15 Amazing Health Benefits of Lycopene

Lycopene health benefits include treating neurological disorder, preventing stroke, supporting immune system, preventing macular degeneration, alleviating osteoporosis, fighting diabetes, treating prostate cancer, controlling cholesterol level, treating infertility, promoting hair growth, treating scalp diseases, and slowing down aging process

Lycopene is one of those nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis as it treats numerous health issues effectively. A single serving of fruits and vegetables containing lycopene can impact your overall well-being, alleviating factors that contribute to prostate cancer.

What is Lycopene?

It is a red pigment. Lycopene is part of the carotenoid family. Moreover, your body does not produce the nutrient naturally. Therefore, you need incorporate fruits and vegetables enriched with the enzyme into your regular diet.

Food Sources of Lycopene


Nutritionists suggest that consuming tomatoes on a daily basis could become a significant source in this regard. It is loaded with the nutrient.

However, you should only go for organic ones. Health experts also recommend that the deeper the color, the more it is abundant in the lycopene.


Consuming a fresh chunk of watermelon isn’t only energizing, but it is considered a powerhouse of Lycopene as well. You can also reap fiber and diuretic components from the fruit.

Pink Grapefruit

Start incorporating grapefruit, specifically pink ones into your diet. Nutritionists revealed that the citrusy fruit contains maximum quantity of Lycopene along with vitamin C.


The yellow-red tropical fruit may not get your attention, but you need to learn that it could become another natural source to obtain Lycopene in abundance. Therefore, try incorporating fresh chunks of the fruit into your salad bowl.

Pink Guava

You can also find a high content of lycopene in pink guava. A single serving of the fruit can provide an adequate level of the nutrient.

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Lycopene

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Lycopene

1. Neurological Disorder

Various studies have suggested that consuming the required quantity of Lycopene on a daily basis can delay the onset of brain and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, vascular dementia, and Alzheimer’s. The nutrient is said to prevent the destruction of brain tissue often caused via oxidation.

2. Prevents Stroke

Consuming foods enriched with Lycopene inhibits the development of blood clots that result in a stroke. The latter can lead to debilitating health complications and taking precautions in this context is highly recommended. However, don’t forget to consult with your primary care physician before opting for self-medication.

3. Immune System

Nutritionists suggest consuming foods that contain immunity strengthening properties. You will be delighted to learn that Lycopene has potential to stimulate the defense mechanism of your body. When healthy, your immune system will work fast preventing it falling prey to infectious bacteria.

4. Macular Degeneration

Ophthalmologists across the world are determined that macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness. You should try incorporating foods enriched with lycopene into your diet to ward off the onset of the eye disease.

5. Osteoporosis

It is suggested to women that consuming adequate portions of lycopene on a daily basis can alleviate thinness and weak bones effectively that ultimately lead to osteoporosis. Moreover, it would be even better if you consult with your primary care provider in the case of severe bone pain or inflammation as a professional can diagnose the cause preventing further health issues.

6. Diabetes

A study has revealed that consuming lycopene can benefit people with type-II diabetes via controlling glucose levels in the bloodstream. However, you should always consult with your endocrinologist before considering home remedies in this regard.

7. Prostate Cancer

Studies have suggested that lycopene could become a natural way to treat prostate cancer. It is found that consuming a diet abundant in lycopene can help control the proliferation of cancer cells as well. Also, more studies are underway to prove the claim.

8. Controls Cholesterol

Imbalanced cholesterol levels in the body can lead to various cardiovascular diseases. Thereby, lycopene is said to not only prevent LDL levels, but the nutrient prevents it’s clogging in the arteries.

9. Infertility

Nutritionists recommend that consuming lycopene based foods on a daily basis can treat infertility issues in a short time span, particularly in men. Also, there is no evidence available that suggests it is beneficial for women dealing with infertility problems. However, you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor in this regard and refrain from self-medication.

10. Promotes Hair Growth

The nutrient could become a natural source to grow hair. Studies revealed that consuming 2 – 3 serving of vegetables and fruits loaded with lycopene stimulate scalp health that ultimately lead to rapid hair growth.

11. Scalp Diseases

Scalp diseases have the potential to dismantle your overall hair condition. Therefore, obtain lycopene regularly to ward off scalp tenia, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Along with this, a trip to the dermatologist is suggested as well to find the actual reasons that contribute to harrowing scalp diseases.

12. Skin Irritation/Redness

The nutrient is said to be useful in the case of skin Erythema. Moreover, it can also soothe your patched or rough skin via rejuvenating dead skin cells.

13. It is Anti-aging

Your body converts lycopene into retinol which is a necessary vitamin to prevent early aging. Retinol is known to promote melatonin and collagen production that encourage skin elasticity and maintain overall skin condition.

14. Protects Skin against UV-rays

The ultra-violate rays are considered the foes of the skin exposed to the sun. These rays can cause burn, redness, or irritation, specifically, if you have sensitive skin.

Dermatologists recommend that incorporating organic fruits containing carotenoids such as lycopene can save your skin from the potential damage that the sun caused.

Apart from this, various beauty brands have also incorporated nutrients into the skin care products as it does not only protect against the UV rays but ensures overall skin health. Therefore, you should try including the products with lycopene into your beauty regimen to keep it one-toned and smooth.

15. Works as an Anti-oxidant

Your body needs antioxidants in abundance on a daily basis. The component is essential to sustain your overall well-being. The primary purpose of it is to ward off factors that contribute to the development of cancerous cells and oxidative stress to your body organs.

If not consumed as required, the health-damaging factors could lead to chronic diseases along with various skin and scalp issues. That is why nutritionist emphasized eating a diet loaded with antioxidants.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that lycopene is potent enough to work as an antioxidant in your body. Hence, do not forget to purchase foods loaded with the nutrient on your next grocery shopping trip.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that lycopene contains various health benefits. You should try incorporating it into your diet after consulting with your primary care provider to avoid further health problems.

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