13 Impressive Benefits of Lime Essential Oil

Lime Essential Oil health benefits includes fighting infections, fighting cold, increasing appetite, aiding digestion, acting as natural disinfectant, treating psoriasis, reducing fever, reducing signs of aging, treating arthritis and joints pain, boosting the mood, stimulating energy, clearing skin and acne, repelling insects, and treating dandruff.

What is Lime Essential Oil?

Lime essential oil is a powerful disinfected, immune booster and more. In it’s oil form it is very versatile both for your health and around your home. More than just a garnish on your cocktail, limes have been used medicinally for hundreds of years. British sailors or “limey’s” picked up the nickname by having crates of limes on their ships. They travelled with the hearty fruit as a way to prevent and treat skin diseases and scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency that can be fatal if left untreated.

Lime oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit, not the juice. Limes are well known all around the world and used in everything from preserves to pastries and beverages. Limes originally grew in Southeast Asia but now grow in warm climates globally. Lime oil has a variety of benefits including natural cleansing properties, it is rich in vitamin C and when it’s diffused can help clean the air.

13 Impressive Benefits of Lime Essential Oil

13 Impressive Benefits of Lime Essential Oil

1. Fights Infections

Lime, like other citrus has antiseptic properties. Naturally fighting bacteria, lime essential oil can treat infections of the mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, and urinary system. It can also help stop the spread of infection. How to take: mix 1 drop in 1 tbsp honey and take once/day when symptoms appear. You can also take 1 drop in a small amount of water or use topically mixed with a carrier oil.*

2. It may Fight the Common Cold

Also affective for treating viral conditions, lime oil could help with things like the common cold, mumps and measles. The vitamin C content of lime oil also helps to boost the immune system so your body’s natural defenses are stronger. How to take: take 1 drop in a small glass of water. It may also be used aromatically in a diffuser. Use according to your diffusers instructions.

3. Increases Appetite and Aids Digestion

Used as aperitif to increase appetite, just a taste can get digestive juices flowing. Signalling to the body that food is coming helps digestion and lime oil can be used to increase appetite as well.

4. Natural Disinfectant

Used in many natural cleaning products you can also add lime oil to vinegar for a better smelling homemade cleaner. Mix half a cup of vinegar, half a cup of water and 12-24 drops of lime oil. It is great for cutting through grease and you can use it as a multi purpose cleaner! Lastly, diluted oil can be used to disinfect wounds as well.

5. Treatment for Psoriasis

Lime essential oil, along with other oils like Lavender or Sandalwood can be very effective in the treatment of this autoimmune and inflammatory skin condition. The cleansing properties of lime oil are a good addition to different oil blends. Never put oils directly on the affected areas without a carrier like fractionated coconut oil.

6. Reduces Fever

Fever is a natural response to fight infection and can be a healthy response of the immune system. However, too high of a fever can be dangerous as it can damage healthy cells. As fever is always present with an infection, by the lime oil treating the cause of the fever it may help bring the temperature down.

7. Reduces Signs of Aging

Lime essential oil can help external signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots. Lime oil helps to tone and strengthen muscles, skin and tissues. Internally, organ systems also benefit due to the muscle toning effects. How to take: either internally with 1 drop of oil in a small amount of water or with a carrier oil applied directly on the face as you would a cleanser.

8. Good for Arthritis and Joints

To help with arthritis and sore joints, diffuse lime oil while you sleep. You can also mix lime oil with a carrier oil and rub it on the effected joints. Thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory benefits, lime oil can help to reduce many chronic pain conditions.

9. Mood Booster

Lime essential oil is naturally up lifting and encourages positivity. Try adding a few drops to your bath oil.

10. Stimulating Energy

Aromatically, lime oil is energizing and a perfect addition for your diffuser. If you’re in need of a pick me up place one drop in your palm, rub your hands together 3-4 times and cup your hands around your nose to inhale. Be sure to close your eyes or it may sting a little. You can even wear it as perfume!

11. Natural Insect Repellant

Used indoors, lime essential oil is safe for pets while repelling ants (though cats don’t like the smell of citrus it’s not harmful for them). Mosquitos and other bugs also dislike the smell for outdoor trips and adventures.

12. Beat Dandruff and Calm Frizzy Hair

Adding a few drops of oil to your favourite shampoo will help strip oil from your hair while keeping your scalp moisturized. It’s natural disinfectant cleans without being overly drying.

13. Clears Skin and Acne

The powerful disinfectant properties of lime oil are great to remove impurities from the skin that may aggravate acne. Mix with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba and apply to your face as a cleanser. Rinse well afterwards and finish with your favorite moisturizer.


Then it comes to cleansing and purifying, lime essential oil is a great addition. It can be used in conjunction with lemon oil or on it’s own for it’s cleaning and cleansing power. Not just a culinary ingredient, full of antioxidants and beneficial compounds, lime oil can be used for a variety of medicinal and pain management applications. The vitamin C found in lime oil with immune system function and healing power. Lime oil may be a lesser known oil but with a myriad of health and disinfectant benefits it can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.


*If using oils topically, always test a small patch of skin to see if a reaction occurs. When used topically, lime is best diluted in a carrier oil (usually sesame or fractionated coconut oil) to help absorption and also for sensitive skin.

Important notes: In rare cases, lime oil causes photosensitivity so it is best to avoid sunlight after using this oil on your skin. It’s suggested to wait for 6-24 hours before sun exposure. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a health care practitioner before using. Keep out of reach of children and do not apply to sensitive areas such as inner ears. When ingesting edible oils, always consult a qualified practitioner and ensure the oil is food grade quality.

These statements may not have been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor or a health care professional before beginning a new health regime.

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