, and supporting psychological health.

Consuming herbal teas has become a trend, and most common amongst all is green tea. Nutritionists suggest that like the latter, bancha twig tea also possesses tremendous health benefits.

It could become a natural source to reap plenty of minerals and various vitamins including B complex. These nutrients function to strengthen your internal body preventing chronic diseases effectively.

What is Bancha Twig Tea?

It is the Japanese variation of green tea. Bancha twig tea is widely consumed in Japan and is a part of their tradition. It got favor due to the benefits it contains regarding your overall health. It derives from twigs of the tea plant and tastes slightly bitter.

The cultivation process of bancha twig is similar to sencha – the high-end Japanese tea. Also, the leaves of the bancha are coarser and larger that is why it is pocket-friendly.

How to Make Bancha Twig Tea


  • Crushed and dried leaves of bancha
  • Water
  • Lemon for flavor
  • Honey for flavor


The tea is super easy to prepare. All you need is to boil one cup of water. And add the leaves of bancha to brew. Strain and pour into a cup. Add lemon or honey for flavor depending on your choice. And your fresh cup of bancha twig tea is ready.

Nutritional Value of Bancha Twig Tea

  • Copper 8 mg
  • Calcium 5 mg
  • Folate 8 mg
  • Fluorine 5 g
  • Manganese 9 g
  • Vitamin A 5 mg
  • Vitamin B complex 5 g
  • Vitamin C 3 mg

13 Amazing Benefits of Bancha Twig Tea

13 Amazing Benefits of Bancha Twig Tea

1. Maintains Oral Health

Enriched with catechins, bancha twig is an excellent source when it comes to maintaining your oral health. The nutrient found in it is considered an antiseptic that helps ward off infections that contribute to various oral problems. Also, rinsing your mouth twice a day with cooled bancha tea can prevent the onset of oral infection.

2. Works as a Detoxifier

Isn’t it great sipping on some warm beverage and let it dismantle health-damaging factors in your body? Bancha twig tea can do it for you. Nutritionists suggest that it possesses detoxifying properties and does not contain harmful effects. Consuming the tea regularly steers your liver and kidney clear of factors that might cause oxidative stress to them. It functions to flush out toxic wastes from your body.

3. Prevents Cancer

A study has shown that bancha contains components that can function to ward off cancerous cells. They can also impede their further spread in your body. The tea can prevent the occurrence of cancers such as esophageal, pancreatic, and bladder. However, more evidence is required to prove the claim.

4. Helps in Weight Loss

You may have heard that consuming 2 – 3 cups of green tea facilitates the fat burning process in your body. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that consuming bancha twig tea regularly can do the job for you as well. It contains zero sugar and calories.

Hence, it could become an ideal source to shed some extra pounds. The enzymes found in it promote bile activity that strengthens your digestive system and boosts metabolic rate. When consumed regularly, both functions will aid in weight loss without putting significant efforts.

5. For Cardiovascular Health

Nutritionists recommend consuming at least one cup of freshly brewed bancha tea to heart patients. It will widen constricted arteries allowing blood to flow without obstruction. Narrowed arteries often result in blood clotting that leads to various cardiovascular problems such as stroke and heart attack. However, consult with your cardiologist to avoid further debilitating cardio issues.

6. Treats Cold and Flu

Bancha could become a quick escape in case of utterly irritating cold and flu. It possesses vitamin C that is necessary to consume as it boosts your immune system. This way, your body will be less likely to fall vulnerable to infectious bacteria that cause flu and cold.

7. Prevents HPV Infection

The abnormal development of cells in your cervix results in HPV infection that is a daunting health problem. You can impede the growth via consuming two cups of bancha tea regularly. However, it is suggested to consult with your primary care provider in this regard to avoid further damage.

8. For Diabetes

Nutritionists recommend incorporating bancha twig tea into the diet of people with diabetes. It contains no calories and sugar content. This is why it cannot damage the health of people with diabetes. Moreover, it has potential to balance out the levels of glucose in your bloodstream curbing sudden spikes of it at the same it.

9. Boosts Energy Levels

You need to consume processed and sugar-filled energy drinks to maintain energy levels. Enriched with plenty of vitamins and minerals, freshly brewed cup of bancha tea can do it for you effectively. Nutritionists suggest consuming it after lunch; it will restore your low energy levels allowing you to perform well rest of the day.

10. For Respiratory Health

Various infectious bacteria could cause respiratory tract infections. The latter is considered a daunting health problem. You can alleviate factors that contribute to the infection via bancha tea. Nutritionists often state that consuming the tea can help prevent the symptoms of asthma attacks. However, no evidence is available to support the claim.

11. For Psychological Health

The disturbed mental state has potential to affect your overall well-being adversely. Constant feeling of despair might result in chronic diseases. That is why nutritionists recommend foods enriched with nourishing properties such as bancha tea.

The minerals like folate, fluorine, and selenium function to restore your mental capabilities combating factors associated with anxiety and stress. Regular consumption of the tea could also allow you to concentrate and focus.

12. Maintains Healthy Skin

You can reap plenty of vitamin C from bancha tea that is an antioxidant. The latter is known to ward off skin-damaging element like free radicals. When consumed on a daily basis, vitamin C helps rejuvenate damaged skin cells leaving your skin clear and radiant.

Also, bancha tea can provide the adequate amount of moisture to your skin that will ultimately delay the onset of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging. Therefore, it could become your beauty secret as well.

13. Reduces High Cholesterol Levels

Consuming processed foods regularly can increase the cholesterol levels in your body. The plague and build up in your blood vessels can contribute to debilitating cardiovascular problems. That is why nutritionists recommend incorporating bancha tea into your regular diet.

Bottom Line

Although natural sources, such as bancha twig tea, do not cause adverse effects, it is still advised to consume it in moderation to prevent health damages.

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