13 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

Engaging in Yoga come with tremendous health benefits, these benefits includes improving bone health, promotes body flexibility, strengthens muscles, promotes cartilage health, maintaining spine health, promote blood flow, facilitate lymphs functioning, increase heart rate, enhances mood, decreases sugar levels, improves focus and concentration, combats insomnia and boost immune system.

What is Yoga?

The term yoga is derived from Sanskrit word “Yuji” that means union or yoke. The practice is followed for centuries to bring mind and body together. If you encounter constant fatigue or other health ailments, incorporating yoga into your routine could improve the condition.

Medical studies have also proved the health benefits of ancient practice as it functions to strengthen your internal body. Yoga postures do not only treat your vulnerable health, but they keep your body and mind energized. Many yoga practitioners have confessed that regular yoga has improved their psychological health including concentration and focus.

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

1. Improves Bone Health

Fitness experts suggest that lifting weights strengthen your bones. The practice is also famous for warding off the onset of the debilitating disease such as osteoporosis. Moreover, many yoga postures require lifting your weight.

When practiced postures like upward and downward facing dog can help strengthen the bones of your arms preventing the risks that contribute to osteoporotic fractures. Therefore, incorporating yoga into your daily routine can change the condition of your bones.

2. Promotes Body Flexibility

It is evident that practicing yoga promotes your body flexibility. You may not feel comfortable during your first session, but your body will learn it within few yoga sessions. Professional yogis suggest that you may find postures involving bend positions difficult at the beginning, but you will learn it gradually. Soon you will stop feeling distinctive pains and aches in your body.

3. Strengthen Muscles

You need strong muscles to prevent debilitating health conditions such as back pain and arthritis. Studies have revealed that yoga postures can help strengthen your muscles as well. With flexible and strong muscles, you will be less likely fall prey to back and other body pains.

Moreover, yoga practitioners also suggest that people who opt for yoga at the young age encounter less falls and other age-related weaknesses in the old age. It is said to increase your lifespan as well.

4. Promotes Cartilage Health

Regular yoga practice allows your joints to function properly without hindrance. This practice helps combat degenerative arthritis. Also, nutritionists suggest maintaining the health of your cartilage that you can efficiently do with certain yoga postures. Your joint cartilage is similar to a sponge; it receives nutrients from the foods you consume after squeezing out fluids already present in it and soaking up new fluids naturally. When you opt for yoga, its postures allow your joint cartilage to carry out this function preventing it from potential damages.

5. Maintains Spine Health

Your spinal disks need nutrients to perform its function. Professional yogis suggest that practicing asana – a yoga posture including considerable twists, backbends, and forward bends can help prevent spinal problems. It will keep your disks supply allowing them to reap nutrients. Moreover, the postures are also necessary to strengthening your spinal disks that way it will stay protected from the external damaging factors.

6. Promote Blood Flow

Yoga could become a safe source to allow proper circulation in your body. It promotes proper flow of oxygenated blood to each organ in your body. When all cells in your body start receiving the required amount of blood regularly, they will function without hindrance. Health experts suggest that your brain requires sufficient supply of blood to function properly; you can let that happen by opting for regular yoga practice.

7. Facilitate Lymphs Functioning

Contracting and stretching muscles help drain lymph – a fluid enriched with immune cells. It enables your lymphatic system combat cancerous cells, infectious bacteria, and discards toxic wastes produced after the functioning of cells. The yoga postures require plenty of stretching and contracting that will facilitate your lymphatic system. When your body steers clear of toxins, it will be less prone to various health ailments.

8. Increases Heart Rate

If you are not willing to opt for a hardcore gym session to increase your heart rate, you can always switch to yoga practice. Although it does not involve aerobic exercisesbut yoga practice like Ashtanga has potential to bring your heart rate into to the aerobic range within fewer sessions.

The practice is said to prevent various cardiovascular diseases and to help maintain your cholesterol levels as well. Moreover, even if yoga postures do not boost your heart rate, studies suggest that they still function to maintain your overall cardiovascular health.

9. Enhances Mood

Incorporating yoga into your daily life can help ward off various psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Yogis have claimed that constant yoga practices increases serotonin levels significantly and help lower your monoamine oxidase – an enzyme that destroys neurotransmitters and cortisol. Therefore, if you encounter despair frequently or lives in a state of stress, try yoga postures and observe the improvement they will bring to your mood. However, in case of severe condition, it is suggested to consult with your psychologist as well.

10. Decrease Sugar Levels

Not only sugar level in your bloodstream but practicing yoga can alleviate risks associated with LDL – bad cholesterol and promote HDL – good cholesterol levels significantly. Studies have also proved that yoga can decrease blood sugar levels in certain ways such as via decreasing adrenaline and cortisol levels. It is suggested to people with diabetes to consult with their endocrinologist to avoid any health problems even if they practice yoga regularly.

11. Improves Focus and Concentration

It is evident that yoga does not only improve your physical health but can enhance the condition of your psychological health as well. Studies have revealed long ago that yoga practitioners have better concentration ability; they can control emotions and can improve IQ level as well. If you are not blessed with best IQ level or concentration, you can opt for yoga and improve your state for better.

12. Combats Insomnia

Professional yogis suggest that certain yoga postures can induce sleep in you. They stimulate your brain and relax tensed nerves that ultimately lead to sound sleep.

13. It Boosts Immune System

Yoga postures like Asana and pranayama are said to be effective for your immune system. The postures have potential to regulate the irregularities that hinder your immune functioning. Moreover, a boosted immunity functions to protect your body health damaging-factors. Studies suggest that regular yoga practice is an effective way to maintain the internal body.

Bottom Line

Your lifestyle contributes to various aspects of your life including your health. That is why nutritionists emphasized on focusing on it. If you cannot opt for heavy weight training, you can go for yoga that contains plenty of health benefits.

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