15 Impressive Benefits of Caraway Essential Oil

Caraway Essential Oil health benefits includes supporting digestion, treating muscle spasms or cramps, supporting cardiovascular health, supports milk production and offers colic relief, acts as disinfectant and antiseptic, act as a natural household cleaner, helps relief stress, supports kidney health, supports weight loss, helps reverse delayed menstruation, supports good sleep, and helps brighten the skin.

What is Caraway Essential Oil?

Caraway has a long and mysterious history and our modern world is beginning utilize the benefits of the seeds and their oils. Caraway essential oil is becoming more popular along with the seeds having an extensive culinary history. They are a relative of the carrot family with the leaves having a similar appearance. They have a unique flavour and scent that is best described as combination fennel, anise and licorice.

Caraway is most commonly found in rye bread and pastries in North America. Much more prevalent in Europe and Middle Eastern cuisine, caraway has been traced back to it’s beginnings with names originating in Latin, Greek, Sanskrit and Arabic. Caraway seeds have been found in prehistoric Europe as well as being used in breads, pastries, meats, liquors and a common practice in India is to crew a few of the seeds after a meal to sweeten the breath and aid digestion.

From a spiritual and religious perspective, this plant is said to have protective properties for both possessions and people. It has been a common practice to leave caraway seeds with prized possessions to protect them from damage and theft. Protective for people and a potent healing agent, it is said to have cured many diseases.

While the seeds have varied uses and a diverse history, the concentrated oil touts many health benefits that we can benefit from on a daily basis.

15 Impressive Benefits of Caraway Essential Oil

15 Impressive Benefits of Caraway Essential Oil

1. Digestive Aid

One of it’s best known properties, caraway can calm the digestive tract, help indigestion and signal the liver and gallbladder to secret digestive juices. It has been said to heal ulcers, ward off infections and calm excess gas. How to take it: using a food grade oil, take 1 drop in a small glass of water after eating to prevent digestive upset and encourage digestion. It can also be taken in the same way upon the onset of symptoms.

2. Muscle Spasms or Cramps

Said to give immediate relief from muscle spasms of all sorts this oil can be great for muscle tension, recovery in athletes or for use with recurring spasms. Also related, caraway can be a cure for hiccups which are a simple spasm of the diaphragm.  How to take: using a food grade oil, take 1 drop in a small glass of water. You an also apply topically to the effected area using a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil.*

3. Cardiovascular Health

Regular use of caraway oil can help tone and strengthen heart muscles, reduce blood cholesterol, prevent hardening of arteries and veins and lower blood pressure. Due to this variety of benefits caraway oil is protective for many heart conditions. How to take: use 1-2 drops of food grade essential oil in a small amount of water on a daily basis.

4. Anti-Histamine Properties

Anyone with allergies will know the results of too much histamine in the body. Stuffy nose, watery eyes, coughing and general inflammation occur with allergies or eating too much of foods high in histamine. Caraway oil can help reduce the body’s histamine load giving relief to stuffiness and coughing along with reducing inflammation.

5. Milk Production & Colic

For breastfeeding mothers, caraway is known to increase milk supply. Likely due to it’s calming and digestive nature, a mother’s consumption of caraway can also help or even cure colic in their babies. How to take: 1 drop mixed with 1 tbsp of honey daily and/or adding 2 drops into homemade lactation cookies.

6. Disinfectant & Antiseptic

Caraway essential oil naturally fights microbes, bacteria and fungi making it a diverse infection fighter. It can be used for both internal and external infections and wounds.

7. Reduce Household Toxins with a Natural Cleaner

The same properties apply to household cleaning. Add 2-3 drops per litre of vinegar to your favorite cleaning solution for a natural disinfected. Reducing the use of toxic household cleaners has many health benefits.

8. Stress & Calming

Another way to use caraway essential oil is to diffuse it. The warming properties of the oil help with stress, mood imbalances and emotional strain. You can use a diffuser at work, home and there are even diffusers for your vehicle. How to use: follow your diffusers instructions.

9. Diuretic Properties & Kidney Health

Caraway oil is very useful for obstructed urination and kidney related issues as it helps to flush the kidneys. How to take: use 1-2 drops of food grade essential oil in a small amount of water on a daily basis.

10. Weight Loss

Because of the diuretic and digestive properties caraway can help your body expel fat and toxins as well as reduce inflammation, which all play a role in weight loss. Reducing stress is also an effective weight loss tool! How to take: use 1-2 drops of food grade essential oil in a small amount of water and/or use it in a diffuser.

11. Pre-menstrual Syndrome or Delayed Menstruation

Caraway oil can be helpful for symptoms of PMS as well as encouraging menstruation when it has been obstructed.

12. Aperitif

While caraway essential oil is fantastic after meals, it is also an appetite stimulant and encourages the body to secret digestive juices to help digest the upcoming meal.

13. Brightening Skin

For hundreds of years caraway oil has been used to reduce puffiness and inflammation. It helps brighten skin by encouraging cell regeneration. Be sure to use a carrier oil before using the oil directly on your skin.

14. Insomnia

While there is less research studying caraway oils relationship to sleep, caraway is rich in magnesium which is well known for it’s insomnia and sleep benefits. Magnesium helps calm the nervous system and brain for a variety of cognitive benefits.

15. Cold Relief

As a decongestant, caraway can be used aromatically to ease sinus pressure and clear mucus. Simply smelling the oil is effective, as is taking it by mixing it with honey to help sooth the throat and lungs.

Caraway essential oil has wide reaching effects and in ancient times was known to cure almost anything. While it’s not a cure all, caraway is a “super oil” with it’s number of diverse benefits. From head to toe, incorporating caraway oil daily is a great practice for your health.

Conclusion & Warning

*Always test a small patch of skin with the oil to see if a reaction occurs. When used topically, caraway oil is best diluted in a carrier oil (usually sesame or fractionated coconut oil) to help absorption and also for sensitive skin. These statements may not have been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor or a health care professional before beginning a new health regime.

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