11 Amazing Health Benefits of Jujube

Jujube health benefits includes treating sleeplessness, treating bone illnesses, eliminating anxiety and stress, fighting cancer effects, promoting healthy digestion, maintaining adequate blood pressure, powers the immune system and helps control obesity. Other benefits includes enhancing the skin, treating respiratory infection, and detoxifying the blood.

Jujube contains plenty of antioxidants and nutrients that fight oxidative damage and help promote liver health. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which means you can consume it for joint pain alleviation. Its digestive enzymes metabolize fat and carbohydrates. It heals your body quickly as it is rich in amino acid, which enables your body to absorb proteins more quickly, expediting healing.

What is Jujube?

It is a delicious fruit that belongs to the Buckthorn and Rhamnaceae family and is also referred to as Ziziphus. Jujube contains a slew of impressive nutrients, vitamins and minerals, all of which are required for health growth and development. It is largely produced by the China and is native to Southern Asia. Plus it was used to create herbal medication in ancient times.

Although you may have only seen red jujube, the fact is this fruit comes in a variety of colors such as brown and purplish black and is similar to dates in size. If you have ever tasted this fruit you may have noticed that the flesh of the fruit tastes just like an apple.

Culinary Use:

Jujube is mostly consumed as dry candy, but you can eat it whole or juice it. However, dried jujube is used for medicinal purposes.

In China, jujubes are processed to make wine, which is called hongzaojiu.  They use baijiu (Chinese liquor) to preserve jujubes by storing them in a jar. This product maintains its flavor for a long period of time, particularly in winter. Preserved jujubes are called jiuzao.

The Chinese also make sweetened tea syrup from jujube, which are also available globally. You can buy them in glass jars, tin cans and tea bags as well. Moreover, according to a research, it was identified that jujube can be used to treat people suffering from metal poisoning.

Nutritional values

Total carbohydrates 20g
Potassium 250g
Sodium 3mg
Total fat 0.2 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Vitamin A
Vitamin B-12
Vitamin C
Vitamin B -6
Protein 1.2g
Calories 79
(0 %)

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Jujube11 Amazing Health Benefits of Jujube

1. Treats Sleeplessness

The seed found in jujube is considered as an essential nutrient for treating sleeplessness and those suffering from insomnia. The high concentration of organ content in jujube helps you to feel relaxed and comfortable. It also calms the nervous system as it contains flavonoids, polysaccharides and saponins.

2. Helps Treat Bone illnesses

With the passage of time your bones become weak and including jujube in your diet can help you to stay away from bone diseases such as osteoporosis. As it contains rich amounts of calcium, minerals, phosphorous and iron, eating the fruit daily can help steer your clear of a lot of bone related health complications.

3. Good for Eliminating Anxiety and Stress

People who suffer from anxiety and long term stress are recommended to consume the fruit raw or in juice form. The fruit contains a good amount of anxiolytics, which help soothe the body and are known positively impact your hormonal levels, preventing  the body from the effect of stress hormones such as cortisol.

4. Anti Cancer Effect

The presence of bioactive compounds in jujube prevents your body from falling prey to free radical cell development, which cause symptoms associated with cancer. The antioxidant property of jujube makes it effective in combating cancer and other heart diseases.

Apart from medical intervention, you can combat cancerous cells with jujube tea as it carries plant glucosides and saponins, which have the ability to kill cancerous cells by disrupting all cell membranes. It essential combats the bad cells in your body, eliminating tumor growth.

5. Promotes Healthy Digestion

According to a scientific research, consuming 40 milligrams of jujube in a day prevents your intestinal mucosa from harmful compounds such as ammonia. And it also helps to excrete toxic substances that accumulate in your body thanks to contaminated food. It also improves your gastrointestinal health.

6. Maintain Adequate Blood Pressure

Jujube is a rich source of potassium, which is required for maintaining your blood pressure. It relaxes your blood vessels and regulates blood flow preventing you falling prey to hypertension. You can add jujube in your diet, which fulfill the 15% daily recommended dose of potassium.

7. Powers the Immune System

The main cause of chronic illnesses and acute illnesses is due to the presence of free radicals and toxic substances in the body. But thanks to the antioxidant properties of jujube, your body can stay clean and free radical cell-free. Also, the presence of Vitamin C in jujube regulates the production of neutrophils, which is responsible to protect your immune system.

8. Controls Obesity

Jujube provides fiber and protein to the body with a low calorific value. And you are well aware of the fact that a low amount of calories prevents the body from fat accumulation in arteries and reduces cholesterol levels. If you want to lose excess weight than try jujube with other hydrated vegetables in your regular diet.

9. Good for Skin

You can use it as home remedy to treat skin inflammation and skin irritation such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. A part from its topical application you can also consume it to guard your skin from pimples, wrinkles, pigmentation and spots. It also promotes blood circulation and provides oxygenated blood to the skin.

10. Treats Respiratory Infections

Medicinal science has proven it as natural treatment for respiratory illnesses. The abundance of Potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C makes it effective fruit to improve immunity. Consuming jujube tea with ginger and licorice helps treat the common cold, flu, coughs and soothes rough and achy throat.

11. Blood Detoxifier

A compound known as alkaloids, saponins and tripterpenoids are beneficial for blood purification. Jujube contains elements that can remove toxic substances from your body. The nutrients protect the body from a large number of microorganisms that cause various diseases .It also reduces the stress on your blood circulatory and immune system.


Apart from the listed benefits, jujube helps exert harmful impact on people suffering from diabetes as it contains plenty of complex carbohydrates – which in turn can increase the total that raise the blood sugar level. It is advised you to consult your physician before adding it in your diet to ensure it is safe for you to consume.

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